21 Day Terrain Modification Program with M.O.G.
by m.o.g.

The End is the Beginning!   11 y  
21 Day Terrain Modification Program Finale!
I completed my first 21 Day Terrain Modification Program. To say that this has changed my life in many ways is an understatement! I couldn’t even begin to put into words the transformation that has happened in my being. I thought before this program that I used a large percentage of my brain and this program showed me what it is like to take it to the next level. Things inside that were dormant have now awakened. The journey to my complete healing has begun. I will be on the Six Liquids of Vitality for life now :) You can reclaim your power if you choose to do so. I tha ...   read more

Entering the Home Stretch!   11 y  
Crazy man still on the plan!
I have entered the home stretch and see the finish line on the horizon. This program is mind blowing to say the least....:P If you really want to change your life for the better I would highly suggest you start small steps in the direction you want to go in. In a small amount of time that leads to a long journey! Everyday your living an experiment on yourself, why not be the one who is controlling it! Take charge of your life, quit blaming external sources for the reason you are not accomplishing what you want in life. YOU drive your car! Stop giving the keys away to eve ...   read more

Morning of Day Ten :)   11 y  
21 Day Terrain Modification Program, Dr. Robert Cassar, Earth Shift Project, health, healing, raw foods, superfoods, ultimate superfoods, love, life, God
The Six Liquids of Vitality are truly amazing. I feel after progressing to an almost liquitarian diet instinctively over the last couple years that this is the penultimate diet. Now that I have been on these liquids only plus some greens in the evening mixed with chlorella/spirulina tablets, and hemp seeds mixed with sole salt I am convinced this is true. You have to really live the experiment yourself to reap the blessings thereof. No amount of explanation will do it justice. We all need to progress up the Pyramid of Energy, Vibration, and Consciousness if we want to make it t ...   read more

Still Drinking the Six Liquids of Vitality!   11 y  
Continuing the Journey-One Day at a Time!
I decided to continue on with my program with a few minor modifications. I’ve been down this path long enough now to realize each person must listen to their own intuition. My body(liver) wants plant fats. It takes ten pounds of plant fat to start to regenerate your liver over a two month period. So I will continue to post as I can and share my journey. This morning I woke up and stretched, drank 1 glass of 9.5 alkaline water and then added a dropper full of sole salt and a dropper full of fulvic acid to my second glass. I then bring water almost to a rolling boil in my gla ...   read more

Must postpone until further notice!   11 y  
Stopping until a later date!
I unfortunately must postpone the T.M.P. program until further notice. I was just looking at my calendar and I almost committed a complete marriage ”faux pas.” My nineteenth wedding anniversary is tomorrow! I completely overlooked that when I planned my program, duh! Now I must quickly hide my mistake so my beloved doesn’t figure out what I almost did. Now I know why she was acting funny when I told her about my 21 Day T.M.P. Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!   visit the page

Follow the Yellow Brick Road!   11 y  
Climbing Jacob's Ladder :) Want to follow along?
Another beautiful day on the 21 day T.M.P. Sounds like a song title, lol. Went to bed super early for this night owl, 11:00pm. Didn’t actually go to sleep until about 1:00am. Woke up at 5:30am bright eyed and bushy tailed and stayed their praying and meditating until the alarm went off at 7:00am. I am my wife’s alarm clock :) Didn’t want to get up too early and disrupt her sleep cycle. Went through some detox last night. Quite a bit of sweating and tossing and turning. I am finally done with the over the counter pain medication I have been on for the last year or so. Nsaid’s ...   read more

Let the Journey Begin!   11 y  
Explanation of M.O.G.'s New Plan, The Terrain Modification Program by Dr. Robert Cassar
Everything is assembled and ready for my Terrain Modification Program. This is a protocol I learned from Dr. Robert Cassar. This is my plan for the next 21 Days! I will do my best to post my progress daily. The goal of this program for me is to clean all the acidic concreted joints that my previous lifestyle created and to heal all the damage from my massive motorcycle wreck from years ago. The men in white coats say I have osteo-arthritis and that I would need to take heavy narcotic drugs the rest of my life and have surgeries to replace joints. You know what I say to ”THEM” No ...   read more

Starting a New Paradigm Shift in my life!   11 y  
Change yourself and you change the world!
I have been gone researching and experimenting on my body for the last six years or so. God has blessed me with the last few pieces to the puzzle I needed to finish my journey. I am now starting a new program to change my vibrational level to a higher healing frequency so I am more conductive to the energy change that is happening now. You have no doubt heard about the Mayan Prophecy. It isn’t what most think it is. The world is not going to end this December, the world is going to shift. We are in the stages of a new paradigm shift. What we do now with our lives will determin ...   read more


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I am starting a 21 day Terrain Modification Program to rebuild my inner terrain. It takes 21 days to make or break a habit. I will be consuming liquids only during this program. This is going to be a record of my journey. Peace and blessings to you!… more...

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