First 30-day Fast- Cheer me on!
by liahana

Here we go again   17 y  
Bad habits are hard to break!
What is it about PMS that makes it so hard to eat like a normal human being? In the week before my period, my hands turn into shovels and my mouth comes unhinged to allow an even greater amount of food to enter my digestive system and wreak havoc on my body and mood. I donít understand it. And since this PMS cycle hit while recovering from a 20-day fast, my stomach is much smaller and I am eating until it actually, literally HURTS. Iím afraid that if I get kicked in the stomach, Iíll hemorrhage. Still a vegetarian, though. There is NOTHING about meat that turns me on anymore. Maybe a natur ...   read more

update   17 y  
Things I've learned....
Itís taken me a while to post this, because Iíve been feeling so guilty. I made it to Day 20, and then I broke my fast. I developed a severe urinary tract infection, and the antibiotics were killing me on an empty stomach. My intention was to take the medication with half an apple or some such twice a day, but it turns out to be really hard to only partially break a fast... at least for me. But now that Iíve had some time to reflect and to analyze, Iím pretty happy with what Iíve accomplished. First, I lost 2 sizes. Yay! I did get into those jeans, but about 3 days after breaking. And Iíve ...   read more

Day 18   17 y  
Yeah... I made it
OK, so yesterday was just about the worst day Iíve ever had with fasting. I was angry, cranky, and mean. And I was out of my mind... took me three tries to correctly fill out a check at the store. It didnít magically go away this morning or anything, but I feel more in control of things. I got a little reward for keeping it together when I got dressed this morning... and my pants fell down to my hips and pooled around my ankles. I actually had to go get a belt. I also realized that the last two days may have been especially bad because I had gone from drinking the MC lemonade (BLECH!) to d ...   read more

Day 17   17 y  
I wanna quit
Itís only 11:30, and this day is not going well. I just canít stand to drink another thing. I donít want to drink at all. Iím forcing water down my throat, and Iím gagging on it. I want real, honest-to-goodness FOOD. Juices are all disgusting. Just the smell... yech. This is probably all because I ate a little bit of bread yesterday. Bread I didnít want to eat, but ate because I wanted to be social and it seemed to satisfy everyone else at the table. It stopped the nagging. But now I want more. A lot more. I donít want to give up because I still canít fit into my favorite jeans... but Iím ...   read more

Day 16   17 y  
It's all downhill from here!
After two days on the Master Cleanse, I am so done. I have had the most acidic, gassiest stomach. Ugh. The good news is that with only three ingredients, itíll be easy to narrow down the offender and eliminate it from my diet. Iím pretty sure itís not the cayenne, because Iíve been drinking cayenne water a couple of times a day since I started the fast and been just fine. I think itís the lemon. Actually, I think that anything citrus is bad news for me. That makes sense, since my skin is sensitive to Vit. C products. I get a rash of tiny blisters. Back to fruit juice... Well, Iíve final ...   read more

Day 13   17 y  
I can fit back into some of my old clothes!
Oh, yay! Today is a good day. One of the reasons I started this was really, really shallow, but it was a reason. Back when I started law school, I spent about $2000 on new suits, and then outgrew them as my weight climbed back up the scale. I tried some of them on this morning, and THREE of them fit again! Two of them were still snug, but thereís no doubt that they will fit by the end of my fast. The biggest difference is in my waist. I had always thought that my stomach was big because of FAT, and no matter what sort of exercises I did or how much weight I lost, my stomach still remai ...   read more

Day 12   17 y  
I'm still here! Still going strong.
Much better now. Days 9 and 10 were rough. It was all I could do to stick to the plan. The cravings were really fierce. But I managed to hold my own, and things improved yesterday. Today was just fine. One of my fellow interns (Iím doing a summer internship) left the agency today, so I took him out to lunch to say goodbye. I drank a bottle of water, and felt fine. I realized that it wasnít the food itself that I was craving... it was the flavor. I just want to TASTE everything. Too bad I then EAT everything! The most important thing that I am learning right now is that I wonít wither away ...   read more

Day 9   17 y  
Day 9 of my first 30-day juice fast
This is Day 9 of what I hope will be a 30-day juice fast. I am a 35-year-old wife, mother to three, law student. Iíve always been a classic Type A, but itís catching up with me. Iíve recently realized that I am on a downward spiral, using caffeine and Ritalin to make it through the day, then sleeping pills and alcohol to go to sleep at night. I had mood swings, my hair was falling out, and I was binge-eating. I had quit smoking the month before I started law school, and have gained 45 pounds in the past year and a half. I replaced one unhealthy habit with another. I obviously donít know h ...   read more


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