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Re: Alkalinity Kills Candida
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Alkalinity Kills Candida

Why do you call it alkaline "quackery"? An acidifying diet causes candida flareups... an alkaline diet is soothing to candida sufferers. This is a nearly universally shared phenomenon.

Only among those who have no idea what they are talking about as the actual research presented shows.

By the way, did you know that alkalosis is more dangerous than acidosis? Or that alkalinizing can increase the risk of toxic nitrate formation?:

Or that neutralizing the stomach acid with alkalinizers can lead to NUMEROUS health issues including allergies, increased risk of heart disease, bone loss, increased inflammatory responses, infections, Candida overgrowth, etc?

People who promote alkalizing rarely have any clue as to how many different ways the body has to maintain its pH.  Trying to force the pH in to an alkaline state is not only dangerous, it taxes the body's pH buffering system and the effect is only very temporary as high alkalinity is toxic to cells and dangerous to the body.

People who promote alkalinizing also seem to not know that hydroxides are caustic to the tissues and chemically burn the tissues.  They are also some of the strongest free radicals known to man.  Yet look at all the water alkalinizing machines on the market that produce hydroxides.  And how many alkaline waters and therapies also rely on caustic hydroxides.

Carbonates are not caustic, but they also create problems for the body primarily from the neutralization of stomach acid. 

You ought to look up some time how many acids we need to even be in existence and to survive.  Acids are not evil, they are essential.

Here is another interesting tidbit for you.  Some of the most effective natural therapies for the treatment of cancer are acids.  This is due in large part to the fact that most cancers have microbial origins and most pathogens cannot live in an acidic environment.  Look at cancer causing H. pylori.  It secretes highly alkaline ammonia to protect itself from the stomach's acidity.  And our intestinal flora generate acids to control Candida and pathogens.

I am not saying to try and make the body acidic as this is almost impossible to do as well.  Again the body has redundant systems to maintain its pH.  If we try to force the pH one way or the other the body will simply shift the pH back to normal swiftly to prevent toxic alkalosis or acidosis.

It is these concepts being overlooked as well as other false claims such as the myth that urine or salivary pH reflects actual blood pH that make the alkalinizing claims quackery.


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