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Me and My Bladder   16 y  
When Nature Calls....
Years ago, when I was on the road with a band, we were driving thru the Rocky Mountains, December, 1977. It was snowy and very dangerous on those roads -at that time of the year. It was about 2AM, christmas eve and we had left Calgary Alberta, and were heading to the coast to play in Vancouver, BC, for new year’s eve. I suddenly had to pee, with a vengance! We were travelling in ’convoy’ with our equipment truck and roadies, a 9-seater van and the band leader’s Cadillac Seville, which I was riding in. We all pulled over so I could pee. I walked a bit into the bush and did m ...   read more

ONE Truth   16 y  
and only one!
There is only ONE truth, and one place to find it; within, of course. We can focus on what’s ’wrong’ with the world, or we can look for what is ’right’ about it. (We often condemn ’ignorance.’ But, ignorance can be used effectively; if we ignore the incessant, raging thoughts we have, for instance, it’s called ’meditation.’) When enough of the population of the planet has opened their hearts, the collective consciousness will expand to the point of a peaceful world for all. But, it won’t happen by believing in something outside of ourself, or looking for it in the world.. and i ...   read more

The Path of Divine Assumption   16 y  
Trusting the ALL
Can a bird comprehend the immensity of the sky? Can a tiny fish know the vast expanse of the ocean? Can the intellect of man understand the nature of space and time? The finite cannot know the Infinite. We can only imagine, form opinions, theories, conjecture. Faith itself, is held and based upon the assumption that our faith is founded in Reality. All we can do is assume. This being the case; let us assume the best we can conceive. 1- There is a purpose to life, and it is Good. 2- There is only One Family upon this planet, regardless of race, faith or political persua ...   read more

The Answer   16 y  
A Handy Truth
In Your Hands A young man caught a small bird, and held it behind his back. He then asked, ”Master, is the bird I hold in my hands alive or dead?” The boy thought this was a grand opportunity to play a trick on the old man. If the master answered ”dead”, it would be let loose into the air. If the master answered ”alive”, he would simply wring its neck. The master spoke, ”The answer is in your hands”. -A Zen Story *LOVE* ~LL~   read more

Equalising the Hemispheres   16 y  
A Meditation for Inner Balance
Equalising the Hemispheres Calm the mind and clear the senses first with a few moments of ‘Alternate Nostril Breathing.’ Add eye movements by looking in the direction of the nostril that is breathing in. (Optional). Sitting in meditation pose, eyes open. Focus on the breath and concentrate on releasing any physical tension you find. Especially in the shoulders and neck. Relax your belly, and use just enough energy to maintain an efficient, attentive posture. Imagine a string is attached to the crown of your head and cultivate a feeling of the back of the head being gently ‘lifted’ ...   read more

'CARma'   16 y  
Carma, fur ya.....
*LOVE* *LIGHT* *LOTSALAFFS!* ~LightLizard~   visit the page

Soothing the 'Savage Breast.....'   16 y  
The Charm....
Music has a power and purpose beyond our understanding... Playing a musical instrument really does help to balance the hemispheres of the brain nicely! Some research I was made aware of a -few years ago- stated that it had been determined that guitar and piano players, while they were playing, were stimulating an area of the brain that is connected to the part of the brain that controls immune function. Drumming has been a passion of mine, (as well as guitar, kalimba, didjeridoo, harmonica and singing bowls) for most of my life. The cross-co-ordination of drumming stimulates the c ...   read more

The Enemy Within   16 y  
A Sacred Debt
The ego is not our ’enemy’ -unless we allow it to control and drive our relationships with ourself and others. It is a necessary lens that we view this level of the multiverse with, and an essential tool to move through matter. It is the ’illusion’ that has been mentioned time and again in many writings and teachings of the great Masters. Is it wise to let an illusion drive our lives? It is a fiction of the mind, a convenience that we need to bake pies without burning them and cross the street safely. A ’reference’ point for who (we think) we are- It begins in early child ...   read more

Healing A Broken Heart   16 y  
Lessons in Loving
Years ago, I met a rather ’down and out’ fellow on the street. He asked me for ’spare change.’ I was on my way to breakfast and invited him to join me, ’my treat.’ We became good friends, I thought. For weeks, he would come to my tiny apartment and we would listen to my records, which he seemed to enjoy. All except for one album I had, which he admitted was not to his liking. I was in a relationship at the time, and one day, as I was walking with my girlfriend, he came with us and we walked together, the three of us. Suddenly, my ’friend’ put his arm around my girlfriend’s should ...   read more

Spiritual Calisthenics   16 y  
lessons in love
The word ’love’ is one of the most misunderstood and misused words in the entire english language. So many feel unloved and unloveable, so they tend to live their lives longing for that which they believe they lack, or are ’unworthy’ of. Movies and novels fan the fires of romantic love as being the end-all and be-all of human existence. Romantic love is just a taste of what is possible when one opens their hearts to the beauty and glory of Life and the True Miracle that it is, and indeed, that we are as well! If you are curious about this all-pervasive love, let me tell you that I ...   read more

the Roots of War   16 y  
remove the beam from your eye
the idea that we have to ’change’ people in some way is what is at the roots of war, really. it’s a self-destructive, egotistic, selfish attitude and nothing else! war is always about property or religion. if we want to ’change’ the world, we must be willing to change ourselves first and set an example; abandon religion and ignore the stupidity of borders and flags. they are the great separators of humanity and only re-inforce our mistaken perceptions of being separate from one another. all there is, is love, everything else is just a reaching out for it! i am totally amused ...   read more

Love, Fear, Truth   16 y  
let go and grow
It has been stated by some that there are only two forces, or energies in the universe; love and fear. It has also been stated that these two forces can be termed ’light’ and ’darkness’. These metaphors are symbolic of the duality dynamic that we humans face from day to day, in our lives. The Truth and Reality is, there is only One energy; Love. Or, Light, if you wish. Darkness is something that simply is a lack of light. It is something that does not exist, (nothing-ness,) awaiting to be filled with light, (something-ness). It is the same as fear. Fear is the human emotional equivalant of ...   read more

* Dandelions *   16 y  
loving it all
“ ‘The Mulla had put a lot of effort into starting a beautiful flower garden and was eagerly awaiting the results. One morning he woke up and the garden was in full bloom. But it was filled not just with the flowers he had planted but also with a yellow blanket of dandelions, which he didn’t like. After pondering his problem, he sought out the advice of famous gardeners everywhere about how to get rid of these dandelions, which were overrunning his garden. Try as he might, none of the advice worked; in fact the dandelions seemed to feed on these efforts to get rid of them. Finally, in appa ...   read more

Manifesting   16 y  
'Follow Your Bliss'
This event occurred yesterday afternoon. My wife/soulmate was out to shop. Because of my condition, I have been unable to work for the past year, so we are not exactly ’wealthy’- in the ’financial’ sense- but we have survived quite well for ourselves by staying in Spirit and ’Gratitude for the Blessings received, and the Blessings about to be received from the Abundance of the All’. I’ll let my soulmate tell her tale, but this is -and has been- typical and normal for us in this year of challenge. Joie, my soulmate has been my caregiver, so she hasn’t ’worked’ either. Somehow, (you know ho ...   read more

Soul Groups Uniting   16 y  
The Circle Grows
For anyone that has an interest in Expanding their HeartLight, or learning about taiji, qigong and meditation; *LOVE* ~LL~   visit the page

Elephants   16 y  
thought patterns
How to tame a giant elephant: In India elephant keepers train baby elephants to stay put by tying a rope, with a stake on the one side, around one leg and placing the stake into the ground. The baby elephant pulls and pulls on the rope to no avail. This teaches the elephant that no matter what he does he cannot get away when attached to the rope. Later when the elephant is grown up and the keeper wants the elephant to stay put all he does is to tie a small piece of rope on that leg and the giant elephant is held to the spot by his own mind. so, who tied YOUR leg? *LOVE* ~LL~   visit the page

Qigong   16 y  
ancient qigong '8 Brocades'
Eight Pieces of Brocade ~Set One~ 1-Both hands press heaven. From wu chi stance; Join fingertips with palms up, hands low in front of pelvis. Raise hands up to chest height with a relatively straight line between elbows. Turn palms forward and press them upwards at about a forty-five degree angle from the shoulders. Open the hands to the corners and lower them down to where they began. Inhaling as the hands come up and exhaling as they go down. 2- Turn and look. From wu chi stance; turn torso to the left, look behind, return to the front. Turn torso to the right. Look behind, retu ...   read more

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