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Diagnosis vs. Symptom
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Published: 13 years ago
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Diagnosis vs. Symptom


I like your whole post, above, but you make one point that is extra-outstanding.

"Chronic Fatigue is a descriiption of one of your symptoms. It is NOT a diagnosis."

Chronic Fatigue is a SYMPTOM.

Chronic Fatigue is NOT a DIAGNOSIS!

There is a world of difference between a SYMPTOM and a DIAGNOSIS!

A person may have the SYMPTOM of a HEADACHE, from many causes. The CAUSE of the headache is the an allergy to breakfast cereal, or insomnia.

If we were more aware of the difference between these two words, alone, we might have better doctor/patient understanding.

'Salt' is another word surrounded by mystery.

Salt is NOT just sodium chloride in a shaker on the table.

Salts are a form that minerals come in, usually naturally. Crystal mineral SALTS are found everywhere, and dried up ancient oceans and lakes leave deposits of some 84 or more mineral salts that look like rock...except that they can be melted in water.

...AND they taste 'salty'.

More than that, when there is a wealth of all minerals available, as in oceans and many lakes, plants will ONLY take up the exact right combinations of mineral salts to give them life...and us.

"Eat your veggies," has a far greater meaning than we usually acknowledge. But, "Eat your plant-balanced mineral salts," is too cumbersome to say.

Even beef, pork, fish, chicken, and so on, meats, are built from plants...grasses, weeds, and sea plants...all of which contain the exact right combinations of mineral salts.

Going for a swim in the ocean may be the finest thing we can so for our bodies, if we can be certain the water is not unbalanced with pollutants.

Our skins are designed to take up mineral salts, and eliminate excesses, creating the same balance we were bathed in before we were born!

All we have to do is bathe in enough crystal mineral salts in water, to make a 1% solution. Our skins do the rest...without a pencil to 'calculate' anything.

Another big misunderstanding is found in the word 'disseminated', when we are talking about parasites.

In this context 'disseminated' means 'outside the digestive tract', nothing more.

...Which is only natural, when you come to think about it. Parasites, throughout their life cycles, have preferences where they live.

Some parasite eggs move to the lungs to hatch into larva, then make their way up the throat in phlegm, hoping to be swallowed into the stomach so they can make their way to the intestines, where they will live their adult lives.

Spit all the phlegm and mucous that comes into your mouth and those types of parasites are goners!

When we read the word 'disseminated' we think we are guilty of waiting too long to see a 'professional', and perhaps have endangered ourselves.

As you say, parasites moving to a different area than usual, is a sign they are desperate. Your 'cleanse' tactics are working!

I love that you tell us what the acupuncturist said...that when parasites move to the fingers and toes they are nearly all gone!

I have a small one in the tip of my right index finger. I can now think, "Gottcha!"

If we stop and think of the real meanings of words the whole question of parasites, herbals, and 'cleansing' gets much clearer, easier.

I'd also like to point out that alarm is a great advertising technique.

Fear 'sells' product...often better than attractive young women.

'Professionals' warn us to NOT self-diagnose. I think they should tell that to advertisers.

Advertizing prescriiption medications directly to the public risks laughability. 'Buy this, but be careful because this MAY cause your eyebrows to grow curly and unmanageable.'

So we rush to our doctors to ask if 'XYZ' medication is 'right' for us. ...And to ask why we weren't told 'XYZ' medication might give us curly eyebrows.

But advertisers are stuck on the concept of 'brand name recognition'. If we see the product name 30 times, we are likely to buy it. Self-diagnosis, plain and simple.

A lot of us, on the other hand, don't 'buy' it.


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