Fasting Orange Juice Style!!!!
by m.o.g.
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Link to my Before and After Pictures!!!!   17 y  
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Go here to check out my before and after pictures. Peace....   visit the page

Day One Hundred and Eight!!!!   17 y  
My journey is over....
I did it. I still can’t believe that the longest fast I have ever done is over. Almost three and a half months worth. Never shall I be deceived again by the food processors who want you to think you must eat tons of food to sustain life. I now know the secret they don’t want you to know about. I wanted to thank all of you from the bottom of my soul, you have all helped me when the times were tough and I have felt your love and support throughout my entire journey. I couldn’t have done it without you, each and every one. You all hold a special place in my heart and I am ho ...   read more

Day One Hundred and Five!!!!   17 y  
Three more to go....
Still quite alive and enjoying life to the fullest. Energy levels are now through the roof. I am so high on life right now I can’t put how I feel into words. This is how everyone should feel, vibrant and glowing with life. Spent most of the day doing what I love, gardening. Transplanted Ohkura Daikon Radish seedlings into the main bed. Started Greek Oregano from seed. Planted Organic Jalapeno seeds I saved from last year. Planted Italian ChioggiaBeets from seeds I grea and saved last season. Planted Kongo Kohlrabi as well. Yesterday I transplanted Rosemarinus Officinalis (Rosemary ...   read more

Day One Hundred!!!!   17 y  
Eight more to go....
Only eight more to go. What a great ride I have been having with this fast. Yesterday I finished cutting up the log pile I was working on and brought the last two loads of wood home. When I was done loading the last load on my pickup truck, the owner of the property came out and said that I did great cutting up the huge pile so quickly. He said that if I wanted more wood he had another pile on the other side of his property, and that I was welcome to it. So of course I said yes I would take it and that I would be back next week to start working on that pile. God is so cool, he just k ...   read more

Day Ninety Six!!!!   17 y  
Final countdown has begun....
Fasting Man reporting for duty. Twelve more days to go, wooohooooo. I can almost taste my first meal, a big bowl of organic raw pineapple. Looks like I have lost about thirty five pounds since this journey began. I have been saving some jeans for a long time and now they fit quite nicely. That is a great feeling, let me tell ya. Everything has been going great in my neck of the woods. I have been working massive amounts of firewood. I have a huge mountain of alder to split now, since I am almost done with the huge woodpile I was given that I have been working on for the l ...   read more

Day Ninety One!!!!   17 y  
Still on the run....
Still peckin away at the 108 day mark. Not too many more to go now. I am looking forward to a nice big organic pineapple for my first meal. I can taste it already,lol. Things have been busy here. Spent all day today cutting up a huge log pile of alder. I have about 14-16 logs left to go. Between that and the sun, log cutter M.O.G is one whupped puppy,lol. So I got home around 4:02 pm, gave the kids a snack, fed the chickens, drank some distilled water and then unloaded the pickup truck full of pretty wood. Depending on how I feel tomorrow, I will go back out to Hansville a ...   read more

Day Eighty Seven!!!!   17 y  
Floating on the breeze of life!!
In the wee morning hours of Day Eighty Seven, sleepless M.O.G. happily posts. Whatssssssssssss uppppppppppppppp fellow health seekers? Had a great day yesterday(Day Eighty Six). Spent all day building the vanity for the remodeled master bathroom. Birch plywood rocks. You couldn’t have bought a nicer vanity than the one I made. God has truly blessed my hands when it comes to building. I feel very honored to be able to do what I do. I can’t thank Him enough for all he has done for me in my life. May your light shine forth like the noon day sun. So after working all day on the ...   read more

Day Eighty Three!!!!   17 y  
Are we there yet?
Hello people. How are the fellow health seekers today. Been rainy all day here, so I was stuck inside most of the day. I spent some time going over my blog and reposting days 1 through 54 so I could clean them up and send them to MH. Something weird happened to my computer when I went shopping this evening, because when I came back on tonight my browser had lost all my e-mail address’s and all my bookmarks, saved mail, etc. Don’t ya just hate it when that happens. So now I have to get MH’s e-mail from his site and then send him the info. Yesterday I worked in the garden m ...   read more

Day Seventy Eight!!!!   17 y  
The verdict is in....
Feeling oh so great. Hello fellow fasters. Still setting records on my longest fast ever. It is now official. Crazy fasting man M.O.G. is going to do 108 days. Bribed the wife with lots of lovin,lol. So for those waiting for the before and after pictures, you will have to be patient a little while longer. I might post my bloated, pasty white M.O.G. before pictures sooner than that but the afters aren’t afters until after,lol. Anyone care to join me? The more the merrier. Got plenty of room on this fasting wagon for ya all. So after dropping that bomb, I feel v ...   read more

Day Seventy Five!!!!   17 y  
Still alive....
Alas, my fasting journey is close to an end. I talked to my wife yesterday about going to day 100, she just about blew a gasket. So for the sake of keeping the peace, I will end at day eighty. Unless I can come up with some way of convincing her otherwise,lol. Can’t blame a guy for trying now, can ya. I mean really, whats twenty more days after going this long. Today was so gorgeous. It was the first 70 degree day here. Maybe spring is finally here. It still got down to 32 degrees last night thought, which means I can’t set my little seedlings out yet. I need to move to a tropical ar ...   read more

Day Seventy Three!!!!   17 y  
One week left to go...
Still fasting like a crazy man. Cheated today and had a little raw almond butter and a couple organic celery sticks. Man did that taste awesome. I can’t wait to eat a meal again. My body has been giving me the signals that it is time to stop, so in seven more days, on day eighty, I am done. I was thinking about going to one hundred, but what is the point now. I think it was my ego speaking,lol. A friend of my wife’s at work said she had a couple trees for me at her place so I went and bucked up a log pile, not a couple trees. I cut them between 22-30 ft in length so the grapple tr ...   read more

Day Sixty Nine and Seventy!!!!   17 y  
I am still here..
Day Sixty Nine, all went just fine. Juiced and drank my oranges. Took my olive leaf capsules and oil of oregano in water. Drank my two cups of bf&c tea. Took my no crash ball. Had my two cups of acv and maple syrup. Took my plant fats 4 life before bed right after my pranayamic breathing. Hit the shoulder, back, and chest with weights for an hour and thirty minutes. It was another wonderful workout. Did some stretching and push ups as well. Worked around the house cleaning and making dehydrator goodies for when I get off my fast next week. Man, do I miss my dehydrator cookie ...   read more

Day Sixty Eight!!!!   17 y  
Timer has started....
Feeling really great. Enjoying life with a passion. Although it was rainy outside today, with massive gusts of wind, inside all was warm, quiet, and happy. Spent some time making up more olive leaf capsules today. It takes a while to make up four hundred of them little buggers,lol. So I sat and bounced on my swiss ball while I did it,lol. Did an hour of my swiss ball exercises, 100 body weight squats, 1000 punches, 5000 bounces on the trampoline, stretching, and push ups. Finally remembered to test my ph this morning before I did anything else. I am between 7.2-7.5, the perf ...   read more

Day Sixty Five!!!!   17 y  
Tree day!!
All I did today was cut firewood all day long, and I have the sunburnt head to prove it,lol. Got up at 7:00am, juiced and drank some oj, packed some for the journey along with a gallon of my homemade distilled water, some acv and maple syrup, me, my truck, and my wood working weapons. I also took my olive leaf pills, and oil of oregano drops and my bf&c tea before I left. Got to my folks place at about 9:00, and I was there all day long. I had to have my Dad go pick my kids up and bring them back to his place so I could keep working. I didn’t get home until 6:20pm. Then I had to unlo ...   read more

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