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Re: Beesting venom linked to peyronies relief -- this is beginning info of my website, now stopped, but useful information for peyronies suffers visiting
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Re: Beesting venom linked to peyronies relief -- this is beginning info of my website, now stopped, but useful information for peyronies suffers visiting

A First-Person Report
Please note, I have decided to release this information to peyronies suffers free of charge. This document failed to get completed for online publication; therefore I have decided to release it within for easy copy and study by peyronies suffers. The below is the updated version (2012)

This report is based on self-practice of Bee Venom Treatments (BVT) for over 6 years. I wrote this report many years after experimenting on myself based on record-keeping throughout the years. By keeping experimental records of beesting venom injections on my body, I had the fortunate opportunity of identifying information for use against my infection called, peyronies.
The first year of my experimentation with beesting venom injections was the most intense and painful. Intense for I did not have a useful BVT plan of application and painful for I was basically subjecting various parts of body with beesting venom overdoses without knowing it!
By the end of the first year, I had a both a mental BVT plan of safe application and total control of over doing with beesting venom injections. In other words, I sensed the approximate number of injections and seconds/minutes depending on which each part of the body I selected.
In the second year of BVT experimentation, the removal of peyronies discomforts and deformities from my body became evident. In fact, in the first year complete removal of peyornies was achieved for I was sexually functional by then.
In the third and fourth years of BVT experimentation, a fast lane and slow lane procedures became apparent to me and my efforts of keeping peyronies plaque from developing within the penile structure.
In the fifth and sixth years of self-experimentation, the slower lane procedure became preferred choice for other peyronies suffers. The big question to peyronies suffers! Have they suffered enough with peyronies discomforts and deformities to consider treating themselves? If so, the slower lane procedure is available within this first-person report.
I am currently trying to document if Beesting venom injections can impact the prostate gland further in the body cavity. I am treating my penile structure with additional beesting venom injections, the fast lane, to see if some evidence can be felt (itching effect) internally! Why do this? For I believe oversized prostate gland (calcification) due to internal deposition of calcium based plaque by the immune system!
This document is written in the Military Specification Format
I have chosen the M/P format for it ´forces´ written material be presented in a procedural manner. In other words, all advice, attitude and opinion are removed before this document can be released. Of course this is not a true ´materials and procedures´ document issued by the military. It is a justifiable means of getting useful information put to paper; one documental and several learning steps to help other peyronies suffers gain relief.
I did not gain any relief after doctor confirmed I had peyronies in 1998. From then onward, I searched the many hundreds of website pages; most declaring peyronies remedies were available for a questionable fee! Even chat-rooms and bulletin boards were full of peyronies suffers stating ´they got the fix´ by their respective doctors. All these thousands of hours spent on the internet I spent turned out to be a huge waste of my time. My reality was the same, I had four of the seven stages of peyronies (discussed in Part II), and disparate (2005) to get some useful solution! And there were none, for peyronies is a progressive disease!
Peyronies is a private matter
For a man to hand over his penile structure for any examination, probing, pricking and cutting is a difficult experience to endure. To allow doctors to cut into one´s penile structure, it must be a terror in itself! This document changes all that, for it bypasses peyronies doctors entirely. It simply self-instructs peyronies suffers how to handle beesting venom safely, as any BVT technician would. Locating and visiting a BVT technician, at least once, is exactly what should happen first (discussed in Part II).
Results for becoming an amateur BVT technician:
1. Self-confidence in putting beesting venom injection data on special worksheets in the privacy of your home!
2. Suffers will ´witness´ corrective action taking place right before their eyes – they will see it on their data worksheets (provided at end of document).
3. Suffers will ´feel´ real functional changes in the final months of their self treatment
4. Suffers taking the time and effort to learn this document´s, repeating it learning procedures perfectly, become more useful to themselves in the golden years, especially if arthritic discomforts and deformities become part of your lifestyle.
Peyronies plaque problem is one form of erection dysfunction
At this point, it is important reader distinguish between peyronies plaque and erection dysfunction. Even though victims having peyronies eventually do become erectile dysfunction (peyronies doctors debate this), it is for different reasons. Peyronies plague physically restricts the penile structure from proper expansion, during sexua| arousing. Whereas, erectile dysfunction can develop from psychological, physical and/or the taking of doctor prescribed medications (internet definition below). This document addresses the peyronies plaque problem, not ED in general!
Erectile Dysfunction defined: it is the consistent inability to obtain and sustain an erection sufficient for sexua| intercourse. ED can be caused by psychological or physical disorders and certain medications. ED is often associated with Peyronie’s Disease.
What is the ´component and agent´ of peyronies?
The medical industry has labeled peyronies as plaque. For the purposes of this document the ´active component’ of peyronies is calcium-based aggregates or concoctions of non-living materials that are stored within the body. The ´agent´ producing plaque within the body is the immune system itself.
What is the business of the immune system in our bodies
The immune system protects the body against all invaders such as bacteria, virus and anomalies of any kind. In other words, the immune system is the guardian of the body and it will identify all invaders, make useful antigens, or encase them in plaque (c-patches) for later disposal – in the end all is killed and moved to waste-disposal centers called, lymph nodes.
The immune system has another task, though, to keep the body in a steady ´state of well being! To accomplish this, the immune system stores calcium-based aggregates or concoctions of non-living materials (free floating c-patches) throughout the cellular body.
The immune system operates 24 hours a day, it never rests. It really does not matter to the immune system if invaders need to be killed or some ´state of well being´ corrections to body are needed. In other words, if any discomfort or harm is being registered within the body the immune system knows about it, and it will take immediate corrective action.
In case of body discomfort or harm being registered within the body, the ‘state of well being´ has been tilted out of balance! Of course, the immune system takes notice to identify and label it a ´damaged zone.´
1. For the purposes of this document plaque, calcium-based aggregates or concoctions of non-living materials will be called, c-patches (see c-patch theory).
2. ´Damaged zone´ and ´c-patches´ are just shorter terms used in this document, more complex explanations are still being debated in the Science and medical worlds.
3. After reader perfects his learning steps and begins self treatment in his home, over time, he will begin to believe that both ´Damaged zone´ and ´c-patches´ really exist.
Define what a damaged zone could mean to the immune system?
To keep it general, a ´damaged zone´ could be an overly stressed part of the body, repeatedly getting over worked during work or play.
For example, the immune system could label a carpenter´s hands as damaged zones or a tennis player ´s elbow could become a damaged zone over time. In most cases the immune system targets skeletal parts of the body; like feet, hands, elbows, knees, back bone and etc.
There are exceptions, In the case of a penile structure ´over play´ could be alerting the immune system to label the penile structure as a ´damaged zone.´ I personally believe the same ´over play´ on prostate gland is getting c-patch placement too!
This is not a mystery to the peyronies suffer and his female partner. Both can see and feel the penile structure is changing, and over time for the worse! Why is this happening? Is it a mistake or over protection of the body performed by the immune system? No matter the answer the immune system is simply placing c-patches (laminates, clumps, ridges) all about the penile structure on a 24 hour basis, and while it´s completely deflated. So much so, that continued over lays of plaque formations eventually becoming hardened calcium-based aggregates or concoctions of non-living materials over time!

The C-Patch Theory
This theory is not a scientific one. No scientific or medical group will sign for it. But it do explain to peyronies suffers enough basic and useful information to get them on with corrective actions of their own—as stated in this document, the key learning steps! In the case of penile structure and Arthritis of the hands, my c-patch theory, it was the only explanation possible over the years.
I was putting beesting injections (weekly) on my fingers of both hands by mid-year 2005. This means peyronies was with me before 1998 examination, I suspect several years back. How many I will never know. I was dysfunctional for two years by 2005, and very desperate for a solution of any kind! In other words, I was well past the advanced stages (6 years late) with dysfunction peyronies, but I had not made any associations between my Arthritis infected fingers and penile structure, now with four of the seven syndromes of peyronies. My wife had left, and I did not blame her. For all peyornies suffers both partners feel the mental pain!
By happenstance, during a series of injections on my fingers (two per hand), and while standing I did looked downward. No it could not be that simple! Do I have Arthritis of the penile structure too? At this time, I did not place a beesting venom injection on my penile.
Instead, I focus on several smaller raised bumps, of sorts, on two of my finger joints. These raised bumps looked as if underneath the skin barrier was something pushing outwards. With further investigation, these bumps under the skin were not living cellular materials of any kind.
In fact, it looked as if both my index fingers, outer most joints, was being pushed off center i.e., pointing in different directions. With further visual study I discovered many of my finger joints had only one bump and no distortion.
Could these bumps be arthritis?
For the pain in my hands suggested just that. Did I have the beginnings of arthritis in my hands? Could beesting injections really stop pain in my hands, as the internet claims? After months of weekly injections on both hands the pain did stop, but the bumps still looked the same size!
I changed my beesting venom injection routine, to concentrate of the fingers with bumps on them. It is here that I discovered the raised bumps where the first signs of arthritis and that I could get rid of these raised bumps with more accurate beesting injections.
What is a perfect beesting injection?
With hundreds of beesting injection applied to my hands over the months, I became an expert BVT technician of sorts. I was already applying beesting venom injections with older friends of mine. I could even tell if the injection was a perfect one or failure. All failed beesting venom injections were flipped out by my finger nail on the spot. For most of my patient visitors I used ice cubes to desensitize their injection zones. My patients seemed to have lost their fear of honey bees in general and even their injectors over the months.
It was not difficult to apply beesting venom injectors onto raised bumps. What surprised me is that most of these injections where without pain. I even suspected the venom was not entering the finger joint selected, for I could not sense any pain from entry of beesting venom.
The no pain no gain theory could apply here
So I pushed down gently with my finger tip each of these bee injections with no pain. When pain was first sensed I stopped pushing. Then I removed each of these injectors to discover a little blood was exiting. Did I puncture a blood vessel? What did I do wrong?
I did nothing wrong, simply pushed the beesting injector past non-living materials (c-patch laminations, bumps or clumps). So experiencing pain identified living cellular materials was present and beesting venom was entering the body as normal.
The larger raised bumps needed a special procedure or plan of attach to get rid of them! I continued to push beesting injections deeper into finger joints if no pain was sensed, to include the sides of the raised bumps too. Now that would require very accurate beesting injections on my part. It took me many months of bee injections to actually remove the larger raised bumps on my finger joints.
Pricking of the penile structure begins
I was doing a routine beesting venom treatment on my hands and while in the kitchen, did I again consider pricking my penile structure. As I began, it seemed to be moving, as if it understood my planned approach!
Yep, I jumped all about. The pain was okay, but I had never considered pricking my penile with a beesting injections. A few weeks later, doing beesting injections on my penile, I did notice something was happening and very different! I noticed it when taking a shower; my penile structure was hanging lower, as if relaxed in my youthful years!
All had changed now. I begin more daring experimentations on my penile structure, and made lots of big mistakes, but I did survive it all. My only hope now with advanced peyronies could beesting venom save my penile structure and maybe even my marriage!
Could pricking my penile structure give me partial relief or get rid of peyornies discomforts and deformities.
Is my immune system placing the same arthritic plaque in my finger and penile too? Could these bumps on my fingers (now gone away) be the exact materials (laminates, bumps, clumps, and now c-patch ridges) on my penile structure today? The good news is it turned out to be exactly the same material. What a relief, for I knew how to get rid of finger joint raised bumps and clumps on my hands. Now it was my chance to do the same work on my penile structure, and no doctors of any kind were involved!
After treating myself with honey bee venom injections, the first year, I have been freed of peyronies discomforts and deformities. It took me two years more to be sure I had effectively blocked out peyronies from my penile structure.

How Does Bee Venom Impact C-Patch Formations
To remove c-patches attached to the body, it will require a series of beesting injections within a very specific part of body to achieve registered success. It is not the number of bee injections experienced, but the time span of all injections within a specific part of the body that counts.
The deposition of c-patches within the body has been going on for some time, maybe for decades, it will take time to remove and block out c-patch formation by the immune system. It is great news for any peyronies suffer to ´see and feel´ their person relief from such a disabling progressive disease! It is important to remember the below comments:
1. It takes less time to remove c-patch depositions from the penile structure then from skeleton parts of the body.
2. Bee venom can travel in connective tissues for only a few inches; within fatty tissues it goes nowhere.
3. Bee venom is an invader to the body and it will damage all connective tissues it can attach, including non-living c-patchworks in progress and anomalies.
4. Immune system will capture all free-floating invaders (bee venom) within a very short distance.
5. Immune system will encapsulate, to take apart, all invaders that did successfully get attached to living tissue cells and/or non-living materials like c-patches.
6. Bee venom is a toxic agent that moves on its own, across all connective tissues with little harm done to the body.
Even though bee venom is not really a powerful toxin, such as snakes and spiders are, it does invade the body to seek immediate attachment. This would include all connective tissues, bacteria, virus, anomalies, and non-living materials like c-patches placements by the immune system.
In the case of c-patch removal, bee venom is possibly coating this non-living material as a wet paint liquid would a walled surface in the house. I have tried to picture the process in my mind, and over the years of self injections of both hands and penile structure I believe it to be true enough for other peyronies suffers to consider!
The great news here: it is possible the immune system cannot separate bee venom toxins from their c-patch depositions. That once beesting venom is attached, the immune system has no other choice then to remove both toxins and its lamination of non living materials. How deep does the immune system need to dig out the toxins within its non-living masterpiece is not important. What is important to peyronies suffers is c-patches can be removed by beesting venom in a short period of time, if applied correctly over time.
The above c-patch theory is based on my long-term observations, at removing all raised bumps on my hands´ fingers! I have presented this c-patch theory, so others with peyronies can get past medical, technical and other chattering online. The business of this first-person report is to help other remove and block out c-patches from their penile structure in the golden years!

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