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The Origins of Christianity   17 y  
historical mythology
The Origins of Christianity and the Quest for the Historical Jesus Christ by Acharya S Introduction ”Around the world over the centuries, much has been written about religion, its meaning, its relevance and contribution to humanity. In the West particularly, sizable tomes have been composed speculating upon the nature and historical background of the main character of Western religions, Jesus Christ. Many have tried to dig into the precious few clues as to Jesus’s identity and come up with a biographical sketch that either bolsters faith or reveals a more human side of this godma ...   read more

The Visitation   17 y  
Goddess Real-ised
Last month, (April/06)- I was rushed to emergency because I stared bleeding internally after my 6th self administered interferon injection. My hemoglobin was so low, i was near death. So, off I go in the ambulance. They hooked me up to intravenous and gave me 4 units of blood, which took 24 hours. I awoke around 12 AM, puking my guts out and I went into convulsions. I hate puking, and all I wanted was somebody to touch my shoulder and tell me it was ok to do. A male night nurse came into my room and gave me two receptacles to vomit in. He left, but he was so kind it did help a little ...   read more

My Hep C Update   17 y  
hep c and me...
May 9/06 The doctors are monitoring my blood levels every week now. It seems that things are definitely improving for me! Whether i am simply ’in the eye of the hurricane’ and bound for more suffering ahead, or not.......... (Perhaps the four units of blood I was given, untainted by the virus, of course, has given me a new lease on life, along with the Colloidal Silver and other supplements I am taking...) Regardless; I have decided that I will NOT be using Interferon again. If I must die, it will be from the disease. Not from the side-effects of that awful poison that the medi ...   read more

The cause of human suffering and conflict   17 y  
the path home
”The cause of human suffering and conflict is our commitment to the illusions we call values, morals and ethics. Values, morals and ethics do not exist outside of our cultural- existential minds. They do not exist in reality and are therefore a figment of our culturally and existentially indoctrinated imagination. We believe or think values exist when in fact they do not. This describes the schizophrenic mind. The schizophrenic mind is separated from reality and centered in unreality or what psychologists call fantasy, believing this fantasy to be real. Cultural/existential humanity ex ...   read more

Waking Up   17 y  
the awakening process
From the Book ”How to Practice Radical Spirituality” by Dick Sutphen ”There are thousands of metaphysical, and guru-led organizations in this world, and they agree upon very little but karma and reincarnation. Radical Spirituality accepts these concepts and the human potential logic handed down from Zen to modern-day psychotherapists. You don’t need much else to guide you down a powerful path. The rest is smoke and mirrors and complicates your quest.” ”THE FOLLOWING 69 REMINDERS SUMMARIZE THE PATH.” ”1.Your earthly purpose is to intergrate your fear- based emotions. Doing so ...   read more

Baked Ham   17 y  
Family Tradition
The young girl watched her mother prepare a baked ham for the family dinner. She observed as her mom seasoned the meat, pre-heated the oven, and then, just before placing the ham in the roasting pan, she took a long, sharp knife and sliced off the end of the ham. After placing it in the oven, she wiped her hands and turned to her daughter. ’There’ stated mother,’now you know how to prepare a ham the way our family has done for many generations now.’ The daughter looked puzzled. ’What is it, dear?’ Asked mother, ’is there something you don’t understand?’ ’Well’ the youngster hesit ...   read more

Resentment   17 y  
the end of war
Many women claim they resent how they have been ’controlled’ by men for so long. But they realised, long ago, how they could easily manipulate men by simple opening or closing their legs. Many men are simply terrified of women-or being rejected by them, more likely-this can easily lead to blaming women and is also a poor substitute for truth. It was a survival need, of course, and there should be no blame placed for men and women doing whatever they could to get their needs met. Similarly, many critisise the ’christian fathers’ for usurping the Goddess and twisting people’s minds’ to be ...   read more

Humility   17 y  
life on earth
It is a fact that there is not ONE ecosystem, not ONE life form that relies upon human existence on this planet. If we were to lose just the earthworms or just the bees, ALL life would end on earth. If humans disappeared, the earth would flourish, unhindered and free of our indiscretions. If the contemplation of this does not instill humility in a human being, they are seriously lacking in their comprehension and perhaps should think about waking up. A different world cannot be built by indifferent people. *LOVE* ~LL~   visit the page

***Miracles***   17 y  
The Eternal Quest
MSN Encarta Dictionary; ”mir·a·cle [ mírrək’l ] (plural mir·a·cles) noun Definition: 1. act of God: an event that appears to be contrary to the laws of nature and is regarded as an act of God 2. amazing event: an event or action that is amazing, extraordinary, or unexpected ’It’ll be a miracle if we get there on time’. 3. marvelous example: something admired as a marvelous creation or example of a particular type of science or skill. a miracle of modern engineering. [12th century. Via French SN Encarta Dictionary; ”mir·a·cle [ mírrək’l ] (plural ...   read more

'Falling' in Love   17 y  
awakening from the dream
We ’fall’ in love as our true selves know it is the gateway to Real Love; The recognition of our one-ness with All beings everywhere. When we feel that, we have begun to awaken. when we have no doubt of our oneness, we have awakened. Too many pay ’lip service’ to the concept of oneness. They like the idea and pretend to ’buy’ it, perhaps to fit in-or appear ’different’, unique- or to get attention. Continuing to believe that you are just this body and nothing more, will keep the darkness around you. Why does it feel so good to walk the path of Real LOVE? Because when we return to our ...   read more

Facing Reality   17 y  
a guided meditation
*Please read each sentence slowly for full effect* Facing Reality 1- Relax your eyebrows as you read this sentence. 2-Relax your eyelids, but don’t close them. 3-Touch the tip of your tongue softly to the roof of your mouth and let your lips relax. 4-Gently raise your eyebrows. 5-Gradually let your lips form a soft smile. 6-Feel your cheeks pull the corners of your mouth up as the smile becomes ’brighter.’ Feel the warmth on your face. 7-Breathe the smile in with a deep inhalation...... 8-As you breathe out let your face relax completely again and feel the smil ...   read more

Taiji ('T'ai Ch'i Ch'uan') and Qigong ('Chi Kung)   17 y  
the dao of taiji FYI... taiji and qigong are tools that i have used for over 30 years now, and take great joy in sharing whatever i can with those who find an interest in these wonderful, transformative arts! *LOVE* ~LL~   visit the page

The Kybalion   17 y  
The way of the Ancients returns!
Since embracing the Goddess energy, I have been guided to this, the Kybalion, which expresses to me the perfect and most appropriate perceptions of reality that I have yet to find. I feel ’closer to Home’ now than at any time in my life! Bless the Goddess!! ”The Universe is Mental--held in the Mind of THE ALL.” -- -The Kybalion ”THE ALL is SPIRIT! But what is Spirit? This question cannot be answered, for the reason that its definition is practically that of THE ALL, which cannot be explained or defined. Spirit is simply a name that men give to the highest conception of Infinite ...   read more

Meditation Alpha   17 y  
meditation guide
Relax, sit upright, but comfortably. Breathe deeply through your nose, allowing the lower torso to expand first, as you inhale, the chest second. Let the entire torso relax and release as you exhale. Let go of tension in your back, stomach, chest, shoulders and face. Use the least amount of effort to maintain a comfortable, but relaxed, position and posture. Slow, soften and deepen the breath, gradually. Look at the image below for a few minutes. No judgement, no mental calisthenics. Imagine your thoughts are like wispy clouds in the spring sky. Your breath is the wind and it blows them ...   read more

The Way of Wei Wu Wei   17 y  
the way of wei wu wei
Wei Wu Wei; Excerpts “There seem to two kinds of searchers: those who seek to make their ego something other than it is, i.e. holy, happy, unselfish (as though you could make a fish unfish), and those who understand that all such attempts are just gesticulation and play-acting, that there is only one thing that can be done, which is to disidentify themselves with the ego, by realising its unreality, and by becoming aware of their eternal identity with pure being.” “Of the many earnest, and how earnest, people we may observe reading, attending lectures, studying and practising discipli ...   read more

Rage's Absence   17 y  
awakening from the dream
Rage’s Absence when we silence the raging mind’s babbling stream- we awaken in wordless wonder from the dream the field of silence is always here it is we who are absent lost in our fear ’Death’ We Exist simultaneously on ALL levels of the Multiverse. Our Souls are present on ALL LEVELS at ALL ’TIMES’ -(there is no such thing as ’time’ in the Greater {‘Higher Vibration’} Realities)- Here, on this level, our immersion into matter prevents us from perceiving the other levels due to the dense and heavy characteristics of matter. What we perceive as ’death’ is simpl ...   read more

Illusion Confusion   17 y  
confusion of the illusion
Time and Space are the same (’illusion’) from our perspective.... Time is measured by the movement of heavenly bodies through SPACE- The low vibration on the matter level of the Multiverse makes gravity possible, duality, movement, fire, atmosphere and moisture makes life rise, conditions permitting.... We say ’time is an illusion’ but, we can’t really ’know’ that until we are conscious of being on the higher levels. In the ’big’ picture, as oppossed to our human, ’small’ picture.. on the higher levels of energetics, time and space are equally non-existant, to our human perceptions, ...   read more

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