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I am cured of EC. Exfoliative Cheilitis
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Published: 8 years ago

I am cured of EC. Exfoliative Cheilitis

Hello everyone

I just made a account to share my success story. and please excuse me as my first language is spanish and i am not to well with english.

Any way i got this problem after taking HEAVY Antibiotics for my Acne i was on 150mg of doxy everyday for 6 months. i remember i was in school one day and felt the top middle part of my lip (known as the triangle) felt really mushy so i went to the bathroom and looked, and the skin looked odd so i bit it off, after that. i noticed the skin underneath was raw and weird feeling, not thinking much of it i just went along with my day. well next week the same thing happen and i bit the skin off again, this was approximately 2.5 months into my Antibiotics now lets fast forward 3 months Acne cleared, still peeling off the dead skin that was growing in the middle of the top lip,, but now it was daily almost, and i didn't even have to peel i could just wet the lips and rub my finger to get rid of the buildup. bottom lip was peeling as well but not till 1 month after the Antibiotics treatment my lip would be crusty and peel in strips my whole bottom lip was affected, only part of the top affected was the triangle area. anyway i tried the leaving it alone treatment and it was not working cause my lips never got the thick concrete looking buildup, rather more like my lips had 1 layer of skin that would just constantly peel and nothing would stop it.

so i examined the area and noticed the peeling starts were the lips touch each other its almost like were the inside of the mouth turns into your lips and something was causing this area to become really mushy and paper like when in contact with water.

so on to finding this forum i see people were cured by numerous things like apple cider vinegar,somebody else claimed yogurt, and someone claimed probiotics. well this all made perfect sense to me i killed all the good bacteria in my body and my shitty diet after i was off doxy caused a overgrowth of what i believe to be candida that caused this for me. now listen before i start this i dont give a rats a$$ if this did not cure you, and you tried it my belief is ec is caused by other things in your body and proof goes to show not everybody's ec is the same just cause it didn't work for you does not mean it does not work and likewise.
i never got yellow buildup like some people no matter how long i left my lips alone they would just turn really white in contact with water and just fall off.

ok so now for the good stuff, 'what did you do'
ok im not exactly sure which one had the most important role but i will list what i used

-fiber well gummies (the amount i took varied per day but your ultimate goal is to pass three stools a day no less, at the time i only passed one stool every day at the same time) i believe this is huge for wanting to eliminate toxins cause your body can get rid of toxins through peeling skin, dadruff, Acne ect fiber really helped.

-vitafusion b12 probably did not do much but i took them anyway they were in my medicine cabinet and they certainty cant hurt. (i would not skip any of these steps if your ec mimics mine)

-omega 3 (like the b12 i had them already)

-chobani greek yogurt (do not get any other yogurt unless the ingredients are similar i am telling you right now most low fat yogurt have 30+ grams of Sugar this stuff had 6 grams of Sugar and all the cultures that you would want to fight candida or whatever causes this, i ate allot so much i was taking trips very often to the store to pickup more cant give you a exact number but eat as much as you can.)

-chewed on garlic (pretty gross)

- liquid Lactobacillus acidophilus (this is HUGE i threw some in the yogurt and swished it around my mouth and even let some try out on my lips whenever i could, this made the biggest difference i think cause this stuff is naturally found in yogurt anyway and stops the overgrowing of candida)

- vitamin D (i feel this plays its role as well)

-tea trea oil (i only used this for a week or so. i let it dry on my lips but stopped as soon as acidophilus took its place)

And thats it.

now i will answer questions i know people are going to ask

*'how long did it take you to heal?'- 1.5 months this will vary on how badly affected you are just depends on how long it takes for your body to get back in balance

*'did you peel your lips while under treatment?'- i cant say no and i wont lie but to a degree i did stop peeling and rubbing them as much but could resist sometimes but by the urge was strong. but i will say whenever i exfoliated i never forcefully took skin off during this treatment i just rubbed buildup off, never forcefully peel ever.

* 'did you use any lip balms' - yes i used avalon organics vanilla rosemary all natural you can use as much as you want.

* 'how did you notice healing /how did it heal'- for me i just stopped feeling the uncomfortable feeling of tight lips gradually i used to worry constantly and always feel my lips being tight and if i rubbed them together i could feel the dead skin.i eventually just had that feeling less and less till it was completely gone.

*' do you use any balms currently'- yes i do but not daily nor do i worry about carrying it with me, i use it in the morning and at night occasionally no more.

*'are you sure you are cured/ had ec to even begin with?' - this is what bugs me about this site whenever someone gets cured you have people on here saying ' you never had ec' or 'you're not cured' people like that wont get responses i had lips that peeled with in contact with water or when left alone they felt tight and swelled around the triangle area or wherever there was raw skin i was constantly checking the mirror to wipe buildup off, just cause someone condition does not mirror yours does not mean they don't have it. ec= peeling swelling lips there is not way around that and there is no topical cream that will help as it happens from inside the body.

*' how long have you been cured' a little longer than 2 months and trust me no peeling no uncomfortable feeling.

other symptoms i had- canker sores i actually had quite allot frequently this is related to candida, smelly breath in the morning no matter how much i brushed / practiced oral hygiene, hot breath after i did my treatment the overall temperature of my breath is colder or at least feels that way. thats it folks i also advise all you to stop letting this control your life i meditate daily and stress will slower the hell out of your healing and is one of the biggest threats to your health, i meditate daily.
i will probably stick around for a little to answer questions then i am done with this forum cause i am done with this condition that is just your body's way of telling you something is wrong. unless you are born with ec than you have no reason to believe there is no cure.

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