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Acne - Tried Candida Diet, Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse, Benzoyl Peroxide, Antibiotics + More

Epsom Salt Capsules
Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse

Epsom Salt Capsules
Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse

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Published: 9 years ago

Acne - Tried Candida Diet, Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse, Benzoyl Peroxide, Antibiotics + More

Hi everybody,

I've started this topic because I have improved my facial Acne considerably but no longer know how to get rid of the remaining cystic Acne forming around the jawline and upper neck. I have been researching endlessly and have pretty much tried everything. Any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Diet and inflammation reducing tips in point form at the end*

My Acne Story (I'll try to keep it short and precise):

I've had acne as a teenager in high school as well as college but it was mild at best until I my final year in college. My diet was bad throughout all these years, I hate eating salads though I would still eat cooked vegetables. Junk food was the majority of my diet. Loved it and still do. I literally ate a week of nothing but pizza and mcdonalds at one point and I never got fat. As I said, in my final year around wintertime, I started developing some cystic acne so I went to the doctor to prescribe some mild Antibiotic creams and it cleared me up quickly in a month or two. I stopped the cream after my skin was clear.

A year later also around wintertime, I started developing cystic acne again and it became more severe. I have no idea what was the trigger. I tried all sorts of acne non-prescribed acne face washes as well as Proactiv but none worked. So I had the doctor prescribe me an Antibiotic (Tetralysal) as well as Benzoyl Peroxide and Differin. It cleared me up in two to three months into perfect looking skin. Again, I stopped the medication once my skin was clear.

The next year during wintertime again (this would be the winter in 2012), I started developing acne (again) and so I went to the dermatologist (again) to get a prescription but it didn't work. I doubled the dosage and it still didn't work. It seems I've built up an immunity to it. I tried another Antibiotic and it didnt work as well and my skin was becoming worse and worse.

In these few months I've tried to look for alternative methods. I went to get an acne facial treatment every three days for a month and a half (which cost me quite a bit) as well as a whole set of acne products and it didn't work as well. Not knowing what to do and realising that this had to be an internal issue and no amount of external products could help me, I started getting desperate and decided to do some research.

I came across this website and found what it said to make sense (please read it if you have time). I realised the Antibiotics I've taken has weakened my immune system and killed off all the good bacteria causing a candida overgrowth which is why my acne has worsened each year. Knowing this made me want to burn down the dermatologists house but I realised doctors didnt know any better and are trained to manage symptoms such as acne with Antibiotics thinking they cured it but don't. I did the program on and hit a bump as you can see from my last post when I reached the pineapple fast and I was in immense pain. I did some more research and focused more on killing the candida and parasites as well as cleansing my colon followed by Dr. Hulda Clark 's Liver Flush.

The first three weeks of the candida diet was hard, not the diet itself but the candida die off symptoms. I had rashes, flu/fever like symptoms, a huge amount of canker sores etc causing me to lose a lot of weight 10+ pounds as well as breaking out a bit more on the first week but having these symptoms only meant that it was working. I have been on a strict diet for a month and a half now and there is no doubt my skin has improved a lot though still enough to be mild to severe acne. I still have a few pimples and around 5 - 7 cystic acne most under jawline and upper neck but my cheeks, chin and forehead had cleared up immensely.

A week ago I finally did the Dr. Hulda Clark 's Liver Flush and I really did flush out a lot of gallstones. Although happy with the results and feeling more energetic, I actually broke out slightly more which is why I am confused right now and not sure what to do. I actually expected the Liver Flush to improve my jawline acne but it has not. I will be attempting the flush again in a weeks time as I've read some people need to flush at least 3 or 4 times to see improvement. Other than this I do not know what else to do.

By the way, this has been what I've been eating daily for the last month and a half.

- First thing in the morning and right before sleep - drink pure lemon juice (3 or 4 lemons) morning with cayenne pepper (colon cleanse)
- I eat the same meal for breakfast lunch and dinner which consists a mix of:
- steamed vegetables (spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, asparagus) with extra virgin olive oil (to kill candida)
- fish (baked salmon, baked basa fish, canned sardines and canned salmon) (to kill candida)
- A few tablespoons of coconut milk (to kill parasites and candida)
- a few spoons of natural greek yogurt ( replenishing good bacteria)
- 4 - 6 raw cloves of garlic a day, half to one full onion a day split into two meals. (to kill parasites)
- one blended drink with green pepper, cucumber, celery, green apple and bitter melon. (drink this between meals)
- one blended Liver Flush drink (water, tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, ginger and one clove of garlic)
- absolutely no carbohydrates, sugars and fruits (only lemon for the cleanse and the green apples for the blended drink)

I forgot to mention I am an active person for the last two to three years. Regularly going to the gym and running outdoors 3 - 4 times a week until a two months ago. Have started to be active again two weeks ago.

As well, to reduce the acne inflammation, I do the following

- apply pure lemon juice to face (not only to reduce inflammation but to remove scars as well)
- leave benzoyl peroxide on face for 30min to and hour twice a week
- apply proactiv face mask three times a week
- apply toothpaste to inflamed acne at night to dry it out by morning (weird but it works, only white toothpaste not gel)
- on emergencies, take ibuprofen and/or crush ibuprofen pill and mix with lemon juice and apply on acne

As you can tell, I have tried a LOT of things. Most people I've read from have cured their acne for a lot less than this. The only thing I haven't tried is Accutane which I will refuse to. I hope this helps someone and to anyone who's read this who has any thoughts, advice or recommendations regarding what I have done or should do, please feel free to comment. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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