It is all in the willpower
by mybodyistired

Day 3..   14 y  
day 3 and stuggling
Well, good day so far. nothing extra to report. Last night stuck to my plan, exercises, refused a glass of wine with the dinner and went to bed at 11pm. good girl. Today may prove to be tougher. My husband is inviting me for dinner. i may decline and that’s the only way for me to avoid anything i should not eat and drink. my will power is weak though... let’s see...   visit the page

Day far so good   14 y  
Day two... nothing impressive to report
Last night i ended up eating shrimp with steamed veggies from the chinese take out (sprinkled it with fresh cilantro and passed on rice. though i had a fortune cookie - just one - as a dessert, and...   read more

Not quite a good start... Starting over today.   14 y  
Failure to Launch. Starting today instead.
Mondays do not always mean a new beginning. Even though yesterday had a good start all up till the evening. After the (healthy) dinner, a couple of friends just showed up with a couple of bottles ...   read more

Week 1 Day 1   14 y  
week one, day one.. not a lot of motivation though..
Weight this morning: 195.8 (ouch. I think it's the highest i have seen). I am pretty sure about 5lbs of it is water weight, as we ate sushi for dinner. but still. Had a pack of rasbberries for ...   visit the page

prep week goes on   14 y  
just taking some notes on the preparatory week... before the 8 week plan starts on Monday.
Wed night was a bit tough: my husband wanted us to dine out. But, in the spirit of change, i refused and instead made a salad (a big salad, but still - a salad). and we just watched TV aftrwards. I...   read more

Prep time   14 y  
Preparation for the 8 week plan
I have been pretty good this week (so far) in preparation to my 8 week plan that starts next week. I didn't want to just jump into something after the ruinous week of overindulging. My regimen cu...   read more

It's been a while... time to try again   14 y  
Need another outlet to pour out my frustrations
I just sumbled upon my old blogs here. and my unsuccessful attempts of dieting while on the european vacation (what was I thinking!). Anyhow, it's now 2 years later. I am 34 and put on another 10 ...   read more

tuesday   16 y  
well, started off well -plenty of green stuff! salad.. a bit of olive oil - no dressings or anything. tomato jice (though loaded on salt). Then, comes the afternoon- tea time. so i had one - no sugar though (just plain caffeine). no bad. plenty of lemon water. but the dinner time has proven to be the challenge again: it was healthy to start - salmon (and i had only a little piece - like 2 inch long little thing), broccoli, carrots.. but then - soy sause, potatoes, yes.. i can’t seem to get away from it. the minute we sit down for dinner (and i served lemon water for ...   read more

well, Monday is here   16 y  
failed Monday launch
We arrived really late last night - the trains were late by hours - exhausted. Monday - today - i was going to start my 10 day trial. But I woke up sick, with rain outside, it’s freezing cold here and no motivation. Now, this is how it is probably for most of the people. This why we love to read the ”success” stories - ’cause it’s not happenning here. Damn it. I held up pretty good all morning. But then I was cold and just wanted something warm. So I had tea (caffeine) and was guilty of putting sugar in as well. By then - i was like - ah, what the hell - and ate some butter cookies. Ser ...   read more

Some thoughts on "master cleanse" and my own approach   16 y  
thoughts on master cleanse and my own "intorductory" theory
As I was reading on this master cleanse stuff on this site: it all seems pretty unhealthy to me. It’s like by the time you are ready to do this master cleanse, you are probably in your late 20s and early 30s and have not been healthy exactly in your habits (but nothing serious, i mean, you are still young and don’t have any serious conditions). So, with that - you can endure that ”master cleanse”. But this is a shock therapy - and I am sure, for someone slightly older and more frail, this can cause more damage, or at least - be quite painful and not too useful. The idea of ”dumping the to ...   read more

down the drain...   16 y  
not a healthy night again
sh*t - last night after our dinner (nothing special, no dessert for me) a couple of friend we know in this city came over with a few bottles of very good wine. The stayed about 3 in the morning (typical european thing) - and this is on Monday! So I reckon I have consumed about a bottle (or maybe even more) of various wines and ate plenty of fragrant cheeses. Seriously, I don’t know what I was thinking about when decided to start a healthy life on vacation. But alas, let me document my unhealthiness first.   visit the page

ahhh, the weekend...   16 y  
the weekend killed my willpower
With all the good intentions, the weekend on vacation is a tough thing to pull through without indulging. Saturday - a long walk, museums, etc. All good until the hunger pains brought us right to the local Burger King (must be the nostalgia after days of local cuisine) - it smelled so good that my husband and I just looked at each other and walked right in without saying a word. We didn’t eat right there and then, of course, that would be too much. But we hurried the warm and deliciously smelling bag containing a burger, a double cheeseburger and two sets of large fries home. We set them o ...   read more

not too healthy, but still   16 y  
trying to be healthy on vacation in not easy
Last night was tough: our friends here invited us to this really posh upscale restaurant, with french speaking waiters, that tip-toe to your table and wisper all their specials.. ahh.. a really nice bottle of wine was ordered and poured into everyones glasses. Oh, my - what could I do. Of course, I tasted it. But, i did limit myself and not once my glass was refilled. And I know, with all the people here - juice fasting for weeks on end - this is nothing. But to me - this was a first willpower exercise. The second was - eating only half of my main course (i am not going to get into detail ...   read more

last night   16 y  
not exactly healthy but still - small steps..
well, I did hold up pretty well during the dinner time. No wine. Water with lemon. Couldn’t escape the fried stuff (it’s the local cuisine) - but had a sizable portion of salad to go along with it. And then, well, desserts here are delicious - so I had a bite or two. But not the whole portion. With mint tea. Went for a long walk by the river (despite the drizzling). And then walked up 6 flights of stairs (instead of elevator). Well, my heart of beating so fast and I was so out of breath that it wasn’t funny. It just made me realize how messy i have been about my body in the recent years. ...   read more

yet another good intention...   16 y  
another day I tell myself - it's time to start taking care.. time to take your body and your health seriously.
So gradual weight gain sucks. Because first you start noticing your skirts tightening, but then you need to do a new shopping anyway. You opt for A-line shapes and you still look good. And you can stay in the same size 6 in the A-line shape for long. I still have some size 6 dresses that are A-line. Though they now are tight in the chest. Anyway, you move on - because even though, it’s gone up 20 lbs you still look good (I am very tall - it’s easy to hide). Until you notice, after another couple of years of stressful job and a lot of partying, on a picture that someone took of you without ...   read more


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