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Hypo, now on 100mg Lugol's: Am I Missing Anything?
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Published: 7 years ago

Hypo, now on 100mg Lugol's: Am I Missing Anything?

Hi, I'm a 46 yo male who two months ago self-diagnosed myself as hypothyroid and looking for advice and comments from anyone who has similar issues and has recovered.

My symptoms in order of appearance:

* Insomnia: I usually don't sleep longer than 4 hour blocks, and often less. I usually have to sleep in three segments to get my 8 hours. This started 7 years ago (the waking-up-too-soon kind, multiple times in a night. I didn't know the cause could be thyroid so it was no)

* No Appetite: had this at least 6 years

* Low Energy: my physical energy for sports has been uneven for years. I have my high energy days and low energy days that I can sense when I'm climbing hills on the bike or trying to run after a soccer ball.

* Weight gain: At the time the insomnia started I had ulcerative colitis and had been on a mostly raw vegan diet to control the condition (which I think also greatly contributed to iodine insufficiency). After I cured the UC in late 2009 (thank you CureZone!) I left my normal 145lb UC weight

* Inability to Lose Weight: Coming from UC, I was happy about the weight gain until I it went too far. Then I realized I could not lose weight even with one meal a day

* Thinning Hair: the front sides of my hairline suddenly started receding for the first time a year ago. I had gone on a new diet of lots of protein to support weight lifting and I think this strained my system and thyroid.

* Fibromyalgia: Since this summer, I slowly started to develop a stiff back and then a stiff neck, and then I noticed my left forearm would feel sore when I gripped my handlebars and then last of all my left ankle would feel sore too starting two months ago.

* Enlarged Thyroid: Back in September a Nuclear Medicine Technologist saw a photo of me on Facebook and thought he perceived "some thyroid enlargement." I thought he was nuts at first but when I started researching thyroid and felt my thyroid I confirmed he was right. I began taking Selenium and other co-supps in the hope that if I had Hashimotos Hypo I could reverse that off supps alone like I read here happens in 40% of cases.

* Thinning Outer Eyebrows: just noticed this

* Lab Results Oct 20th (after being on Selenium and the other co-supps recommended here for several weeks):
Free T3:  5.5 pg/ml (reference range: 1.8 - 4.1)
Free T4:  0.9 ng/dl (reference range: 0.8 - 1.8)
Anti-TPO: 8   UI/ml (reference range: 0 - 35)
TgAB :    9   UI/ml (reference range: 0 - 40)
TSH  : I didn't do this test yet as STTM didn't seem to place much value on it and I was paying for out of pocket.

With the results above, I felt confirmed I didn't have Hashimotos and began to slowly increase my Lugol's from a few drops up to the 16 drops (100mg) I am on now for a week. I did this pretty quickly as I experienced none of the detox symptoms I had read about. (I fast a lot, exercise and eat pretty well).

Improvements since supplementing Iodine:
* My energy has evened out, no more low energy days. I have so much energy all the time I feel like jumping for joy!
* My skin is feeling very smooth and soft (like I've only felt after water fasting for a week)
* I sometimes feel slight appetite in the morning, something I have not felt in years (except after fasting for days)
* I sometimes sleep longer than 4 hours like 5, so I may be sleeping slightly better. But I still never sleep through the night.

But I'm not seeing any improvement on my fibro, weight loss, etc.

I'm wondering...:
1. Should I just keep doing what I'm doing and be patient since this has been going on seven years and will take years to reverse? (Love to hear testimonials on this)
2. Do I need to get to "iodine sufficiency" before the big improvements come?
3. If I should get on some thyroid medication like STTM recommends (like Armour) to knock out my symptoms faster and slowly get off it using the Iodine/supps as I've read some people have done.
4. Do you think I'm missing any other supplements?

Thanks in advance!


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