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Re: Getting worst after over 2 months of using complete Bob Beck protocol.

Protozoa, Amoeba, Pin Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Protozoa, Amoeba, Pin Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Getting worst after over 2 months of using complete Bob Beck protocol.

The Beck Protocol is working fine.
The Viral load test isn't an accurate way to measure HIV in the blood. Look up Kary Mullis, he admits the tests they use are not meant for measuring HIV levels.

Don't take the HIV drugs, they destroy your immune system.

Several doctors treating patients with the Beck protocol have already been through this with dozens of patients.

When six individuals contacted us within a span of six
weeks to say a PCR test (polymerase chain reaction)
for HIV showed their viral load had gone up—some
considerably, after using The Beck Protocol for four to eight
weeks—we knew it was time to take a closer look at the PCR
test. All but one, reported they were symptom–free and they felt
better. One fellow told us he has more energy, has stopped losing
weight, is no longer getting colds and flu and he overcame
pneumonia very quickly since doing blood electrification and
using a magnetic pulse generator. A PCR test, however,
indicated his viral load has increased dramatically.
The most valuable information is
found in What if everything you thought
you knew about AIDS was wrong? by
Christine Maggiore. (AFAA, 1996, 877–
922–5483) The author has been through
the HIV mill. She's had numerous tests
with results fluctuating between positive
and negative. "Once I decided to look for
information," she says, "it was as though
information came looking for me." She
provides documented evidence for her
conclusions that:
The HIV test is unreliable: "…the
antigens used in HIV test kits react to
the antibodies of many microbes,
bacteria, viruses and other conditions
and report them all as HIV antibodies.
… Another fundamental problem with
the use of HIV antibody tests is that
antibodies do not indicate the presence
of active infection or disease. …
Antibodies of any kind do not cause or predict illness; in fact,
they are an indication of normal healthy immune response." And
"People who receive gamma globulin shots for chickenpox,
measles and hepatitis could test positive for HIV even if they've
never been infected." Or "A diagnosis of HIV positive does not
refer to actual infection with HIV."
The PCR test is unreliable: "The PCR, however, cannot
distinguish between non–infectious viral particles and actual
virus. In fact 99% of what PCR detects is actually non–infectious
viral particles. … The viral load theory is based entirely on
results of PCR. While PCR has provided many realms of science
and industry with an effective new tool, its application to AIDS
research has proved to be far more misleading than useful." And,
get this … "The FDA has not approved PCR testing for
diagnostic use in regard to HIV."
Here's more enlightening comments from the book:
• "Seventy–five percent of infants who test HIV positive at birth will convert to HIV negative within the first 18 months of life without medical intervention."
• "AIDS cases have been declining steadily since 1993."
• "… the appearance of a high correlation between HIV and
AIDS is simply a result of the definition of AIDS."
• "… conditions associated with AIDS are known to be caused
by the prescription drugs used to treat AIDS."
The book has the endorsement of some top researchers. For
example, Kary Mullis, PhD, the 1993 Nobel Laureate for
invention of PCR says: "It's not even probable, let alone
scientifcally proven, that HIV causes AIDS." The American
Foundation for AIDS Alternatives (AFAA) is a community–
based organization that provides information on natural
approaches to recovery from AIDS and calls for honesty in AIDS
issues. They suggest: "Working with a
health practitioner who will address
your actual problems, rather than
focusing on the notion of HIV as the
problem, …" (Thanks Mike)
J.V. a customer battling Hepatitis
C recognized for himself: "I did not
do any PCR (viral count tests). I
decided just to follow my instincts and
stop doing tests that nobody knows
what they really mean." Another
insight on testing is offered by How to
Reverse Immune Dysfunction, a
publication revised in 1997 and
published by Keep Hope Alive. (414-
“Increases in T cells counts or
decreases in HIV viral load does not
in of itself mean that your immune
system is more functional. Only
Multitest, which is very inexpensive,
can do this. Polymerase Chain
Reaction (PCR), which measures viral load, is a quantitative test
as are lab tests for CD4 and CD8 counts. These tests are
important but are very poor surrogate markers to determine if the
protocol you are using is actually restoring immune function.
What good is it to be PCR negative and have high T cells if your
immune system is still not functional? … Multitest will
determine very quickly if your immune system can mount a
strong, average or weak response to an infection. This low cost
test will determine very quickly if the protocol you are using is
reversing immune dysfunction …”
A health practitioner skilled in the use of a darkfield
microscope for live blood cell analysis is another way to track
your progress. When offering encouragement to a customer, we
wrote: "For myself, I look more at the process than at the result
in life. … while you continue to search for the answer to turn the
test negative, you may live a healthy, long life."
And finally, for meticulously researched information on the
origin, intrigue and politics of HIV, read: Emerging Viruses,
AIDS & Ebola, by Dr. Leonard Horowitz, 1996.

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