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The Myth of Enlightenment   16 y  
Enlightenment, the New Mythology
Recently, I have been pondering the notion of ’enlightenment’, and how it seems to have become the ’new judgement day’ for many who were raised or influenced though their younger years by the Judeo-Christian philosophy. The idea of waiting for ’the Saviour’ to arrive on a day in the future to redeem and bring the Final Chapter to Humanity has been the focus of many a wasted mind. So many have missed the reality of the meaning behind ancient scripture, taking the teachings literally, when the intention was originally a metaphoric and psychological approach to explaining and laying out th ...   read more

Problem Solving   16 y  
solving problems
If asked, ’what do you want in life, more than anything else?’ Most would probably answer, with little variation; ’To be happy!’ We all want the same thing. But, who is truly ’happy’? We experience moments of happiness, from time to time, but we would be hard pressed if we had to come up with the name of any individual that we could say for certain is ’happy’, ’content’, or never has to deal with any form of unhappiness in their lives. In fact, we are not ’happy’ in general, it seems. We always have some kind of problem or dilemma that keeps us distanced from that elusive ’land of plen ...   read more

Anger   16 y  
anger, emotions
Anger is the mask we wear to hide the face of fear/ It’s wearying and troublesome and always brings a tear/ The eyes don’t lie no matter how we try to hide the truth/ The heart knows what it needs to do and anger is the proof/ We build a wall around ourselves to hide from troubled times/ And desperately we stagger on indulge in petty crimes/ We wonder where the time has gone and where and when we’ve been/ We wear the mask of anger as we stumble into sin/ If we could see beyond our fear we might see something new/ And we would have no need to question what is false or true/ Li ...   read more

The Heart's Code   17 y  
heart, intuition
First Scientific Contact with the Soul? Science has recently discovered three startling new possibilities regarding how we think, feel, love, heal, and find meaning in our life. This research suggests that the heart thinks, cells remember, and that both of these processes are related to an as yet mysterious, extremely powerful, but very subtle energy with properties unlike any other known force. If the preliminary insights regarding these prospects continue to be verified, science may be taking the first tentative steps to understanding more about what shamans, kahuna, priests, spiritua ...   read more

Infinite Play   17 y  
infinity something very interesting... ;)   visit the page

Heaven   17 y  
once, i played my taiji on a pier, early in the morning of a gulf island summer. swallows dove and swooped, brushing my face and neck with their winged feathers as i flowed with the morning mists. it was a timeless moment and i knew, as i returned to a state of relative normality, afterwards, that i had been to heaven, and it is here, now, when we release all of our madness and allow it to be. love LL   visit the page

Creating Your Reality   17 y  
reality, creation
Conflict Personal struggles, relationship problems, political strife, global conflict and cultural turmoil. Why? What is going on here on Planet Earth? We say we want peace and harmony. We pray for it, march for it, preach and teach of it, but we don’t have it. Why? Not many would admit it, but the reality is that we humans LOVE it! We love conflict and drama. It keeps us going, it makes us feel alive, it gives us a purpose to strive and thrive. Professional sports are one of the most popular pastimes on Earth. We watch the news for stories of strugg ...   read more

The Heart of Meditation   17 y  
Through the practice of meditation, we access the Heart’s Wisdom. There is no other way that does it! ’See with the eyes of the Heart- Hear with the ears of the Heart- Speak with the Voice of the heart- and you will always see, hear and speak Truth.’ -LL ”That is one of the basic problems facing the whole West, the modern mind: we try to understand everything...and life is basically a mystery. You can live it, but you cannot understand it. And if you insist that you have to understand, then you will remain superficial. The head has become so dominant that it does not allo ...   read more

Trust   17 y  
trust, faith, surrender
Recently, I had a dream that I met a guide by a pond on the edge of a forest. I asked him, ’ what more can i do to assist the sorrowed? ’ He responded, ’ you have to go to the other side.’ -I quieried him, ’ but, what does that mean? ’ he repeated, ’ you have to go to the other side. ’ For days I pondered and meditated on this advice- did he mean I have to die? Did he mean that I had to go into the spirit world, as a shaman, and return with something to share with the sorrowed? Neither of these resonated within me, so I knew I was not about to understand the meaning soon. Then, after a ...   read more

Moments of Brightening   17 y  
satori, enlightenment, awakening
Moments of Brightening We have all had moments in our lives where we have experienced Brightening of our Lights. It has been called ‘Satori’, ‘Enlightenment’, ‘Insight’, ‘Awakening’, and such. These moments, as transitory and elusive as they are, are treasures of being that we long to possess. But, in frustration and regret, we find that when we attempt to cling to them, or ‘own’ them, they vanish and dissolve into the void from whence they came. This is one of the reasons (I feel) that religion fails -for most people- to bring them the peace and contentme ...   read more

Two Forces   17 y  
It has been stated by some that there are only two forces, or energies in the universe; love and fear. It has also been stated that these two forces can be termed ’light’ and ’darkness’. These metaphors are symbolic of the duality dynamic that we humans face from day to day, in our lives. The Truth and Reality is, there is only One energy; Love. Or, Light, if you wish. Darkness is something that simply is a lack of light. It is something that does not exist, (nothing-ness,) awaiting to be filled with light, (something-ness). It is the same as fear. Fear is the human emotional equivalant of ...   read more

Suffering   17 y  
suffering, unconditional, love
{’the suffering one endures is directly proportional to the time one is not present to the moment’ -LightLizard} seems like almost everybody wants to avoid suffering. it might be obvious and redundant to even make such a statement, but, can we avoid suffering? who has ever been able to live without some degree of it? are we supposed to avoid it, or at least, try to avoid it? is that the point, or purpose to life? so many cry and fight for world peace. is it because they care about something outside of themselves, or is it just trying to manipulate the world into being the way they wa ...   read more

Loving Kindness   17 y  
metta, loving, kindness
In some Buddhist traditions it is known as ’Metta.’ But Buddhists do not have a monopoly or exclusive claim to the practice of Loving Kindness, although, thankfully, their example does continue to be an inspiration to those who would wish for the Best for All. This is a wonderful meditation to spend with daily and will only bring joy to an open heart. Offered in love for All. ~LightLizard~ ‘May I feel protected and safe, ‘May my physical form support me in strength and health, ‘May my life unfold with grace, ease and abundance.’ ‘May my friends feel protected and safe, M ...   read more

Hepatitis C and me   17 y  
May 2005 I was diagnosed as having hepatitis-c related kidney disease. I was literally bed-ridden, full of fluid with vasculitis causing the excess to leak out of my infected legs. I had gone from 160 pounds to 220 from the fluid build-up. They drained 14 litres from me when I finally went into emergency. I had tried chinese medicine for 8 weeks, after my diagnosis. The herbalist became frightened by my kidney’s complications and called in his wife, also a chinese herbalist and MD. She suggested I needed a new, special herbal concoction/pill that her uncle in the states was developing. It ...   read more

My Intention   17 y  
My intention in posting here is to share views and concepts from many sources that illuminate and inspire. I believe in the concept of ’opening the heart.’ I believe that mankind has relied too long on intellectual understanding -and for this reason we have fallen into the mind-trap of relying on our mind’s view, rather than our heart’s feeling, our gut feelings, our intuition, our ’soul’s wisdom’ if you wish to call it. I do not mean the romantic, fluffy heart of novels and love-sick teenagers. that is not love at all. Love is the Joyous feeling we experience when we perceive through the ...   read more

The True meaning of Christmas   17 y  
the true meaning of christmas
The meaning of Christmas In a short work, Yule and Noel: the Saga of Christmas, Kuhn explains the true meaning of Christmas.Not having been a person, there was no known date for the birth of the Christ.As for various other gods in the ancient world, it was fitting to place the date on the wheel of the year.Before 345 A.D. the birth of the Christ was celebrated on March 25.This date was the rebirth of Horus the Elder in ancient Egypt.In 345 A.D. Pope Julian II switched Christmas to December 25 to coincide with the followers of Bacchus and Mithra, who celebrated the rebirth of the deity u ...   read more

Heroes and Martyrs   17 y  
cultural conditioning
Heroes and Martyrs ‘May you live in interesting times.’ An ancient Chinese curse from a time when simplicity and naturalness was the preferred life. Another way of saying, ‘May you never have peace.’ Looking at the world today, we can see evidence that this curse has come to be the norm for most. Today, in the 21st Century, it might not be so obvious, but the truth is; slavery is alive and well. In fact, it has never been as strong and successful as it is today. We are slaves to the cultural conditioning of generations past and present. In the West, we have National Pride, ‘The ...   read more

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