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Re: Chronic FAtigue
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Chronic FAtigue

I did a CDSA and it just showed low bifidobacteria. I did a rectal swab which showed ++++ candida, also giatdia and blatocytis.

I just got out my rectal swab information and itshowed negative for:

trematode eggs
Ascaris lumbricoides
strongyloides stercoralis
ankylostoma duodenalis
necator americanus
oxiurus vermicularis

Does this rule out parasites ?

I suspect you mean GIARDIA not giatdia? and Blastocystis not blatocystis?

If that is correct, then you have parasites, but on this board there can be poor deliniation of what parasites are, most qualify these as being worms or flukes, when in fact protozoa are considered parasitic as well. and I have seen people classify candida as parasitical as well.

Stool samples are sort of a hit or miss in that they do always properly diagnose -oftentimes it requires several tests. but good (or bad) for you that they found this.

Giardia is a lower level protozoa that generally is easier to get rid of than blasto, and I suspect they are referring to blastocystis hominis? If it is b. hominis I would consider looking at and read her material carefully. b. hominis is a tough critter to get rid of. The only herbal showing some effect against it is a couple of chinese herbs one of which is a little toxic - but chinesis coptis has been shown to eradicate it. Otherwise you are looking at the drug route for b. hominis. Using Clarkia type products will not rid the body of the protozoa, these are typically used for worms/flukes.

Candida IMO is a tag along pathogen, in that the protozoa create such a bad environment for the gut that proper microbial life cannot succeed in it. Many beleive that establishing a proper microbial environment thru the use of probiotics will begin the eradicate the yeast. I think treating the yeast is secondary to the protozoa infection.

You say that you are low in bifobacterium, it is my understanding that BB is a happy bacteria that typically colonizes the large intestine. There are some products that provide BB specifically. I have heard of people using implants using BB or other probiotics.

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