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The Two Realities   16 y  
Beyond Desire
There is ’conceptual’ reality, and there is ’Ultimate’ reality. ’Conceptual’ reality is a luxury reserved for those who have been blessed with good health and a genetic predisposition that is conducive to happiness. With ’conceptual’ reality, we can play and assume that all sorts of magnificent powers are at our disposal; ’we create our reality,’ ’we can manifest abundant health and wealth for ourselves.’ These are the phrases of those who invest in the ’new-age’ guru’s teachings. In ’Ultimate’ reality, concepts are meaningless. Ideas and attempts to control the outcome of ...   read more

Soothing the Savage Breast....   16 y  
Sharing My Heart and Soul
Music, as well as being my main occupation for the past 40 years or so, is also one of my main passions in life. Over the years, through interaction with other musicians, I have picked up a bit of this and that and found great pleasure in writing and recording original songs. The purchase of a 4 track tape recorder, (’Porta-Studio’) has enabled me to put together many pieces and brought me endless joy and inspiration. Now, I would like to share some of that joy with others, and thanks to the internet I can. These are pieces that I have written over the past few years. Percussion i ...   read more

The Wisdom of Ignorance   16 y  
All We Need To Know
There have been numerous and varied reactions from several people who have read and heard my statements regarding my lack of confidence and support for the old concepts that religion has offered us in regards to the origins and purpose of human life on Earth. I do not propose that I have all of the answers, in fact, I have very few answers. I have more questions, really, than answers. But, due to many factors, my life experience, deep contemplation on the matter, honest appraisal of my intentions and needs, and so on, I feel quite secure and content with what I have come to believe, rega ...   read more

Where Is Your Heart?   16 y  
Only the 'Un-whole' can attain 'Wholeness' ('Holy'='Whole')
Are you so terrified of death and dying that you have come to believe that the body must be served by spirit, that the body should be saved and preserved at any cost? Are you really so matter-bound that you would turn away from spirit so easily? To cherish the body so feverishly, so completely- when you know full well that not one person or living being has ever lived beyond their span of time on this earth? Why must you be the First? If you truly believed in spirit and the spiritual, why have you placed the body above it? Why do you cry for a miracle to prove that spirit i ...   read more

'Heal Thyself'!   16 y  
Row your boat gently
One of the greatest obstacles to living a joyous and peaceful life is the fear of the unknown. This is a common and almost universal fear for we humans, who have a conscious awareness of self and know that -like everything and everyone around us- we too will one day die. The methods to avoid the fear of this reality that have been employed throughout the centuries by people are wide and varied. So much of religion and science, as well as other disiplines are geared to make us feel as if we ’know’ the ’truth’ of what is. The Reality is, life is more of a ’crap-shoot’ than we like to t ...   read more

Miracles   16 y  
When Miracles Are The Norm
I have had several people, good, well-intentioned souls, no doubt, that have suggested to me that my kidney failure can be healed with the power of my mind. The suggestions include prayer, affirmations, positive thinking and actions. Some of the same people have also asserted that my condition is a result of my own thinking and actions, in other words, their theory states that all illness is a result of ’negative’ thinking, feeling and doing. (’Karma’?) I do understand, somewhat, the dynamics and implications of ’psycho-somatic’ conditions, but I also know that there are many other f ...   read more

The Peace Manifesto   16 y  
To Be or Not
The time has come for all warriors to lay their weapons down. The funds allocated to war and conflict must be channeled into the research and development of strategies and technologies that will allow humanity to survive the massive changes in the Earth’s weather patterns. Whether these changes are due to human interaction with the environment, or an evolution of our planet’s life, due to cosmic events beyond our knowledge, the fact is clear that we must strive together as One in order to ensure the survival of the human race, as well as much of the mammilian and plant life of our Home ...   read more

Back to the Stars   16 y  
Home Sweet Home
Current research in the field of astrophysics is showing some interesting possibilities these days. Scientists have discovered that there are many species that thrive in extreme conditions, such as bacterias and single celled organisms. Some of these species are so adaptable to environmental extremes, that scientists are saying that there is a distinct possibility that some of these organisms could actually travel, via asteroids or space debris, to other planets, such as Earth. The studies of mars has convinced many scientists to seriously consider the possibility that mars was on ...   read more

Wounded Seagulls   16 y  
the mayhem of mercy
As a person that relies on daily dialysis to stay alive, I am quite amazed at the many changes I have gone through in my journey to where I am. A dialysis patient lives, either in pain, discomfort, or the possibility of pain or discomfort, not ‘constantly’- but certainly. One’s perspectives begin to shift drastically. Priorities change. A ‘good’ day becomes a Great day, as they become fewer and farther between. It is also very difficult for ‘average’ people, that is, people who are relatively healthy and mostly pain-free in their daily lives, to relate to someone that relies on dial ...   read more

NoThing   16 y  
light yourself
Nothing I have nothing for you Why does that sound so strange? You are of the light and need nothing And that is what I have for you Nothing You look expectantly to me For something You look in vain If my face were a mirror You would see what you need to see You would see that the face before you Is your face The eyes open and empty But for the tears of longing You only have yourself And you are a being of light What more could you be given? What more could you want? Open your light Shine into your darkness Give yourself a gift Be the nothing You were meant to be   read more

Creation   16 y  
Children of The Creative Principle
The concept of a god that created all of the universe has had it’s day. Perhaps a clearer answer and perspective can be obtained with a little more objectivity. The concept of a god that created the universe and everything in it is really just a vision of the ancients that has been passed down from generation to generation, from a time when there was no perception of the greater cosmos as it is, vast and unknowable, as far as the human intellect goes. It is an incomplete and unsatisfying concept that is in desperate need of revision. Perhaps a melding of concepts, like the native el ...   read more

The Healing of the Spirit   16 y  
Hoping for hope
Since I was diagnosed with kidney disease (2005) I feel as if I’ve aged 20 years, in the last two. One of the biggest challenges, I find, (to aging, that is) is to not let myself fall into cynicism and despair. All of us have probably noticed that this seems to occur for some. As they age, their dreams unrealised, their youth and vitality in the past, a human being can find themselves with a bitter taste in their mouth, and quite often this can lead to the deterioration of a positive, enthusiastic attitude towards life, in general. Facing the fact of one’s mortality is something we ...   read more

Beyond the Realm   16 y  
Into the Void...
Far removed from the complexities of the human mind, beyond the realm of the anxious imagination..... Free of thought, dreams and the endless trail of needs and desire, there is a place of peace. The greatest hindrance to human interaction and authentic communication is belief, or, belief systems. We are aware that all of life contains patterns. Seen as a whole, these patterns may appear random, chaotic. The nature of the human mind does not allow or tolerate chaos very well, and so,we choose to perceive certain patterns that bring us some measure of satisfaction, peace and ...   read more

Certainty   16 y  
In Life There is Suffering
There are few of them in life. It is certain that we all will die, one day. It is certain that during our lives, there will be a measure of suffering for us. The burden of pain and suffering comes to all, sooner or later. The severity of that pain and suffering is proportional to how we bear it, with whom we share it, and how willing others are around us, to comfort us. Many are incapable of facing the suffering of others. It makes them uncomfortable and reminds them that they too are quite possibly bound for a similar experience. But, if we can find the light within the deepest d ...   read more

The Murder of Stem Cell Research   16 y  
The evil that men do...
This article appeared in the BBC News, July, 2001. Breakthrough could lead to new treatments Scientists have discovered that it may be possible to repair a patient’s kidney using cells taken from their own body. They have shown for the first time that cells in bone marrow are capable of turning into kidney cells. The breakthrough could lead to new ways to treat kidney damage caused by cancer and other diseases. It could also mean that doctors may eventually be able to restore function to patients suffering from kidney failure, and may pave the way to new gene therapy for kidney di ...   read more

A Bucket of Salt   16 y  
The Myth Continues
Storytelling, throughout human history has been a vital and important part of human interaction. In ancient times, the people gathered around the fire at night to share dreams, visions and tales of romance and adventure, gods and demons, heroes and cowards, for entertainment, mostly, but also to pass knowledge and beliefs on to others. This is likely how many religions began, as the imagination of man explored and examined the questions of life and death and shared their ideas and imaginings with others at the end of the day. Today, we still have this fundamental instinct and need ...   read more

Beliefs and other Burdens   16 y  
Dropping the Ball...
It seems to me that since I’ve been forced to deal with my health issue that my perception of spirituality has changed enormously. What was common sense to me, before, is now redundant and for the most part, obsolete. I did not choose to be given hep C at the age of two so that my kidneys could crash at age 57. I would agree that ’what the mind perceives the body can achieve’ but, there are many limitations to that philosophy and proof of that can be seen everywhere, whereas proof of the existence of ’destiny’, the ’soul’ and ’life after death’ are simply matters of belief, which is, ...   read more

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