journal of my 30 day juice fast
by ausjulie
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Day 10   12 y  
Yeah one third of the way thru!
Feeling good today - i feel lighter and i am wearing a pair of pants that even three days ago didnt fit me. i am off to the gym for a workout that is going to kill me but necessary. i am at 146pd which is 14pd down from when i started. i dont like being this weight so looking forward to moving on and seeing the pounds go. It is really exciting being able to fit into more things in my cupboard rather than the opposite of more and more things not fitting me. i still have a long way to go but i am making it happen. sleeping well , not hungry at all, i do miss food and eating but im ok with it ...   read more

Day 8 and 9   12 y  
Exercising again feels good!
Going strong, ran last night for the first time in long time. Ran 3 miles, not continuosly and then walked/ran another mile. Some weights, push ups and sit ups. i really love the feeling after you have finished exercising - why did i give it up! silly! i feel like last week my main aim was just to get thru. (check) this week is to start exercise routine (check). next week is to incorporate some veggie juice - urghh not looking forward to that. day 10 tomorrow and 1/3 way thru. weight loss is slow but i can feel it moving a little. my fat jeans are still tight but not as tight as last wee ...   read more

Day 6 & 7   12 y  
yeah second week fasting
yesterday i woke up feeling great, i kept waking up during the night but instead of tossing and turning i could go back to sleep easily. i went for a long walk which was really good. one thing that is not so great is i am in a bad mood. not when i am by myself but around my family. to be honest it is hard, they are all doing exactly what they normally do, which is what i expected, but i gotta say it is hard being around. i feel like escaping from normal activities and protecting myself. i would love to go on a month retreat to fast where everyone is doing the same thing. one day i will be ...   read more

Day 4 and 5   12 y  
first milestone reached!!!
yahoo made it thru a friday night, woke up this morning feeling really good. its saturday nite and i have just had my apple juice dinner and about to crawl under the blankets and watch a movie, sipping herbal tea and hot water...oh my gosh it is so cold here the artic winter front has hit with a vengence. glad i got thru this weekend and looking forward to a week of fasting. the weekends are the hardest for me. i am a bit upset at myself i got on the silly after i posted how freeing it was not to be weighing myself. anyway i was 152 yesterday, i am not going to get on them again ...   read more

Day 3   12 y  
detox is a happening!
today i woke up feeling much better, my sleep was not so disrupted. i found it hard to get out of bed and would have preferred to stay curled up with a good book. oh well!! i am feeling a little low today but i am sure this will pass. yesterday was mostly mc lemonade, water, orange and apple juice for dinner, and herbal tea at night. i am not hungry and definately feel lighter. looking forward to moving on and getting to a good point. this is a hard thing to do and it takes a lot of will power but the sense of accomplishment is amazing. i have to remember that when i am questioning what i ...   read more

Day 2   12 y  
Glad i am doign this for myself!
oh i hate that...i had this long post typed out and lost it! silly me. anyway yesterday went fine, i had water all day, apple juice for dinner and herbal tea to sip on during the evening. today i am feeling slight effects of detox, a headache just started and pain in my neck but nothing too bad. my tongue was coated this morning and my breath absolutely stinks right now. i feel like sitting in a hot bath, then watching a movie jumping in bed reading a book and going to sleep. instead i will be cooking dinner for 4, going to parent teacher conferences, picking up from soccer practice and do ...   read more

Day 1   12 y  
Here we go again!!! Yipee ready for this one!
Ok the results of eating, drinking and not exercising for the last 3 months have been, as you can imagine, horrible. Not only am I the biggest i have been since my intial weight loss efforts, i feel awful. So i am starting a 30 day juice fast today and i have got to say i am really looking forward to it. I dont know what my weight is i think if i found out i would feel really bad and beat myself up. I am guessing it is around 165 pd. so i have about 30 pounds to lose. But more importantly i have to get it together. I am simply eating way too much and not exercising at all. I just havent ma ...   read more

Post Fast Day 1 & 2   13 y  
Yesterday i decided it was time to stop. my first day off i had a juice in the morning, fruit for lunch (bananas, watermelon and strawberries) and then carrots and tomatoes for dinner. i ran 4 miles. we went out to a comedy club and i had a few beers which wasnt part of the plan but i was ok with it. i had herbal tea when i got home. today has been juice and fruit again with some raw nuts and dried prunes. tonight i will have salad all raw no dressing. i will go on the elyptical for 40 mins and do leg weights. my plan is to either juice or raw mon-thurs and frid-sun mostly raw with some gr ...   read more

Day 30   13 y  
Completed my second 30 day fast!
Yahoo i made it! My weight is 137pd. so its a 17pd weight loss in 30 days. i expected more. i had 24pd to lose when i started so i still have a ways to go. Im not sure what to do. i am still feeling a little hungry nothing that i cant deal with but it is not pleasant. i really wanted to get to at least 135 before i finished and 130 is my goal. The weight loss has being slow and im wondering if i could still lose the same amount by going raw for a few weeks. i suppose the main problem is that despite the weight loss i still have sooo much to lose - its all fat. i have been this weight befor ...   read more

Day 29   13 y  
a good day
Today was another good day. i ran 4 miles tonight so i was really happy with that. also did some weights for 30 mins. mixed emotions about tomorrow - part of me thinks its time to be done another feels like i have more to go. combination of oxypowder and smooth move is really working for bm’s. still nothing   visit the page

Day 28   13 y  
A little hungry
Another good day. Definately lighter, clothes fit me that didnt fit last weekend. i didnt exercise today but had a nice slow walk on the beach with the dogs. i noticed the last two days i have been hungry which i normally dont feel on juice fast. some say this means it is time to stop fasting. i have also heard you should fast until you are clean and have no extra weight left. i no longer have a white coated tongue in the morning and i have had regular bms all fast with nothing unusual coming out. maybe i am clean inside or maybe i need to go further. i have not reached my goal weight loss ...   read more

Day 27   13 y  
A good day!
Today was a good day. i feel lighter. i ran today outside i am still really slow but i ran 4.8 miles. i need to put miles on my legs again - i use to be able to run 6 miles pretty easily. my knee felt good too. i have more energy on the juice and i noticed that my muscles arent as sore a what they were on the master cleanse. i still miss being part of our weekend routine but i feel so much better for doing this that its no big deal. i love the holiday away from food. looking forward to getting to 30 days.   visit the page

Day 26   13 y  
Thank goodness!
i cannot tell you how much better i feel. having juice has just changed everything, i am not hungry and last night i had the best sleep. i have more energy and just feel really good. i am so glad i didnt try to continue with the mc and switched back to juice. i feel like now i could go longer than 30 days. which i may need to do because still no change in my weight. i havent got back on scales but i can just tell. again i will go to 30 days and see how i feel. swam a mile today. i took oxypowder last night but i still feel like i need to do a full flush so salt water it is - not looking fo ...   read more

Day 25   13 y  
Really hard times!
Last night was the worst i have felt on the fast. i was soo hungry and really couldnt get over the feeling - finally two cups of herbal tea somewhat helped. i went to bed feeling very ordinary and had an awful night sleep. that is two nights in a row. it was a really terrible feeling i cant even descibe it. it felt like my body was saying enough but i am determined to go the 30 days. i gave in and got on the scales and i am 141. How can i have only lost 4 pounds in 10 days on a MC. my weight has gone up in the last 4 days. arggghhhh!!! i knew it wasn’t changing because i could just feel no ...   read more

Day 24   13 y  
Master Cleanse Day 10
Thank goodness i got thru the 10 days. It wasnt that it was hard for me to do, i think my mind and will power are pretty strong and i just did it. but i did not enjoy it. i missed the juice i missed having some variety. and most of all i was pretty much hungry the whole time. last night i went to bed feeling really awful and didnt sleep well at all. so back on the juice tomorrow to see the last 5 days of fasting thru. i read on the mc forum what pepe had written about not looking at the scales and seeing fasting as a cleanse and not a weight loss program. it made me think about the reasons ...   read more

Day 23   13 y  
Master Cleanse Day 9
Tomorrow is my last day of the master cleanse. i will continue to juice until 30 days. smooth move is doing its job - still nothing abnormal unfortunately. i ran today, i made it three miles without stopping which is what i have been aiming for. a bit sad when i use to be able to run 5 in the same time. but i have to remember i have had two knee surgery’s since then. i feel like my weight has defiantely plateaud. i want to get back to how i felt when i was lean and fit - but i have to remember it took me 8 months of very hard work to get there. So while one month of fasting is a good kick ...   read more

Day 22   13 y  
Master Cleanse Day 8
It was hard this morning not having the scales around but i will get use to it. i worked out tonight 20 min bike 20 elptical and 30 min weights. just another day on the cleanse. looking forward to going back to juice.   visit the page

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