journal of my 30 day juice fast
by ausjulie
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day 6 post fast   16 y  
4th day oxy powder
all is good, mainly fruit and salad and veggies today and i added some raw cashews they were good. i added small amount of grilled peppers and mushroom to lunch salad - so i am going for 80% raw. going to wholefoods tommorrow i want to make some tabouli and raw hummus (not so sure about this one but will give it a go). also want some dehydrated fruit and some sunflower kennels. and more nuts. went for a walk and lifted some light weights. also went for a spa at a friends apartment complex it was heaven, water has such a soothing effect it really is magic. oxypodwer still working but not ...   read more

day 5 post fast   16 y  
3rd day oxypowder
fruit and raw veggies most of the day today but for some reason i decided tonite to have a little grilled red and yellow peppers (we call them capsicums) in my salad. so im not 100% raw. but back on the wagon tommorrow. i woke up today and went for a walk straight away, it feels so normal doign that i cant imagine not walking or some type of exercise everyday which is great. sitll having 4-5 BM’s each day with oxypowder. nothing out of the ordinary to write about there. took 4 caps last nite and no probs sleeping.   visit the page

day 4 post fast   16 y  
2nd day oxy powder
i had soem fruit for breakky adn a salad for lunch havent really felt like dinner yet but if i do get hungry it will be fruit and veggies, i bought these cherry tomatoes that are to die for. i have to increase water today - its a bit cold here and im not as thirsty as usual but i will concerntrate more on that. i took the kids to a burger place for lunch i am still not interested in eating that type of food. but i have never been a big cheese burger type person unlike someone else we all know (ha!) i didnt increase the oxypowder capsules last nite becasue by the time i went to bed i was ...   read more

day 3 post fast   16 y  
first day of oxy powder
i had a mix of fruits today and then tonite added soem carrots tomatoes and cucumber. im not sure if i should be counting calories????? or worried about how much i consume. i might go on raw forum and aks them some questions. food is all tasting really good now, i seem to be over my issue of not wanting to eat. but very happy to stick to raw fruit and veg. maybe next week will start to experiment a bit more with raw recipes. started oxy powder last nigth. i have had 3 BM’s today so thats not bad for me. no cramps or sick feeling or anything. wish i had this stuff on my fast. i cant tell if ...   read more

day 2 post fast   16 y  
yep more food content!
man this is harder than i thought. i think i am good on what i am eating just fruit and small protions. breakky i a banana few strawberries and a mandarin (i think you guys call it a clementine) lunch some grapes few strawberries and orange.the next few days i will start to introduce some raw veggies and green salads. i have no desire to eat anything esle yet. maybe on weekedn soem nuts or seeds see how i go. it is my head that is really messed up. i think after fasting for so long adn seeing the weight come off its really addictive. now i feel like i have to work much harder to lose weigh ...   read more

day 1 post fast   16 y  
warning fastees contains food!
woke up this morning and lost another pound so weight loss is up to 25 pound. i feel good about that. for a second this morning i considered going on to 40 days. then i thought why and the main reason is i am scared to death of putting on weight. not a good reason. i feel a little weird today like my security blanket has been taken away. anyway i have to move forward and hopefully eating just raw and exercise i will be ok. i soaked the prunes last nigth and oh my god they were disgusting i probably ate about three of them. then dry reached so thougth oh well onto fruit. so i had half a ban ...   read more

day 30   16 y  
gosh i have been wanting to type that heading since i first started. i made it! excellent news. i am so very proud of myself and now i belong to the illustrious few - the 30 dayers! so here is a summaration on my thoughts about a juice fast. the fast in general -the benefits have been enormous for me. it has given me a chance to stop adn reavulate my lifestyle and my choices. it gave me a break from making decsions regarding food choices. the sense of accomplishmnet i feel is huge along with immense satisfaction. i also feel clean and light and happy. i love that nothing but good stuff ...   read more

day 29   16 y  
second last day
well here i am one day to go. the last few days have dragged on a little. im ready to move on and feel like i am just waiting for my last days to pass. i have moments of nervousness when i think about the slightest possibility of putting weight back on. the exercise routine feels really ingrained so hopefully this with going raw for first few weeks will make sure i dont. i have a few plans in place to help with the next few months firstly i have written myself a food/meal plan for the next month as well as an exercice routine i have also written a list of healthy meals to pick from afte ...   read more

day 28   16 y  
quiet weekend
today was a good day, i woke up and went for a run. i did find it a little harder than normal probably becaseu i am just not having enought juice. the rest of the day was spent doing housework, taxi drivign my kids and now about to cook them some dinner. not of it done in a hurry. i had a lovely chat with a lady who lived in australia for 5 years (she is american) so that was nice to reminisce. it has been a nice sunday. definately dosent feel like super bowl sunday but that is ok. my husband is away with work and i really dotn like weekends when he is gone. but this one is the last on my ...   read more

day 27   16 y  
thoughts on why ive come so far
pretty average day today. i woke up feeling really good went for a walk the weather here is beautiful so enjoying while it lasts. also did some weights, situps and squats and lunges. i will get those muscles toned yet! i have really just started telling some people about my juice fast seeing as i am going to make it to the end now. the reaction is quite interesting. most are just fascinated and say ”i could never do that”. i can tell some are really skeptical which was me before fast (new acronym BF!). everyone says congratulations and you must be so pround. well damn yes i am very proud. ...   read more

day 26   16 y  
cheating just a bit
bit low today not having enough juice - only had two yesterday and two today. they have all been orange juice, for some reason i am craving orange juice????? so this is cheating a bit because i know i need more veggie juice especially greens. will try veggie tommorrow but if fruit juice gets me over the line then so be it. no exercise today i think i over did it on the step my calf muscles are killing me. oops. but it is really nice to have sore muscles from using them. back into it tommorrow. probably a bit low too because we got some bad news from home today. my husbands father is ver ...   read more

day 25   16 y  
planning ahead
today was a better day - thank goodness. still a little low in energy but i bought a step to do aerobics on and i desperately wanted to try it out. so i put in the dvd adn jumped around like an idiot. lots of fun but hard work. i am still really unfit but getting there. i went to whole foods today just to look at things i can eat when i go back to eating. dazzle has inspired me to try raw- although im not suer for a whole month. i will go week to week and see how it goes. but i was suprised whole foods didnt really have that much raw stuff 9aside from obvious raw fruit and veg). i have ...   read more

day 24   16 y  
what a day
blogging a bit later today than usual because my day has been interesting. yesterday i needed the day off juice so it was water only which worked really well. then at nite i took some herbal lax’s - waited waited waited no action. so went to bed read a bit then tried to go to sleep. i started to get really cold headachy and sleepy but not feeling like i could sleep (definate detox). long story short ended up on toilet for a really long time and i am sure it was all old stuff coming out. didnt get to sleep till wee hours of the morn so after kids went to school went back for nap. got up ...   read more

day 23   16 y  
the final countdown1
7 days to go. i wanted to wait till i had a week left before i started counting down. i am getting very excited about eating. i have been writing down meal choices for the last few days and it is great. my tastes have definately changed - for the better. well i shouldnt say that i have always really enjoyed tasty healthy food but sometimes just opt for something less healthy. also i feel inspired to cook and prepare all soughts of different things. i want to incorporate far more raw veggies in my meals. funny my kids often ask for their veggies raw and silly me always cooked them. so they ...   read more

day 22   16 y  
stupid bloody scale
today was weigh in day and i have only lost one pound in 5 days. that brings me to a total of 16 pound. i really thought i would be closer to 20 pound. yeah yeah i know dont get to caught up in the numbers it is how you feel. but i thought i would lose a total of 30 pounds by the end of this fast and now i am looking at being lucky to lose 20. when i first saw the numbers i was not happy but then i thought this is probably not a bad thing. i know the only true way to lose weight and maintain it is a long slow steady process. bascially you have to eat less adn move more. if i lost a lot of ...   read more

day 21   16 y  
fifth milestone
i am feeling so much better. i was starting to doubt the whole juice way of life thing due to the fact i caught the cold but seeing how quick i got over it i am back on the believer train. i feel really good i have worked out 6 juices per day is my amount, i dont get hungry and feel damn good. if i have less than 6 i start to get hungry and down and want to quit and eat and think why did i do 30 days why didnt i do 10 days. but if i am feeling full and satisfied i feel like i could probably go longer than 30 days. but 30 is definately my limit in that i really need to start my healthy life ...   read more

day 20   16 y  
something positive
well theres always a silver lining - due to this awful cold i cant taste any of the horible veggie juices! yeah! feeling better than yesterday but still not great. had a good nites sleep which really helps. only had 5 juices yesterday felt like having more but really couldnt be bothered making them. so going to have 6 today. definatley not enought BM’s - the elimination side of things for me is so frustrating but i will get there in the end. starting to think about how i am going to break this fast although dont want to get too ahead of myself. reading up on how to do it. i am really looki ...   read more

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