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Re: Finding relief from chronic fatigue in protein powders
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Finding relief from chronic fatigue in protein powders

Firstly is fatigue your main problem? Would you say that your mood is also affected? Did you notice any improvement in the way that you feel ie your mood when taking any of the things that you have tried?

My mood can be very badly affected by Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome and I have worked out that methylation is a big part in that. When methylation is working SAM-e is produced which is known to improve a persons mood and the way that they feel.

CFS sufferers which is what you might be suffering from do tend to have problems with methylation because the hyper permeability of the digestive system puts a considerable load on the liver and the detox systems which uses up methyl groups at a phenomenal rate. That tends to affect the way a person feels and their mood as well as energy.

I have been using MSM MethylSulfonylMethane and I have noticed that it does tend to improve my mood and energy considerably. I do tend to need a lot of it though to get an effect. I can require multiple doses to notice an improvement 15ml scoops along with molybdenum to deal with the sulfur.

Garlic and Milk Thistle extract can be good at raising Glutathione as I use them both myself. I use Pea and Rice Protein powders and garlic chips blended just prior to consumption works well and goes well with them. I do add other herbs such as Rosemary, basil, turmeric, sage which gives it all a pleasant taste. Basil smells lovely btw. Rosemary is known to stimulate nerve repair. Turmeric helps with inflammation and stimulates the liver and sage, well that I just throw in. A big problem I had for many years was very poor skin healing where my body would not form raised scabs and sort of grew out and often scared. Since digesting protein better I now get a raised scab when my skin heals which is very welcome.

Constipation is very common with Increased Intestinal Permeability Syndrome aka Leaky Gut which is most likely your problem.

With those amino acids, just make sure that you are getting sufficient and not overdoing them. Have you ever had your liver enzymes tested? What about your white cell count?

The best solution to constipation that I have found is lecithin! It works wonders without causing any problems except for getting too loose if your take too much. Either Sunflower or soya which ever you prefer. You can buy it in powered form and then mix with warm water, a hand blender helps a lot. I mix 80grams with 500 ml of water, I have reduced the quantity a bit from 100g as it got quite thick. Then take as many teaspoons as you need, start with say 4 twice daily and work up slowly from there. Remember that it could take two or three days for your digestive system to respond so do not rush or you could end up with diarrhoea.

When detox demands are so high it uses up all the available phosphatidylcholine which leads to constipation. Lecithin counteracts that. Lecithin also helps the liver and cell membranes too.

If the methionine is not too far out of date then I would use it as I don't really think it goes bad unless it is contaminated. Even then I don't think there should be problems as I don't think that bacteria could use it for food. I still use Proline which is 11 months OOD as I stopped using it and recently restarted. I don't have too much left and have ordered more.

I am not sure what that breath test is meant to show or how reliable it is. What was it actually testing? What did it involve?

BTW if things are how I suspect then acid is a problem as it causes ammonia because of Urease. That is one thing which could be affecting your energy, especially after eating.

Solid protein requires chewing which mixes saliva which urease positive bacteria need to neutralize stomach acid. The resulting Ammonia needed to neutralize strong stomach acid stops energy production!

Veggies do not require HCL for breakdown they are mainly fibre, carbs/starch which require bacteria and amylase for digestion.

Your hunger could indicate inflammation as ghrelin triggers hunger and the body uses it to counter inflammation. I have had times when I feel hungry and suspect that that was the reason for it. There can be other reasons some infections can trigger hunger in order to provide them with what they want. It's a lot of guesswork and you need to try and work out why before you can do anything about it.....

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