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First Flushes - Successful! + Liver Flukes

first 5 flushes

Date:   7/21/2005 10:36:44 PM   ( 16 y ) ... viewed 4523 times

First flush (June 21 2005)

Strange but after ALL THAT FEAR, the first flush wasn't so bad...

After taking the oo I could feel the stones moving down and out, kindof like indigestion but in the wrong place. Thought I was going to be sick but wasn't... was very relieved the next morning when the stones showed up in the bowl.

I know the liver flush was purging more than just the stones - a few days after the flush I had a memory of being at work, 20 years ago! And the memory was SO vivid, so detailed. I haven't thought about that job for a long long time. The memory was about keeping order, doing a very detailed task, so I think the liver is the keeper of order, the bean counter in the body.

Just got out about 100 little stones, one medium sized, and they all fit in 1/4 cup :( But still a successful first flush.

Second flush

got really sick right after ingesting the OO... had taken too much epsoms I think. didn't keep much down. Mine is probably the only porch with an oo and grapefruit stain on it :) Still got some stones out, actually I was surprised at how many considering how little of the oil I kept down. I know this flush was successful, because I had another memory come up - this one something from childhood. I was at summer camp, going from lying down on the beach to go in the water. Again very vivid detail, just like being there.

I believe there really is quite a process here of the liver cleansing itself during cleanses, more than just stones.

Third flush (July 16 2005)

tried Julia Changs recipe but didn't get farther than 3/4 cup OO. This time I got 10 to 20 bright pink parasites, liver flukes! As soon as I saw them in the bowl I knew what they were. Normally the stones don't gross me out - I'm happy to collect them (although my husband does think this is alittle bizarre). But I just didn't have the heart to even LOOK at these, just flushed them right away. Then went to swing on a tree shouting cuz I was so proud of myself for getting rid of them. Stones numbering about 100 again, still fitting in just 1/4 cup. But more bigger stones this time, between 5 and 10 3/4 inch long, 2 mm stones.

And another memory this time, too, this time of being a child, in the brownies, sitting in the kitchen after a meeting. The memory again was very, very detailed, just like I was there again.

Waiting to hit the liver flush *jackpot*

Fourth Flush - Almost (July 28 2005)

Tried to do a 4th flush. On the day of the flush I drank a quart or so of apple juice.. got sick to my stomach which lasted for days. I noticed that the bags under my eyes got worse. They actually got red which isn't normal for me. Talked to the healer that I see and asked - what's up? She said the pectin from the apple juice is releasing something from 'deep in my colon.' So.... no liver cleanse for me this time, too sick. Next time I'll make sure and avoid the apple juice, since I'm not quite ready for it. Still taking chinese bitters on and off though.

Fourth Flush - for real - (August 6 2005)

Did 1/2 cup oo and 3/4 cup grapefruit juice - and decided that although I would love to be able to take more than that, I cannot! I am so sick... didn't throw up this time but pretty close. I wonder if throwing up would have been the better way to go - wouldn't digest all those toxins, would just have thrown them up. Its the morning after yet, I haven't seen how the liver stone crop will be yet this time! I felt a few stones moving, not as much as the other times. A few painful moments. This morning my liver is - sore!

One thing that I noticed during the minutes following taking the OO - is that my body LOVES the actual cleanse. I was lying down, trying NOT to throw up - and I got the impression - came through very strong - that my body truly loves the actual process of expelling the stones. This was a surprise to me!

Also this time no memories came up - just a vague feeling of anger. Don't know if that bodes well for how many stones will come out. Well the cleanse is finished... total 150 stones, very dark green, smaller than last time. The color is so different - almost black! The previous flushes yielded stones that were much lighter green. 1/8 cup total this time, just like the others. Makes 400 total in the 4 flushes.

Fifth Flush (September 5 2005)

Average flush, some shreds of liver flukes, but not the whole fluke! I'm not sure if the fluke(s) died, or if they're just missing alittle piece of themselves,and still living. They were bright orange/pink, seemed alittle orangier this time. Stones continued to come out for longer than ususal this time. When I went for a colonic a few days afterwards, stones were still coming out. Don't know why I was slower releasing them, but it was another average flush. Up to 500 stones now for counting purposes. :-)

The colonic itself this time was great, I could tell that I allowed the water to get further up the colon (actually I started to get pains during the colonic). Never fails - every time I get excessively uncomfortable, the colonic therapist says, "good job, you're pumping stuff out." Lots of stuff came out on this one, 25 stones, chaff (first time I got chaff out ever) and lots of old mucus. A large corkscrew looking thing (just poop, not a parasite). She tested it as 6 years old.

6th Flush - (September 21 2005)

A comparative dud. It was a 2 pronged sword. I tried alittle lemon juice in the mix. and i know my body liked it. Usually I can sense how much my body likes doing a flush, but this time it was way over the top.... my body loved it. After drinking the OO I laid down on the lounge chair and just *felt* my body get happy. And it lasted for a prolonged amount of time, much longer than the usual momentary feeling. but.... no more stones than usual, in fact less bigger stones, and no orange bits of parasites. so.... back to the drawing board. I'm going to wait 4 weeks until the next flush, and, I'm going to start taking Chinese Bitters and Gold Coin Grass again. I think they do help. Also I'll do try the apple juice thing. No memories came up this time.

The colonic after this flush was, on the other hand, pretty good. More orange stuff, which was muscle testing as being pretty old. Also more stones came out in it. Always there's lots of mucousy stuff. If there was one good thing about this flush (other than the happy moments :) it was the colonic.

One other thing I should mention is that I've done a kidney cleanse, ala Andreas's herbal mixture. That cleanse really packs a punch. My back itched while I was doing it, so I know it was working. I have bags under my eyes, which started last year when I took prednisone. I thought it was the prednisone, all this time. I looked at ayuverdic medicine and these bags showed up as large intestines. But.... muscle testing showed, to my surprise, that its thyroid related. this morning i took my armpit temp. and found that it is 96.3. Anything below 97.8 (if I'm remembering right) is low thyroid. I started eating coconut oil in a big way, and taking rejuvedine, and although I'm not one for supplements, I'll go check out the selenium and zinc at the store.

7th flush (november 27, 2005)
this past weekend, i got out nothing visible whatsoever, no chaff, nothing. however i was really surprised, because during it i had severe nightmares. usually during a flush i feel bliss, no matter whether stones come out or not. but this time, i had scary masks of faces coming out, i saw green stone colored monster-like images, i couldn't even turn out the light or close my eyes for a time (lasted maybe an hour). i wasn't particularly scared about the images, i knew this was the flush doing its stuff. but i was surprised when nothing visible came out. i work with a healer and i asked her about it. she said, "you get an A+" for this flush - that old toxic stuff really needed to go, you did a great job." so i muscle tested it and sure enough, i got that she was right. so while i'm sure others will have nice advice for you, it seems to me that these flushes are productive even when they aren't visibly productive.

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