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Re: Beesting venom linked to peyronies relief -- honeybee venom sensitivity testing procedure
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Beesting venom linked to peyronies relief -- honeybee venom sensitivity testing procedure

8th letter, I do hope this will complete my letters´ information on peyronies repair without the presence of a doctor!
If you practice this self injection plan using honeybee venom you will become an amateur BVT technician yourself. All your friends with Arthritis will be knocking at your door, pleading for help.

Homemade Honey bee sensitive test procedure

I do not think any of my letters talked about honeybee sensitivity testing. So here I will discuss the procedure.
The number of persons allergic to honeybee venom is very small. Some sources say 1 in 10,000 persons, another more and other less. What ever the number it is still important to prove you are not allergic. For if you are, this honeybee venom injections are not for you.
So if you do not know if allergic to honeybee venom the only safe way to is go to a BVT clinic in your area. These technicians or specialists will make a similar test on you, see below example:
The best place to begin bee venom injections is on the largest muscle (lower part of leg muscle above the knee cap).The injection timeframe could be a few seconds or a few minutes. The technician will be there, for the full time exposed to honeybee venom anyway, to witness your body´s immune system reactions.
This is what typically happens during the first injection:
1. The bee venom entered the body, maybe it travelled several few inches in all directions.
2. The immune system knows the body has been invaded and is taking action in the very seconds toxins entered the body.
3. Redness around the injection point of entry will become visible, and some swelling around the entry point will be getting larger as time goes on.
4. The technician will be watching the swelling and how far it overlaps the redness zone.
5. If the redness remains a few inches in diameter then the redness zone, at center of injection, the patient is sensitive but not allergic.
6. If the swelling gets bigger, over lapping the redness zone, the technical will remove the honeybee venom injection to be cautious. The swelling could go for even half the upper leg muscle and still the person is not be allergic (only super sensitive).
7. If the entire upper and bottom parts of the leg muscle are swelling up, the patient is allergic. The technical will administer an injection to counter the body´s immune system over reaction.
8. Honeybee venom is a very weak toxin, it takes 1,500 injections to put the person in risk of his/her life, and half that amount for children. The most important part of the body to protect, when looking for bees, is the eyes – it would be a good idea to wear a pair of lab plastic goggles when capturing honeybee. Finally, if the bees about you seem more aggressive at you being near them, step back a few meters and watch what they do next. If the follow you, just go to another flowering plant nearby.

9. To let you know the feeling of an honeybee venom over-dose, just put 2 injections in the top part of the hands wrist. The wrist is very sensitive, has lots of connective tissues, nerves and blood vessels, an over dose on the wrist is most painful (muscle zone of wrist will hurt for a few days).
10. All this is over dosing is unnecessary. One honey bee injection per 24 hour period is a great rule to keep in mind. To over dose the penile structure is senseless for one injection penetrates the entire penile structure anyway! Why do more injections! It is the long-term application of honey bee injections that yields peyronies relief!
11. Now you know why doctors cannot provide this service, too much time with patient and very little dollars taken!

12. So a real peyronies solution is a private matter, after all! All can be done in the privacy of one´s home or garage to get peyronies relief.
13. Also note, the more honeybee venom injections taken the less sensitive you get. The pain during a 5 minute injection period lasts about 2 minutes or less, and with ice cube application the pain is not even noticeable.
14. Only when you hit a blood vessel underneath the skin barrier, does the pain get many time higher – and in all those cases the injector must be flipped up pronto – via sliding the fingernail across the stinger itself. This is the easiest way to remove stingers anyway – do not pinch them for more venom will be injected into the body.
I personally believe that if 1000 peyronies suffers perfect their BVT amateur course in honeybee venom injections on, first their finger to get some useful practice and second on their private penile structures at home – that hundreds of thousands dollars of peyronies victims hard-earned cash will remain in their pockets!
Finally, I have been diagnosed grade 2 enlargment of prostate. I have stopped the peyronies from going online, to focus on my more serious problem. The problem in a nutshell for 80 to 90 percent of men in their 50´s is their prostate glands have not been function for many years. The evidence is less semen liquids ejaculated at sexua| arousal time. Most of the men in their 30´s did not notice less semen production anyway. And now in their 50´s discover their prostates are enlarged. I can tell you right now it is Arthritis of the prostate! And when you get involved with the problem, as I am now doing, you discover one huge fact – all doctor operations are not for repair of prostate to normal semen production, only to clear the way for urine to pass out of the body. And when you get closer to this problem, you discover doctors do not have the means of fixing the prostate gland today! Why? For the prostate gland is so special; thousands of hair-like canals, each connected within the prostate body itself to small lake like wells that make and hold semen – until ready for ejaculation time! And since the immune system has labeled the prostate as being over used, too much sex per year, it is spending every minute of the day and night plugging up those thousands of hair like canals and semen reservoirs!


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