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by lisag

my EFT breakthrough in forgiving...   16 y  
eft breakthrough on forgiving
there is someone i wanted to forgive, had done EFT on it repeatedly, and had no luck with. i had a breakthrough experience... Thanksgiving, it is 30- ish degrees out, has snowed, and I am going to dinner with my husband… I decided to walk, its about 2 miles to the restaurant. Well I was doing EFT as normal, which iíve done alot while taking walks... i tapped on releasing my rage, anger, and hatred for TB. “Even though I have hatred for tb….... "Even though I have rage for tb for what he did for me….... "Even though ...   read more

bowen technique - not finished yet   16 y  
1st bowen technique session log
first session thursday 12/1/05 bowen technique is like the energizer bunny of healing! just wind it up and watch the body release trauma! after seeing what happened after the first session, i truly believe it can cure anything. day 1 12/1/05 thursday - went for the first bowen session. i was really scared to go, had cancelled the appointment once, and really didnít want to go the second time either! i just went because i was embarressed to cancel out. well iíd spoken with the therapist in advance about just doing a few moves. she did.... calves, thigh, kidney, top of the should ...   read more

healing my thyroid   16 y  
healing the thyroid
history - history of family both hyper thyroid (sister) and low thyroid (grandfather). for myself, i always tested at the lowest possible amounts of thyroid hormone possible - and still be called normal. then came prednisone... i took a fairly high dose for 2 months. by the end of the 2 months, my skin was incredibly dry all over, and i was very tired, and my healing process seemed to have stopped. my skin also started getting these strange swellings in it on my face, not really noticeable to anyone but myself (although of course i ímadeí my husband look at it very closely! and he could se ...   read more

sun gazing - first experience!   16 y  
sun gazing - first experience
9/26/2005 Well that was some positive experience! I have a different sort of injury going on than most people do. Actually Iíve had 2 injuries, each one completely different. The first one was getting zapped by electricity. My optic nerve was affected, (my eyes close and blink uncontrollably). So yesterday I was on Curezone, and somehow ended up on the sungazing page. So, this morning I tried it! I got up early, went to a pretty pond nearby and caught the sun before it made it up over the horizon. I could see about half of it. 1 one thousand... 2 one thousand.... and at 10 I sto ...   read more

no message n/m   16 y  
Turns out that colonic hydro therapists arenít licensed and shouldnít be putting diag codes on their receipts, so Iíve erased my note with the diag codes that were given to me (by my CHT). Lisa   visit the page

Working with a medical intuitive / energy healer on tinnitus   16 y  
my experience with energy healing for tinnitus
TINNITUS I have tinnitus (noise in the head). I remember a doctor once asked me if I heard voices - and I really had to laugh... no, no voices, only (unwanted) noises. Thereís a noise on the left, a noise on the right (came on after dental work), and one in the back. Anyone who has tinnitus knows how annoying it is... there have been times that the noise was so loud, Iíd just stand there and shake. I work with Nancy on many things, every week. We work on tinnitus alittle bit during every session. Iíve decided to keep an ongoing log of my experiences using energy healing to turn thi ...   read more

psychic experiences regarding passing over   16 y  
Psychic experiences regarding passing over
There have been 4 times in my life when Iíve experienced death close up. Neither time involved myself; each time was regarding someone different, and each time was from a different perspective. The one thing that I realized about death, is that careful planning goes into it. Its never random, as it often appears. It is always heralded energetically, beforehand. MY BOSS The first time was in 1990; I worked for a computer store, and when I was hired, my íbossí was out on sick leave. One day, he came into the store. Iíd never met him before; he was in his in midlife, not old, not ...   read more

energy healing with a medical intuitive   16 y  
experiences with a medical intuitive healer
No physical problem in the body is ever just physical. Its impossible, since we are made of spirit, and spirit up makes the physical. Physical bodies are chosen because they suit our spiritual aims. A body that has constipation was chosen that way, or it was a known possibility in the bloodline, or the developing of the constipation over a lifetime because of poor diet has within it needed seeds for growth. Iím not discounting the actions of a lifetime as being involved, eg., diet. But there are no accidents, even when the solution appears to be just physical. Thereís always something men ...   read more

psychic dreaming   16 y  
Psychic dreaming
Dreaming is one very big way I have of getting information.... I love it when I remember a dream. I canít say I write them down very often. But, in this time of illness and recovery for me, having a dream that I remember is a big thing, and I always write this type of dream down. Sometimes I get information about physical things, sometimes important. Other times I donít figure it out. Cavity Tooth One night I had a dream that I had a cavity in one of my teeth. In the dream I was up close and personal with one of my teeth (one of the molars on the lower right). I was sitting ri ...   read more

favorite postings from the liver flushing forum   16 y  
favorite postings from the liver flushing forum
Hereís some of my favorite notes from the liver flushing forum - they prove to me that itís worth it, over and over again. Getting more stones out Why flushing & no surgery And stupid doctor no ...   read more

my favorite items for flushing and other things   16 y  
my favorite supplements for liver flushing and health
Specifically for liver flushing - Bariani Olive Oil - Very pure, and harvested by hand. Its within the rules to put other oils besides olive oil in íextra virgin olive oil.í This brand doesnít use other types of oils besides olive. They have a video on their website about how they make the olive oil, and I thought it was pretty interesting. Selectrolytes - by Morin Labs. Iíve found a huge difference in my tiredness after flushing when Iíve used these electrolytes... will never forego them again during a flush. ...   read more

First Flushes - Successful! + Liver Flukes   16 y  
first 5 flushes
First flush (June 21 2005) Strange but after ALL THAT FEAR, the first flush wasnít so bad... After taking the oo I could feel the stones moving down and out, kindof like indigestion but in the wrong place. Thought I was going to be sick but wasnít... was very relieved the next morning when the stones showed up in the bowl. I know the liver flush was purging more than just the stones - a few days after the flush I had a memory of being at work, 20 years ago! And the memory was SO vivid, so detailed. I havenít thought about that job for a long long time. The memory was about kee ...   read more

Sticky stones   16 y  
Thinking about 'stuck' stones...
Iíve read so many posts where people stopped flushing or didnít start, due to fear about a stone getting stuck. The way I look at it, all the stones in our livers already ARE stuck, and have been for a long time. We donít feel them because our bodies are used to them being stuck in their present locations. The tissues where the stones used to be are used to being stretched to accomodate the stone... If a stone íget stuckí and brings some discomfort on the way out, its still closer to being out at that point, then it was before. While I do realize how painful newly stuck stones can be ...   read more


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