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energy healing with a medical intuitive

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Date:   8/23/2005 10:32:11 AM   ( 16 y ) ... viewed 3197 times

No physical problem in the body is ever just physical. Its impossible, since we are made of spirit, and spirit up makes the physical. Physical bodies are chosen because they suit our spiritual aims. A body that has constipation was chosen that way, or it was a known possibility in the bloodline, or the developing of the constipation over a lifetime because of poor diet has within it needed seeds for growth. I'm not discounting the actions of a lifetime as being involved, eg., diet. But there are no accidents, even when the solution appears to be just physical. There's always something mental being worked out, whether it is personal or collective, hence the need for the physical challenge.

I see 2 ladies that do energy healing work, ever since I've been sick. I believe wholeheartedly that we are 'bigger' than we think; that our selves extend and are sourced from the world of spirit. I looked up the definition of Meta (as in Metaphysical). In computer science 'meta'means 'based on,' and in ancient greek 'meta' meant change. To me, the word meta-physical just means 'big physical,' and that just couldn't be truer; we are by definition the 'big physical.' Yes, we're spirit, we're the sum of our past lives, attitudes, emotions, assumptions; but we're also physical. Sometimes physical cures work completely (I'm speaking about natural cures here, not pharma); sometimes they don't work at all. Throughout my long illness, I've addressed the physical in terms of natural healing; diet, physical therapy, liver, bowel and kidney flushing. But I also deal with the spirit end of things by working with a medical intuitive healer, from the start. This is truly in keeping with my way of seeing health. I had gone to massage school many years ago, but my goal was different than most people's - my goal was to develop my psychic sight while working on the body.

I work with 2 different healers. Michele, the first one, does work with the body. Her most active sense is 'feel.' When she was younger, she saw the angels - and she saw threads of light which she was told were individual souls. She could see how the past was woven through each strand of conscious light - each soul. And that is what her work is about - seeing how the past influences the present and basically, undoing - redoing it. I have worked with her for 2 years. I knew the angels and Michele could help me, and have never wavered from that belief. That's her specialty, seeing where the past is woven into the present. She feels/sees the past as 'structures,' which overlay the body, and are woven in to it. Many times our sessions have been involved with taking off these structures. What replaces them is living light, all varieties. During many sessions, past lives have popped up - and out. My childhood has basically been undone, redone, relived. This work is the essence of what psychologists would hope to do. Although Michele says in her little brochure that only a few sessions are necessary, that couldn't be less true for me.

I've always wondered whether both healers are looking at the same thing, doing the same work. I came to the conclusion that a good portion of the work they do is overlap, they can both 'see' the same thing - but there is a portion of work that only the one can do, versus the other.

Then there's Nancy. Nancy's sight is totally different. As Nancy says, Michele goes 'out,' and I go 'in.' Nancy can go out far, far away to pull in energy that's needed for healing, or she can go way, way in to any part of the body that needs work; a cell, a tooth, an organ. She works on the emotional body as well as the straight physical. In contrast to Michele, she sees 'stuff that's got to go' usually as black or dark pieces of energy, intermixed with the whole. And there is alot of overlap... the emotions overlay the body in a physical way which has been visible to both healers that I work with. She does matrix work which has been absolutely incredible. She sees the 'web' of lines that make up the physical body as a matrix. From working with her I've found that first she clears away the trauma from an area, and that can take one or 10 sessions. Then, finally, she gets to the matrix. Every part of the body has a matrix; every cell, organ, tooth, limb. When she finally gets to the matrix, its always because she has cleared away enough trauma to an area; the matrix becomes visible to her as the debris is cleared. Nancy has an amazing sense of curiosity, and without this, I don't think she would get the results she does.

What I've noticed is the timeline for fixing each problem, is different. Some problems only need one session. Others need attention 5 or 6 sessions in a row before any gain is seen. Unforunately, my major problem is one that I know is not a quick fix... but the fact that other problems are fixed quickly lets me know that I am on the right path, and just to keep going.

Here's a few stories that Nancy told me of her work.. I love listening to Nancy's stories. She doesn't tell me many, just a few which relate to the thing that is being worked on in me.

TIES THAT BIND (energetic cording)

She was once called to go to a hospital by the family of a lady that was in a coma. When Nancy arrived, and walked in the room, she saw that the lady in a coma was corded to a man (ghost) that was standing by her bed. The man started ranting about how ‘noone could see him anymore or hear him anymore’ and about how 'that had been going on for awhile.' He was very angry. He was standing right by the woman's bed, and there was an (energetic) cord going from his stomach area directly into the woman's midsection. Nancy sent him to the light – he left – and immediately after he was gone, the lady’s leg kicked up and down vigorously. Everyone was surprised since she hadn't previously made any movements. Turns out, the lady had been in the hospital for a kidney transplant, and the kidneys she had received were those of a man who had died in a car crash.


There was a woman who saw Nancy. Her symptom was that she always bumped into things, was always hurting herself by not seeing where she was going. She also had car accidents, basically an ongoing series of physical disruptions.

What Nancy found when she started tuning in to the woman, was that she was extremely ungrounded. And, energetically (etherically), her body parts were 'in the wrong place.' Instead of her knee being in her knee, so to speak, Nancy saw a nose stuck to a knee, a mouth stuck on to an elbow, with this energetic mismatching going on all over her body. Nancy saw that her job was to align the body back up. She did this - played 'connecting the dots,' connecting the physical toe with the energetic toe, connecting the physical nose with the energetic nose. When the whole process was finished, the woman's habit of bumping to things was completely gone.


About a year ago, I took prednisone. It was a nasty drug, and I won't go into how very nasty it really was. But... at a certain point, my sacrum started itching - unbearably. I knew/thought it was connected to having taken prednisone. I itched the bones of my sacrum all the time. After a month or two of this, I finally asked Nancy to work on it. She got down in there, to my lower spine, and started looking around. After a moment she said, 'this is due to acidic waste. The bones have little pock marks in them, where the acid is eating into the bone itself. There are barnacle looking things on the bone, as well. The bone is being eaten away." I asked her how serious this was, and she said, "I think this would have been very serious, but we're catching it early on." Then an absolutely beautiful energy came in, and I could feel it. Usually I get a sense of it, but this really announced itself. The energy was very old, ancient in fact, that came in to heal it. When healing energy is very old, or very wise, or especially beautiful, Nancy tears up. Of course Nancy did start to tear up, so she got a hanky and we continued on. After a while she said, "the bone will be safe now, this energy is anchored in and will prevent the bone from wearing away." Next she put in "bone buds," little energetic pieces of new bones, which 'filled in the holes' that had worn away. And from that day forward, the bones have never itched again. Every once in a while Nancy checks on them, and she always says, "they're filling in nicely."

ENERGETIC TOOTH CLEANING - story not finished, in progress -

I had a dream a few weeks ago (8/2005) that the dog tooth on the upper right side of my mouth was dying. I dreamed that an energy current was running through my face and that each time the current went through, that tooth got jolted, and was now dying. Well since my other dreams about tooth have always turned out to be true, I was incredibly bummed. I saw the current being sent through both teeth - the canine tooth on my upper left, and that tooth handled it fine, was remaining healthy.

So next session, I told Nancy about my dream. I got silent for a moment, while she tuned in, and although I love to talk, I knew if I kept talking, it would stop her from doing

in her usual humerous fun way, said OK, we'll do an energetic tooth cleaning. -not finished -

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