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Re: Beesting venom linked to peyronies relief -- My Cheering up letter for all peyronies suffers
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Beesting venom linked to peyronies relief -- My Cheering up letter for all peyronies suffers

A Cheer up letter

Something to be considered if you are a prostate or peyronies patient: if you are taking medicines, especially these so called modern type formulas you may be in for a great disappointment! First, most medical substances are poisons of sorts, if taken in huge doses. Second, the methods of administering these medicines are often greatly restricted. The restricting factor of distribution of many medicines within the body are their abilities to travel freeing within body. In other words, medicines must be free within the body before getting taken up by the immune system. If the medicines are taken within stomach, the only movement by any medicine is via bowel movement within the diegestive tract. And if the medicine is labeled an intruder in the stomach, the immune system does not waste time at capturing and removing it. If it is not labeled an intruder, but considered useful to body, i.e. the chemicals within these medicines can be broken down for immediate use by the body – therefore substance gets to continue downward through the digestive tract and out the colon.

Here is a good example of a friendly chemical useful to body and allowed to pass through the digestive tract: I have been taking Magnesium Chloride for several years, not daily, but very often! The amounts are discussed in earlier letters posted on I ran across several medical college reports, discussing Mg and Zn complexes within the stomach posted on the internet, so I read through them. And I have come to a disturbing conclusion; many medicines administered into the stomach actually achieve very little distributing results – especially if one is targeting specific organ in which the chemicals must arrive in! This is especially true with prostate and penile structure.

The medical documents I did read typically reported traced medicine distributions within various organs to include the gall bladder, urinary bladder and colon. For example, only 4 percent of the Magnesium complex gets delivered to the urinary bladder, all the rest will travel through the digestive tract and out the colon! Another example is the Zinc complex, when it is taken orally; none of it gets past the small intestines! For the small intestines horde the Zinc complex for its own use only! So to get useful doses of Magnesium and Zinc cmplexes into prostate gland and other sexua| parts of the body is more a bodily function, not an additions via medical doctors. Sounds like really sad news for patients taking prescribed medicines. It gets worse with injections into the body.

Therefore, if you are taking oral medicines for the prostate and penile or testicles maybe it is the same story as mentioned above (little or no medicines are getting placed within selected organs by any doctor of choice). with injections of drugs injected directly into selected organs – most just remain under the skin and go nowhere. Just setting ducks (not stirring about) -- are waiting for the immune system to capture and remove them. If the above story is even half true, only a tiny pecentage of Mg complexes pass through the center of prostate (20 ml per second flow rate) through the center of the penile and right out into the toilet.

Venoms move on their own, they travel in all directions through all connective tissues.

There is something very special about venoms. And fortunately honey bee venom is nearly non-poisonous when it is administered by BVT technicians or one´s self (it takes about 1,500 injections to get an adult into critical care unit). Remember we are only talking about 3 injections or less a week! And the bee´s DART is barely visible – about 1mm and half a hair´s diameter in thickness (a very tiny needle by any standards). Yep, venoms move on their own, prescribed medicines do not!

For example, one honeybee injection can travel about 6 inches in all directions, before getting captured and killed by the immune system. So if one injection is done on say the forefinger, the benefit for doing this injection is the entire hand will get saturated with honeybee venom toxins (not sure about other fingers though – still believe each has to get its own beestinger to get relief from arthritis). I have been injecting my fingers for a long time and frankly this task is many times the effort, then removing calcium laminations from a non-boney penile. And is not the finger itself -- a lot like the penile?

So just one tiny honeybee venom injection on the top of penile shaft, 3 times a week, will keep your doctors away. Do I need to tell you which doctors get to stay away from your private parts? Also remember, most medical table operations done on prostates or peniles are of the destructive type, not passive at all! How destructive do you think a tiny beestinger will get when administered by you in the privacy of your own home.

Results are quick, remember peyronies has been in the patient´s body for many years, and in only 6 months (more for severe peyronies cases), the patient is back playing not-cards with his partner. Do not worry about peyronies or prostate treating doctors; there are lots of victims out there for them to practice on! And lots of money to be earned their way!

One last comment; the key to any successful honey bee venom treatment plan (BVT) is applying the smallest number venom doses (each 5 minutes within penile shaft only) and for the longest of time period possible, months upon months of applications! It does not take a rocket scientist, once in the shower, to see if his penile is functional or not!


p.s.1. Since I have chatted about prostate and peyronies topics within my cheer-up letter, above, I had better discuss something about my pending prostate experiment. The experiment will be self-administered, on myself, but with proper procedural protocols. I have been thinking about doing this non-destructive, a passive experiment, on myself for many months anyway!

Most of the items to begin this self-test of my prostate are now in my house, I am waiting for a last package to arrive in about 3 to 4 weeks. Most of the protocols and procedures (basically speaking) have been written and revised three times. Of course, there will be lots of changes in the early timeframe of the experiment, except these rules: all processes are non-surgical (remember, I am not a doctor, only a retired process engineer), any daily procedures written up must be completed within an hour or much less. The assigned daily procedures are to be repeated exactly the same, over and and over and over a lonf time frame. No aggressive agents will be used!There are other protocols, but prefer not to list them presently.

Personally speaking, I believe I will gain useful relief from my prostate enlargement (stage 2 of 5), and the gain will be a major one or a complete recovery. Note; the only complete recovery, acceptable to me, will be semen ejaculations of my youthful years. Note; I am not sure about the total sperm increases, though, for as with the penile and prostate organs having arthritis, it is very possible the testicules sperm production cell-complexes are completely embedded completely with calcium plaque today.

p.s.2. My final goal to have a fully functional prostate, YEP at age 66! This is not wishful thinking on my part, but based on past lessons already learned at removing plaque within the penile. That evidence is that plaque of any type can be removed; be it clumps, clusters, patches, laminates or etc. If true for the prostate gland, then plugged up channels and reservoir are just another type of plaque placed by immune system on this organ! So the only logical medical repair for doctors to repair prostates are wash-out type procedures -- yes or no!

So if a passive procedure can be discovered and proved out to unplug those thousands of tiny channels leading to their respective semen producing reservoirs, then it makes logical sense any prostate free of plaque should return fully functional.

In other words, if doctors had more patience with their patients, and they collectively tried using slower repair type procedures on their patients -- could not their operating tables have less blood on them.

Does anyone remember in times back when doctors visited their patients’ homes? Well I met such a doctor and he had great patience with my injury! I was 4 years of age and I remember not his face, but I do remember his working hands on my injured part of body!

In conclusion, I suspect, it will take all of this year to get any useful results in this first run, and it is very possible another completely rewritten experiment is required early 2013!

And I do know how to repair my testicle sperm production, but I am now 66 years of age, and making babies is not vital to me anymore. Also, I still fear the method of repair: one honeybee stinger injected into each testicle, 3 times a week and beyond! Now that sounds more like a mad doctor at work and scary medicine at best!

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