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Re: i am cured of ec.
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: i am cured of ec.

this yellow tint you describe, does it go away after the lips are dry? i cant say they turned yellow, but i cant completely rule it out cause like i said i stopped over analyzing my lips because it was one of my obsessions for so long it was almost as if i would avoid looking at them cause i knew they looked horrible but as far as the times i woke up in morning i did not have any yellowness that i can recall, whatever you do, don't forcefully peel and try to keep that barrier on as long as possible.
things sometimes get worse before they get better and it was the case for me i broke out in canker sores and my lips felt unbearable and super tight during the day. i couldn't crack a smile during this treatment but it was well worth it in the end. remember please it has only been 4 days since you started this treatment a change in your lips is telling me something is happening good or bad the acidophillus is doing something that you claim never happened before so i would stick through it as you are not even half way there yet.
are you making 3 stools a day? if so i would skip the fiber i only used it cause i would be backed up.
i also recommend looking at your diet, do you eat allot of breads and yeasty foods? just make it simple rice, broccoli, beans, and the rest should be yogurt low in Sugar with active cultures just putting acidophillus on your lips is not enough you need the bacteria inside of you swallow it and mix it with yogurt.
you cant be discouraged rome wasnt built in a day it has only been 4 days like i said i was fully improved in around 6 weeks and the feeling of tight lips which led to the peeling and that layer of white film would be less apparent around the 5th week.
this is why this condition is so hard to cure in my opinion its so obsessive to peel the lip and everyone just wants a magical cream to put on and bam gone in less than a week, unfortunately the creme does not exist yet, dont confuse acidophillus with the magic cream it works but just takes time and patience and must be used among other things like diet to truly work. your approach for curing this should be healing within, not on the outside.
and on a side note i will explain how my morning went with ec, i would wake up i would have white dryed up crust were the lips touch eachother i would wet my lip with water and rub it off with my index finger once all gone and i looked presentable i brushed my teeth ect and on with my day. at work i would take drink of water cause my lips would feel tight and unbearable and then shortly after some water i would feel the whitish slime and a layer of skin thats just flaking off so i would go to the bathroom and exfoliate again.

now during treatment everything was the same except i didnt rub buildup off in the morning i just skipped the whole look at my lips and analyze them part and at work when i felt the dryness i would take a drink put a little lip balm on and ignore the feeling of the flaky skin and white lips. now when i was healing i would wake up and still have the build up but less and less each day. around the 5th week i still didn't forcefully peel and at work i noticed my lips didn't feel tight i would drink some water and my lips would appear more waterproof still a little whitish but nothing like before than the next day even less, and than the next day even less ect..till one day i woke up my lips felt so smooth when i rubbed them together, i brushed my teeth not over analyzing my lips but i just couldn't help but notice how pink and shiny they were. and when i was at work i didn't even have the tightness at all, not later that day, or the next it was the last of it.
i hope that encourages you to stick with it. god bless you and everyone else with this.

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