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Re: Impossible
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Impossible

 Uh ok we get the picture you're hiv+ and bitter about it... Sorry for you and all, but no need to project on everyone else, contradict yourself 20 times over, go on and on about how positive is negative and negative is positive, and confuse the hell out of an entire board that isn't even ABOUT hiv to begin with, alright?

...We've got our own problems.

Yes, apparently you do such as not being able to follow a thread so you respond to the wrong person.  I am not HIV+.  And I am not contradicting myself.

As for the topic the whole thread is relevant since Candida overgrowth is a common issue with AIDS patients.  So if you don't want to hear about this on topic subject then don't read it!!!!!!  It is so simple!

Btw, you're not making sense in your rant anyway. Who in their right mind and why would put an immunocompromised patient on immunosuppressants?!

It happens all the time.  Infections can take hold due to immune suppression.  Yet how often are people given antibiotics, which suppress the immune system, for these infections.  Why don't you quit bitching and try to learn something instead?!!!

As for AZT this is given to people testing HIV+.  But HIV+ DOES NOT mean immune suppressed. HIV+ does not equal AIDS.  AIDS is not a disease it is a syndrome, which is a group of symptoms.  These symptoms include chronic Candida infections.  See, you have the opportunity to learn something if you choose.

PS no, candidiasis is not hiv-dependent whatsoever.

You still don't get it.  There is no common test to prove the presence of HIV.  And HIV cannot wipe out the immune system.  But Immune suppression related to AIDS and AIDS medications does increase the risk of Candida overgrowth.

Since you obviously don't care about people worried about their health why don't you stay out of the discussion?

BABIES get it all the frickin time (about 1/3 of all children).

Candida is found in everyone, but it is Candida overgrowth that we are worried about.  And this is normally seen in children and adults that have taken immune suppressing antibiotics or are otherwise immune suppressed.  There are numerous causes of immune suppression.  Some viruses associated with AIDS fall in that category.

So if someone with cancer taking immune suppressing chemotherapy drugs develops Candida overgrowth and they ask about the connection are you going to attack them as well.?  Tell them to go to the cancer boards instead?  Tell them that you don't want to hear it because you have your own problems?

and got it back before hiv ever migrated from the great apes or wherever the hell the modern community managed to pick it up from.

I could tell you exactly where it came from.  But you obviously don't care about anything or anyone other than yourself so I am won't waste my time explaining that to you as well.

as evidenced by textbooks written 50 years before hiv/aids ever popped up. end of story.

Again, Candida can take over when someone is immune suppressed.  And there are NUMEROUS reasons for immune suppression.  That is the end of story!!!


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