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Re: Beesting venom linked to peyronies relief
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Beesting venom linked to peyronies relief

4th letter from Beesting

Peyronie´s Discomforts and Deformities, Defined
The building blocks of peyronies discomforts and deformities are the work of c-patch formations placed within the body by its immune system, according to c-patch theory discussed earlier. In regards to the discomforts of peyronies, pain at the penile head is experienced for about two months. This pain within penile head zone does goes away, though; as most medical doctors’ still are proclaiming peyronies disease has been stopped or rendered inactive. These two statements are incorrect, and yet further evidence such self-claiming doctors are not suffers of peyronies themselves!
Even though there is just one discomfort for peyronies suffers, there are six steps to peyronies deformities to be experienced before dysfunction penile collapse occurs! And if that were not enough penalties for peyronies suffers to experience, the final closing-curtain act is complete penile retracting into body cavity, itself – the globule syndrome!
The Banana Syndrome
Act 1: Any bending outward of the penile structure from body cavity. This includes all types of bends outward pelvis bone cavity towards penile head zone. These penile shaft bends can be gentile to severe bending-type deformities; other than normally straight outwards.
Clustering Syndrome
Act 2: Any singular bump or group of bumps that become visible on penile shaft. These are not open sores, but healthy skin that have bulging c-patch buildup (clusters) overlaying a very specific spot on the penile shaft. In other words, the immune system has declared this very spot as a ´damage zone´ and is placing its c-patchwork accordingly as needed.
Hog-tied Syndrome
Act 3: These c-patches run along the circumference of penile shaft, itself. Starting on either side, these c-patch laminations are indentations circumscribing the penile shaft´s diameter over time. These c-patches bind the expansion chambers of the penile shaft from engorging blood, thus the visible indentations during sexua| excitement.
Fractured Penile Syndrome
Act 4: When two or more c-patches running along each side of penile shaft, do actually connect, a fractured penile shaft is the result. Even though there are no bones within the penile structure, the breakage is visible to the peyronies suffer. In other words, the shaft is fully expanded, both chambers are gorged with blood, but the shaft is visible bent. This is considered an advanced stage of peyronies, with complete dysfunction collapse shortly following.
Kinked Neck Syndrome
Act 5: All peyronies suffers remember this pain event at and around the penile head. The pain usually is sharp and last a few months, before the c-patches do their damages and harden up. The visible damages can be a slight bend or extreme bend, located at the very end of penile structure.
Observation: It appears the connective masses of both corpus sponiosum surrounding the urethra and septum tissues get c-patches added to them, just under the penile head. The process seems three staged, softening, expanding and resetting.
1. Softening up of connective tissues in-between the three corpus sponiosum (specifically below penile head) seem to be separating apart! The softening-up event will occur several weeks before the pain of penile head begins.
2. Expanding of connective tissues just below the penile head seem can be felt. The degree of separation could be the deciding factor on just how severe the resulting bend will be!
3. It is very possible the c-patches get concentrated in the septum, and the twisting of the penile head begins. The pain stops after hardening up of all c-patches has occurred to allow final resetting of the penile head (angle is usually off centered) upon the penile shaft!
Floppy Syndrome
Act 6: These c-patch laminates run the length of the penile shaft, including the penile structure inside the body cavity. The laminates can be either smooth or rough and surround the entire diameter of the penile shaft with c-patchwork. This is the finale event to complete sexua| dysfunctional collapse. The penile shaft is hog-tied entirely by a c-patch tourniquet of sorts! It is here most peyronies suffers go to the doctor for penile implants. Before going to the doctor though, it would be good to look into the failure rates, and exactly what does it mean by failure! The medical industry claims 5 percentage of their patients leave penile-less. Could that number be much larger? And exactly how does any doctor explain to his patients that a failed operation has occurred?
The Globule Syndrome
Act 7: Well the peyronies suffer is way too late for the curtain has closed for him and his sexua| activities forever! Why? Well there is no penile shaft to speak of, only a button-like mass protruding outside pelvis body cavity, for achieving urinary functions. All beesting ´darts´ must be injected onto the penile shaft, where the two skin layers are the thinnest! This guy cannot get a penile implant either.

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