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Re: Beesting venom linked to peyronies relief -- final instructions to the use of beesting-letters to free oneself of peyronies for free!
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Beesting venom linked to peyronies relief -- final instructions to the use of beesting-letters to free oneself of peyronies for free!


I visited my letters on curezone to see how much of a mess was left there. Well, all the letters are laced with how to information, opinion, attitude of peyonies doctors in general. It is the how to parts in these letters peyronies suffers need to get on paper.
My suggestion on how to proceed is still the same;
1. Copy all beesting letters on
2. Take a highlight pen and start identifying all the instructional information within these posted letters, especially regarding how to apply honeybee stingers safely to the body.
3. If not sure you are allergic or not, go to a BVT clinic in your area, as I alerted in one on my recent letters. Be sure to watch technician closely -- on how applying beestings to the body. The internet is full on this stuff, especially on you-tube.
4. The procedure is simple; first, identify honeybees themselves visiting flowering plants with insect activity. Not all flowering plants have flying insects visiting them
5. Then get your jars with holes in the lid ready and capture a few honeybee visitng flowering plants. Take capture honeybees (only insect to ever use) home – store in house or garage. After storing them correctly, feed them some honey on half cut cotton swabs placed through one of the air holes in lid. You must feed them soon for some bees will die pronto once in the jar; it is because they have little food in them during flight (Queen is on a tight budget). So feed the captured, few bees, within the hour. Put a leaning wooden stick inside too, so the bees can do what is normal to them, just hangout!
6. When you are ready to practice on your hands, go on the internet and get a left and right hand drawing and copy it to a full page with 20 to 30 lines below pictures. This will be your worksheet for practicing on hands. Do not try to prick the penile with these bee stingers yet. Practicing on your hands will payoff, for the pricking of the penile is at a much greater distance to witness -- if injections are successful or failures!
7. After a few weeks of doing hands, you can begin applying beesting venom (one injection per 24 hours maximum). Remember the bee stinger is very tiny, compared to doctors cutting and pricking tools!
8. Get a penile drawing off the internet, and make your own worksheet with 20 to 30 lines drawn in lower part of page. Keeping records will encourage you to continue till full relief from peyronies has happened.
9. The injection zone on penile is very small, about 1 inch below the head to about 1 inch before enter body cavity. The width is about 1/2 inch at the most, and off center the length of the penile shaft. Prick on side one time, next few days the other, be sure to record you injection points on your worksheet. If you wish it identify the bend on the worksheet, do so, for in a few months it will change for the better. Notice, I did not say maybe!
10. Your wife, girlfriend will be very proud of you, for you are suffer added pain for her gain! Why do I say this? Women with peyronies mates suffer equally if not more then their men! And to see such a corrective action as bees on the penile, well she will be very excited over this repair event, she may even apply them herself. Now that’s love. YES OR NO!

Do not trash all the copied letters information, just yet. The re-reading of them over the months will get very entertaining to you. Why? For most of the written materials will prove very funny to you! Yep, you will have gotten through the peyronies experience all by yourself – no doctors pricking, cutting and billings in the mailbox! Now I think that is neat! YES OR NO!
After you have been freed of c-patch laminations within the penile zone, you will discover a much bigger problem! In most men over 50 years of age have enlarged prostate glands and non-functional testicles; all are coated with c-patches too. I tried to free the testicles of c-patches by over-dosing the penile structure with bee venom – I failed – by applying nearest the body cavity. All I got for 2 months of over dosing was itching balls!
In regards to the prostate gland enlargement and cancer issues, the internet is full of doctor and medical groups of all kinds. The size is huge 13,000 websites, compared to 50 or so about peyronies! And the story is the same, no fixes only keeping the urinary canal open type surgeries! All this prostate business is big dollars for doctors. Do I need to explain further!
So this is where I am today a half broken sexua| reproduction system, at 65 years of age. I am not so concerned with the testicle blockage, for I am not making babies at my age, but the prostate gland issue is a really scary story.
Speaking about broken, my broken English is everywhere within these letters. I hope readers of my letters can get past this sad state of affairs, for I have been living the retired life in Chile for over 22 years!

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