beyond the rainbow ...
by bluestar

Black Holes at the Center of Everything (Revisited)   13 y  
~ the ebb and flow of time and space ~
in a previous blog entry I wrote: getting closer to the source ... ”all it an epiphany if you will -- but somewhere along the line I realized that black holes are at the center of everything!” I just learned of the physicist who has come to the very same conclusion and feels that this is the clue to understanding the unified force field theory. ”the universe expands and contracts at the same time and be described as a torus (?) or a donut ...” ”the top of the donut -- the top of t ...   read more

Life becomes the prayer   17 y  
We have the freedom and capability to change our world from within ourselves.
Gregg Braden says, in “The Isaiah Effect” that “when our brain receives high quality signals from our heart, the brain sends high quality signals to our body’s cells. When the heart and mind are in accord, it is called entrainment.” When our heart and mind are one, we send the strongest message to our cells and to the world around us which is touched thru its contact with our heart and our DNA. An experiment done at the Math and Heart Research Institute in California found that light photons (the stuff of which our universe is made) are effected by human DNA. Random photons of light ...   read more

~Feel the Peace~   17 y  
Within true peace of mind, heart, and body -- all things are possible.
Know the peace in our minds, desire the peace in our hearts, feel the peace with our bodies say the Essenes as translated/interpreted by Gregg Braden in ”The Isaiah Effect”. Modern day research has shown, Gregg reported, that only 1 in each 100,000 individuals is needed to bring into being a state of existence where the peace exists. Mr. Braden explains “It is not about imposing change …. We are choosing, from all the many existing possibilities in the world – peace.” There are many who desire war, revenge, retaliation – in the Middle East and elsewhere. But there are, I believe, many ...   read more

DaVinci Code UnRaveled   17 y  
In the final analysis ... does it really matter?
First, a disclaimer. I have not seen the movie nor have I read the book altho I think I do have it around somewhere and actually started reading it at some point ... and, as altho I may rent the DVD at some point, I do not usually see new movies and as busy as I am right now, it is unlikely I will see this one for a while -- but that could change. However, having said that .... On the MYSTERY OF JESUS’ DIVINITY AND ALLEGED COVERUP ... While I do believe there is/was likely a coverup I think that the story may not be complete unless in the book and movie they explain that Jesus’ te ...   read more

Paradigm of harmony between nature and technology   17 y  
Old world is a'dyin, new one bein' born ...
Theoretically speaking, of course …. What if -- in a previous world we achieved oneness with nature? Call it the mythical Garden of Eden. Mankind lived in harmony with the earth mother and all things and creatures great and small. We reached the pinnacle of our world. We learned our lessons. And then, it was time to evolve … Enter the advent of technology. Technology, simply put, is the use of tools. The tools may be simple – a hammer, a spoon or ladle. The tools can be more complex: a wheel, a cart or wagon, a pulley. And so on …. Consider the proverbial Garden of Eden – ...   read more

The feeling is the prayer   17 y  
"There are heroes in the seaweed, there are childen in the morning -- they are leaning out for love and they will lean that way forever while Suzanne holds the mirror ..." Suzanne by Leonard Cohen
An ancient teaching interpreted for us by Gregg Braden says that when prayer creates a ”feeling within our hearts as if the prayer has already been answered and giving thanks and appreciation for that prayer having been answered” it taps a energy which permeates the universe. This energy is within us and surrounds us. He further explains that ”quantum physicists tell us that it’s the quality of feeling that sets up the quantum process that allows the feeling in our bodies to affect the physical matter beyond our bodies.” But, as he puts it ”we dont have to know that -- all we have to do ...   read more

~entangled atoms~   17 y  
entanglement, a phenomenon Einstein called “spooky action at a distance.” ”With entangled atom pairs, for example, the properties of one atom instantaneously affect the properties of its mate, even when the two are physically separated by substantial distances.” Imagine the implications if one could extrapolate to such concepts such as twin souls and/or the 1,000th monkey phenonomenon. Evermore evidence how inextricably we are linked.   visit the page

forever young ...   17 y  
~ dancing our way back home ~
the new heaven, new earth wont be all that’s young, beautiful, and perfectly healthy ... all its lovely inhabitants will be as well. The old will be young again, the ill and dying will be perfectly healthy, no crippled or lost limbs, no mental illness, none of the many ”managed” illnesses of today ... how does this happen? as we travel into the singularity and out again our atoms are cleansed -- we will emerge wearing the perfect bodies we are meant to have(assuming that love is the primary building block upon which one creates oneself). oh yes, this is quite the ride we shall experi ...   read more

whenever God closes a door -- God opens a window   17 y  
all we need is love
We find outselves in troubled times. What to do? How to cope? I cannot think too much about all the calamities that have befallen our world. It has become too hard for me to envision a way to fix it up, to wrestle the power away from the evildoers, to find a way to enlighten those who sink ever lower in despair -- so that the many can overpower the few. I think we have managed to buy us some time. Alternates earths are not so lucky. My dreams tell me so. Maybe this is not the best of all possible worlds, but it is better than many ... I no longer engage in the struggle between g ...   read more

getting closer to the source ...   17 y  
call it an epiphany if you will -- but somewhere along the line I realized that black holes are at the center of everything!
call it an epiphany if you will -- I guess that’s as good a name as any other, but somewhere along the line w/my decades long fascination of black holes I realized that black holes are at the center of everything! -- every cell in our body, every atom, every subatomic particle, and conversely every planet, every sun/star, every galaxy .... Of course, I seem to be the only one excited by and/or able to relate to this revelation and whenever I tell people my theory -- well you know -- their eyes kinda roll or glaze over ... now finally, some support for my theory ..... firstly, one o ...   read more

One person's vision ...   17 y  
And they see their reality afresh And they see and they recognize that their reality Is in fact their reality And it is theirs to enjoy and create and make of As they see fit There are many dire prophecies of what is to come on this earth. I have my own visions, both happy and sad, which often come out in song. However, I keep searching to hear if anyone else has positive visions of the future. When I was quite young (about seven or so) I had a vision/dream/waking dream of a world similar to the one described by the person revealing the message at the url posted above. As I have grown older and I have learned of the complexity of our world, I have learned that there are many realities in the past, pres ...   read more

alternatives   17 y  
birds fly over the rainbow ... and so can we.
we are a journey ... no beginning - no end. we are spinning madly towards one of the most glorious events in our universe. the universe is singing! the stars are singing, the birds fly happily back and forth between the world to come and where we are. let our hearts be glad .... birds fly over the rainbow ... and so can we. travellers of similar persuasion ... from the heart -- to the heart .... we are one.   read more


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