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Traumatic Brain Injury - treatments that helped me. PART 1
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Published: 8 years ago

Traumatic Brain Injury - treatments that helped me. PART 1

Hi, the following is bits of information I have typed from time to time. I will post more information about things that helped me recover from Traumatic Brain Injury when I have time to do so.

My very Best Wishes to anybody who is looking for treatments for brain injury. Don't give up. I was told there is no treatment and no cure. I had to cure myself. I'm still not 100%, but I've come a long, long way, all through my own efforts, using things that cost nothing, or next to nothing.

Most people I've met who have a brain injury believe everything their doctors tell them. They have no interest in trying to recover by their own efforts. they tell me it cannot be done. this is such a shame. I have met only two people who are working on their own recovery.

Never give up. Try one new thing at a time, and record the results.


I incurred what doctors called a ‘mild’ injury to the brain after hitting my head, twice, during a fall. The 'mild' injury completely ruined my life.

I didn’t know I had a brain injury. I had constant headache, a ‘foggy’ head, difficulties in speaking, ordering my thoughts, adding simple numerics, managing my affairs. I couldn’t make a cup of tea.

I had poor balance, and was in danger of further falls. I staggered when I walked. My speech was slurred.

I was constantly fatigued, sleeping up to 18 hours a day.

I could not count. I could not cross a road safely. I could barely hold a conversation with another person. I could not remember words. I could not make a cup of coffee.

Not long after learning that these and other problems were symptoms of Acquired Brain Injury, I said to myself: I refuse to accept this injury. Life, in this state, is intolerable. The human brain is an organ of unfathomable brilliance, and I can rely on my once well-oiled brain to help me remedy this untenable affliction. My mind will give me the ideas and guidance I need to find the remedies for this condition. I will not be satisfied until I have regained 100% brain function.

The following are among treatments I have trialled. These gave the greatest success. I hope some or all of these will be of assistance to others. Every brain injury is different -- perhaps none of these will offer others an improvement. However, there’s little to lose in trying, and much, potentially, to gain.


I’m not a doctor and I have no formal medical qualifications. I’ve had a number of health issues over the years, for some of which I was told there was nothing wrong with me. I’ve learned the hard way that when doctors say “nothing wrong” or “incurable”, I have to find my own ways to fix my health.

The opinions I express, and the treatments I’ve found effective for my Acquired Brain Injury, are mine alone. I’m not affiliated to any organisation and I don’t receive any payment from anyone (more’s the pity!) I’ve received no compensation for my injuries, very little assistance and, since my accident, my life has changed completely. I’ve had to seek treatments that are low-cost and easy to obtain.



Some of the things I’ve learned:

1. When doctors can’t help or don’t know the answers: allow myself to be upset/depresssed/despairing for a while, but then get angry. Get determined and make a resolution to find the answers, and to not stop until the problem is fixed. I have a right to better health.

2. There are people all over the world who’ve managed to cure themselves, or at least improve the symptoms, of a vast range of ailments, including life-threatening illnesses. I can suffer and attempt to cope with my brain injury, OR I can spend my time trying to improve my symptoms and, thus, my quality of life. It’s my choice.

3. Get on the internet. And read, research, ask people. Listen to people AND tell people my own information.

4. Above all, TRY THE THINGS I HEAR ABOUT. I cannot say a brain injury treatment “doesn’t work” until I’ve trialled it, extensively, myself.


I find many people, who have an Acquired Brain Injury, have no interest in trying to improve the symptoms with self-treatment. They usually tell me they’ll only take things recommended by their doctor or other medical professionals. They also tell me, usually, that their doctor told them there is no treatment for an ABI.

Some have even told me that the things I’m doing don’t work – even though they hardly know me, know nothing about my injury, and have never tried the treatments themselves. At times, I am astounded at the level of negativity and apathy that seems to surround self-treatment for brain injury. It’s as if there is nothing to do but put up with an ABI.

The thing these people may not realise is that Western medicine seems to have decided on our behalf, a long time ago, that we are not going to get better, and that chronic brain injuries don’t respond to treatment. Western medicine, however, is not the only medicine.


I often wonder if any funding is given to the research of treatments for brain injury, other than for treatment during the first hours and weeks after the injury is incurred. Western medicine is saving many lives, but it seems it is only now beginning to discover a very important thing: the brain can grow new cells at any age, at any time, given the right conditions. I already knew that, and i hadn't realised it was a radical idea. I thought everybody knew that the brain grows and changes.


Upon learning I had an injury to the brain, and pondering upon the best course of action, I asked myself:

If the brain can grow new cells, new brain tissue – and thus, potentially, recover partially or fully – what do I need to do, eat, take, in order to create the right conditions for this new cell growth to happen?

To me, the answer is this: I need to try everything I can find, everything I can think of, that will give oxygen, vitamins, minerals and stimulation to the brain, and/or will reduce the trauma to the brain.



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