Blog: The Master Cleanse Express
by Zoebess

Day 10

celebrating the absurd

Date:   6/11/2006 10:57:31 AM   ( 16 y ) ... viewed 3287 times

Day 10 was an UP-DOWN day for me. It started out as a lazy, hazy, hot sunny day, and almost quiet. Like a robot, I went through all the motions of my daily Master Cleanse routine as if I had done it a million times. I felt almost like I was sleep-walking! I did my body-brushing, SWF, cleaned, fed birds, watered the garden, wheatgrass, dogs, cats, made lemonade, used my bounce chair, used my chi machine, lifted weights, and settled down to cruise the news of the day online. Sat on the throne and meditated, kept going and going, time and time again...ggg.

Then came my wake-up call. Each day between 1 and 3 I call our dogs in during the heat of the day to languish in the air-conditioning while we all wait for the sun to begin its dip over the west side of the house. Our brindle pup from Puerto Rico made it as far as the mud room and I noticed she was bleeding, a lot! She was grinning ear to ear so I did not panic but I immediately scooped her up and took her outside where I could hose her down to find the sources of the blood. Her ear was injured, and since the ear is so vascular, it was dripping blood like a leaky faucet. The side of her face was abraded and also dripping blood. Of course, there came the obligatory doggie shake and blood splattered all over ME and more began to drip. I got peroxide and gauze and cleaned everything out much to Dulce Dog's dismay. She did not like the feeling or sound of the foaming of her face and ear and made every effort to shake it all off whenever I sequed from one area to another, mopping, holding her ear to stem the flow of blood and scratching dried blood off. Yuck~~~~~~!
Anyway, long story shorter, each time Dulce shook her head, her ear began to drip again and she got away and ran through the house so there was major cleanup time spent getting blood off everything and I finally just sequestered her in the mud room for the rest of the day and night. The worse part for me was the SMELL! My sense of smell is so heightened right now, I can smell the bananas rotting in the dining room in the fruit bowl! The smell of blood under my nails made me really nauseous and I flashed a couple of times and mentally was running all sort of CSI crime scene discoveries, as every hour I found myself mopping up blood splats and scrubbing the residue off me again. It finally made me just laugh and laugh, especially remembering Dulce coming in with that big wide grin herself.

The rest of the day went smoothly, a Netflix movie, lots of lemonades and intermittent phone calls to reassure my friends that a trip to the vet was not needed.

Later that evening...I was channel surfing and landed on a Margaret Cho routine where she was sharing how she had eaten a mono-diet of persimmons for 6 months and one day found herself in her car in traffic and those persimmons came knocking at her back door and you guessed it, she worked her bum so tight she was sure diamonds were being formed back there. Then she got to the bargaining phase and said, God, I will let out just a little bit. Yeah, you guessed it, once you crack the door, whoosh....of course she did what I wouldnt do, which is to call her friends on her cell phone..."You wont guess what I just did!"... Of course, I laughed my butt off and needed it too since the day's events demanded a comedic release. I could identify ~~~!

Finally, lax-tea time, a bath, a visit outside to look up at the stars and pet the kitties who come to rub against my legs. My final chore of the day, brushing my fur carpet out. Day 10, nice and thick, like a tongue shag! I am thinking Austin Powers here and scrape in all sorts of creative ways, rinse with my mouthwash, scrape again and finally, embrace the "Better Out than In" mentality and leave it for another day. I was fantasizing it was growing fur faster than I could scrape it! So much for day 10 I thought. Good thing I am going for my next ten snce I could not imagine going through life with such a creamy topped tongue look!

Today is the beginning of day 11~~~wish me well!!!

Best wishes to all those along for the ride~~~Cleanse ON!!

be happy, be well,

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