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Wake up dude

Hookworms? Pin Worms?
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Hookworms? Pin Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Lugolís Iodine Free S&H
J.Crowísģ Lugolís Iodine Solution. Restore lost reserves.

Natural Cancer Remedies
You can treat cancer more successfully than most doctors!

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Published: 13 years ago
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Wake up dude

Wake up dude, with your herbs against blastocystis hominis. Did you've read badbugs? Quess not! There is just one truth and that is yours.

Info from badbugs:
>>This site has enabled me to monitor D.fragilis and B.hominis treatments globally over the past decade. One thing is clear ó Blasto. is highly resistant to Flagyl, and herbal treatments are rarely, if ever, effective.


Herbs often reduce symptoms, but the effect is usually temporary. Because herbs are often accompanied by a diet restricted of carbohydrates, it's impossible to determine how much the herbs contribute to the reduced symptoms.

One thing is clear from the emails received to this site for the past eight years is that herbs are rarely the answer.

The following result is typical using herbal treatments to eradicate Blasto:

"I believe that I contracted Blasto 30 years ago when I first went to Mexico. This is because I have had mild symptoms all this time that could never be diagnosed and treated. After an operation in 1998 I felt chronically fatigued and still do. I believe that the operation lowered my immune system and the Blasto could then cause fatigue. Last year I had a stool test that indicated Blasto. Since that time I have gone through a complete herbal regime including Undecenoic Acid and general parasite cleanse with Ann Louise Gittleman 's company Unikey. (last October) Guess What Came to Dinner is one of her books. More recently I took emulsified Oregano Oil recommended by Great Smokies Lab. Also I have used acupuncture, Chinese herbs, severe grain/fruit free diet (except for quinoa), energywork, craniosacral, chiropractic, therapy, "Terminator" zapper, Prill water, biofeedback....Fortunately I do not have candida that often accompanies Blasto. Nothing cleared the Blasto yet. "
e-mailed by Jane, 1 July 02

"My son, 17 yrs old, was found to have blastocystis hominis in August of 2002, by Great Smokies Lab. The DO we were seeing put him on Parex, an herbal formlation, for abt 6 weeks. Subsequent stool test showed parasite still there but weaker. Symptoms of bloating, excessive gas, stomach pain/acid continued came back as strong as before."
E. 15 March 03

"I have been suffering from Gastrointestinal complaints for a number of years now plus general weakness and fatigue. My doctor diagnosed me as having IBS and also mild Chrohns disease but I have recently found out that i am carrying the Blastocystis Hominis parasite in my system.

This was found through having a stool test done with Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory and i was told i may have picked it up on a trip to India in November 1999.

I have since followed a 50 day program of severe carbohydrate free diet and a 40 day program of Black-Walnut and Wormwood Herbal supplement. When i was re-tested Blastocystis was still there. Also, as soon as i began to eat the Carbs again my systems got worse."
D. March 03

"I was diagnosed with blastocystis hominis last October by Great Smokies lab and have been taking Paraguard recommended by nutritionist and the lab in two lots since (Nov - Jan and March to August). I am still taking one tablet a week. According to the nutritionist the paraguard should have killed the bug months ago but says I have a very resistant infection. I have felt so ill with the die-off from this drug with the the debilitating tiredness and the effect on my liver. "
H. 20 August 03

D. relieved his symptoms of Blasto. hominis using the above, after a combo. of Flagyl + Septrin failed:

"I took Artestatin (chinese herbal formula) for about 2 months (6 tablets per day) along with emulsified oil of oregano....when the battle did'nt end after 7-8 weeks, I added a very dense tea of Coptis Root one day (probably way too strong / concentrated) and the battle seemed to subside dramatically for a few days, then I drank some more, and a few days later I drank yet another batch and then my stools returned to normal (6 out of 7 days) for the last month"
5 August 02

Thus far, I only have loose stools and diarrhea once a week or less. I have consumed Coptis Tea ( a more dilute tea this time) a few times in the six weeks my stools returned to normal.".
11 August 02

In this case herbs increased the symptoms:

"I have been diagnosed through Great Smokies Diagnostic laboratory in the US with 'many' blastocystis hominis....(symptoms are extreme fatigue and brain fog) i have taken natural medicines through my accupuncturist- Candibactin-BR (2 tabs 2 times a day) a Berbine formula, alongside **Probioplex (1 tsp 2 times a day) to kill and to keep the b.hominis from 'sticking' to my intestinal wall. The treatment created such extreme fatigue and greater mental fog that i could not function and quit taking it within 3 weeks. My doctor wanted me to take this for 3-4 months"
L. 19 March 03
**Probioplex is a probiotic. It is possible that an increase in symptoms occurred because the probiotics fed the parasite. More info. here.

In the following case higher levels of Blasto. were diagnosed after alt. therapies were combined with dietary restrictions:

"I have tried a very stirct dietary approach to treat Blasto, and also added some remedies like grapefruit seed extract, curcumin etc. After three months of trying this I got retested. Blasto has gone from MODERATE to MANY in amount acc. to the test. I also now have Candida Krusei in big amounts." (Dec 05)

Have you recovered after using alt. therapies? Email me.

And I'm not Shroom in disguise, I've registered before I saw you on this forum (else I would not have registered).

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