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Re: Beesting venom linked to peyronies relief
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Beesting venom linked to peyronies relief

Fifth Letter from Beesting

Hi, hope all reading these letters about peyronies have a little more self control over this disease of sorts, and not rely so much on peyronies doctors pocking and pricking other penile not their own. If doctors started some experimenting on themselves, first (especially the licensed doctors selling their penis stretchers),then some serious work could have gotten done and less damage done to their patient´s over the years.

I have been free of peyronies, going on 5 years or so, but still must do weekly beesting injections. Why? For if I miss a few months, peyronies early symptoms come back pronto! In other words, to block-out peyronies, one must do some ´maintenance´ beesting injections for the remainder of your sexua| life.

I have been working on a different problem, lately, trying to really reduce my prostate gland back to normal. This has become a major concern with me, now prostate is swollen to level 2! Therefore, I am about to begin a series of self-experimentations on my body.
I have been taking medicines and herbal teas and pills and other such self claimed doctor cures claiming a sure reduction of prostate gland! All these medicines and bills have done me no good!

Is it possible magnesium Chloride can do what doctors could not ?

I have been taking Magnesium Chloride for about 2 years, now, and have discovered all most of my dental plaque is missing. Stones in the urinary tract have been removed, and slowly the ones in my bladder will be gone! Amazing news for all except for the dentists and their billings!
The concentration and doses magnesium Chloride I took are listed below:
The daily dose is 25ml (1 oz.) late at night. I typically cut up a grapefruit or orange first.
I would eat half the fruit before taking 1 oz. dose of MgCl (a liquor shot glass is 1 oz), and eat the last half to wash my throat of magnesium chloride (it is tasteless). The fruit and dose of MgCl are the only thing I take each night before going to bed.
Urination later in the morning hours is a typical event too. And when I get up, I usually need to go to the toilet, another typical event for taking the MgCl in the night.
Over the months I did discover taking small doses of MgCl cleans out both the digestive and urinary tracts by removing all greases and floating calcium present in the body – i.e. stones.

The solution is 3 percent MgCl in 1 liter of the cleanest water you can find (bottled and without minerals added). Mix 30 grams (exactly) crystals of MgCl (human grade only) in one liter of water (exactly). The solution is kept at room temperature and in plastic container with plastic lid. When mixing use plastic or wood to stir mixture (no metal contact whatsoever). Eat no cheeses or take milk products of any kind in the evening. It is best to end your day eating small amounts of fruit or produce. NOTE: If you have eaten a big meal in the late-night hours, delay this MgCl dose for the next night.

The good news here, medical doctors in this field will tell you lots of use information about the MgCl and its usefulness to the body. So go browsing about the interest to get your useful information regarding MgCl! YEP, Not all doctors are so commercial for the big dollar!




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