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Re: Acne - Tried Candida Diet, Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse, Benzoyl Peroxide, Antibiotics + More
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Acne - Tried Candida Diet, Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse, Benzoyl Peroxide, Antibiotics + More

You seem to know a lot already! It's true that emotional problems can sometimes be the cause of physical problems or vice versa and then they keep going around and around lol! I've never had a huge problem with acne.. i didn't used to have one at all! But i remember when my emotional problems got worse my body started having a lot more trouble with detoxing.. i used to be fine with alcohol and then eventually i started getting these massive zits whenever i drank it! Then as my emotional problems got worse I started developing food sensitivities because my body could not cope with things too well anymore.. i kept getting these giant cysts that only went away after i eliminated gluten and then i started getting more problems from more foods which just kept making me more and more upset and frustrated lol! I did do a test for food sensitivities with this machine thing that is really accurate.. possibly more accurate that a normal IgG intolerance test and it helped a lot because sometimes food sensitivities are not obvious.. i think when you have food sensitivities it's kind of like putting constant toxins in the body so i guess you should watch out for them and cut out any if you can figure them out.. you may be sensitive to chemicals as well so be careful with the face products if they happen to aggravate anything.. also i heard some people have to do some kind of Bowel Cleanse before and after Liver Flushes so as to not reabsorb toxins by the way, but i've never done either before so im no expert!

Anyway sometimes i think it can be best to work with someone who actually knows what they're doing.. I have had terrible digestion problems and i did all these different things to try fix it like eating for digestive fire, taking HCL, digestive bitters, food combining and it did absolutely nothing for me.. i was reading all i could on the internet to figure out what the heck to do and little did i know it was making me worse! All that worrying and obsessing made my digestive system non functional and being told to go on a candida diet from my naturopath just made me more upset and now i have a borderline eating disorder because im so scared of food and feel extremely trapped and confused by this diet. i think the problem with naturopaths and anyone who claims to be an expert on candida is they just kind of lump everyone together instead of looking at the root cause of the problem.. i've been getting headaches, bad PMS (that probably sounds weird when you look at my fisherman picture LOL), insomnia, eyesight problems, random Acne for years due to depression, stress, anger problems and toxins and i ignored it thinking all those things are just normal.. i only realised there was a problem when my digestive system malfunctioned (which coincidentally was during one of the most stressful and depressing times in my life) and when i tried to fix it it just didnt work because of all those deep seated emotions being my actual root cause.. im fixing that now with acupuncture and herbs and im not as upset as i was, but still freaking scared of food.. if you are able to it could really benefit you to get into chinese medicine or ayurveda for help! They're really good at figuring out what the main problem is rather than the symptoms of it and i think they'll rarely if ever refer to everything as "candida" and force you on a diet full of fat and vegetables ==

i think i typed too much again sorry!

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