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true healing   16 y  
Spirit Calls
’True Healing’ is not so much about healing the body as it is Spirit. Sometimes, it takes a horrible ’dis-ease’ to Truly Heal. ”There are no athiests in foxholes” -unknown *LOVE* ~LL~   visit the page

Time and Ego   16 y  
illusions, delusions,
’Time’ on the higher levels of the Multiverse, does not exist the way we perceive it here. It is also ’different’ for animals, insects and plants and rock. (ALL of these have a consciousness, by the way) We are mistaken, as far as the Big picture goes, in our human concept of time. We CAN visit the higher levels, it is not as difficult as so many make it out to be! We are there NOW. It is simply a matter of becoming more aware of the True Nature of our Being. Prayer and meditation can be very helpful in this venture. Facing the possibility of the body’s demise is also very effective, bu ...   read more

LightLizard Speaks   16 y  
from the sunny rock of the lizard
LightLizard Speaks If a man does not stand up for anything at all, he is barely alive. If he stands for something, anything, he will have those who oppose what he stands for; ’Enemies.’ This is inevitable. If a man’s ’enemies’ are fools, braggarts and uncouth boors; He is on The True Path. ’Enemy’; One who gives us incentive to continue living. We burn in the hell of our own creation while heaven, all around us and within - goes unnoticed. Love gives us the Ultimate Strength and Balance to deal with ’Enemies.’ There is a large gap between Love and ’incentive.’ ...   read more

the Goddess   16 y  
True Healing
Is it a coincidence that ’the Davinci Code’ is the most popular book being sold right now? Or the ’Celestine Prophecy’- how it became a bestseller with very little effort on the author’s part? There is a pressing need for people to come to terms that are closer to Reality than what they have allowed themselves to be manipulated and led by, for so long. The male-dominated world we have lived in for so long can only be termed ’unbalanced’- its time we men learned to embrace the Goddess energy. Most men have ’separation anxiety’ from their childhood’s separation from their mothers. This ...   read more

Fear   16 y  
fear, death
I believe it is essential that all humans face the spectre of their inevitable ’death’, in order to live a complete and fulfilled life. One simply can’t live a life of joy and happiness thinking that it will one day be snuffed out like a candle in the wind. Not without living in denial. Since the Industrial revolution, humans have become so mind-oriented, so ego-centered, worshippers of logic and reason. Literally trapped in our thoughts. It is possible that religions were created to alleviate the dread and fear associated with the possibility of total extinction. It’s simply something we ...   read more

loving all   16 y  
love unrestricted
The Industrial Revolution encouraged humanity to focus on the intellect, technology, science. Religions faded in importance, and belief systems, intuition, heart-centered living began to fade for most of humanity, it seems. Without a reliable belief system, a belief system that honours ALL life, one will be led by their issues and fears in their motivations, perceptions and their actions. The tail wags the dog. Waking Up requires an open, honest look at oneself and one’s place in the world, in life, the Universe. Until we come to terms with these, within ourselves and for ourselves, we wil ...   read more

One Word   16 y  
love, healing
~Healing the WORLD~   16 y  
healing, prayer, meditation May All be well, be Whole, be healed of all burdens of darkness, once and for all! *LOVE* ~LL~   visit the page

This Moment   16 y  
now, here,
This Moment Have you ever noticed how the things we love doing the most are also the things that serve to bring us directly into the moment? Playing or listening to music, I used to think that when we heard an old song from our past, the reason we felt so comfortable with the sound and the memories because we were ‘taking ourselves back’ to a time we perceived as more peaceful, safe and loving. But recently, I have come to feel it is very different from this. Actually, we are NOT ‘going back’ to a more innocent time at all. We are bringing that time of innocence to the NOW, into THIS MO ...   read more

May We All   16 y  
a wish for all
~Mother~   16 y  
~ Mother Gaia~ ’A day above ground is a good day!’ To the Creator, we give our thanks and loving Gratitude for this life To Mother Earth we give our thanks for the Abundance and Beauty that She has always provided us with We pray on this Day of Days, that All Beings on All Planes of the Multiverse shall feel and rejoice in the Miracle of their Being To The Great Masters of The Light we offer our Undying Love and Gratitude for this Life, this Day, this opportunity to heal and be healed of all darkness May we live in Love May we Recognise the Real Truth of our Oneness in this Perfe ...   read more

Poor Elephant :(   16 y  
tales of truth
Poor Elephant He was as strong and capable as any other elephant of his age. Well, he would have been as capable-if not for his little ‘problem.’ It all went back to when he was a new-born calf…... He was taking his very first steps, when out of nowhere, it seemed, He was viciously attacked by a swarm of hornets. He had stumbled into their nest, unfortunately, and was stung quite painfully -many times- about the eyes and mouth. Being an elephant kept this relatively fresh in his elephant mind, even though he didn’t really ponder the long-past traumatic event in his elephant conscio ...   read more

Oneness   16 y  
oneness, love, peace, truth
The statement; ’we are one’ can often cause great confusion for some of us. The Human Genome Project has revealed the Truth; that we are, as far as our DNA goes, 99 percent the same! That one percent ’difference’ is our personality, our ego, and subject to our upbringing and cultural variances. In this way, you could say that we are more the same than different- in other words; ’we are one!’ Feelings and words-for want of a better term- are ’energy’- the experiments of Dr. Emoto with water prove the power of words and intentions and how they can effect biology and the structure of li ...   read more

love   16 y  
Love, Poetry, Truth
Today May LOVE be ALL you feel today with every step along the way for this I hope, I wish and pray That you discover what is Real when LOVE is ALL you feel- There’s no dis-ease when LOVE is here No place within to harbour fear- Only LOVE can take us Home and we will never be alone When LOVE is ALL we feel- LOVE ~LL~ __________________ ~May your day flow from the Rainbow of your soul and bathe your heart in all the colors of joy!~ *Love*Light*Joy*Trust*Gratitude*Eternally*   visit the page

~LightLizard` LIVES!   16 y  
Love, Light, Hope
Yeah, it’s a fine line I’m on fer sure! Last week I was rushed to emergency because I started bleeding internally after my 6th self-administered interferon injection. My hemoglobin was so low, I was near death. So, off I go in the ambulance. They hooked me up to intravenous and gave me 4 units of blood, which took 24 hours. I awoke around 12 AM, puking my guts out and I went into convulsions. I hate puking, and all I wanted was somebody to touch my shoulder and tell me it was ok to do. A male night nurse came into my room and gave me two receptacles to vomit in. He left, but he was so ...   read more

The Tao of Chaos   16 y  
chaos reigning
i think, on a personal level, we tend to get caught up too much in the details of life and our demand/desire that everything remain as it is, or was, when we were ’happier’- in some distant, obscured point of our past. we cling too much, can’t ’let go’ and adapt to what is, but try, in vain, to regain what was, and not able to get it, become frustrated and lash out at what/whoever is handy to release our fears and anger. on a global scale, the suffering and death we are seeing is a result of our evolution, yes, but consider the simple fact of the huge human population that is alive now. i ...   read more

'Fixing' the World   16 y  
process, acceptance
If we could ’cast the beam from our own eye’ we might see the world more clearly and recognise that it functions perfectly and is based on principles that work very well. It’s just that so many of us are out of step with the beat of those principles and so, we stand in the rain to scream at it for not being flowers. do flowers fight to blossom into the beauty they show? do they judge and condemn how the others grow? why would they be called ’flowers’ - if they did not flow? does anybody, anywhere, really know? love LL   visit the page

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