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19 Days   9 y  
19 Day Dips and Decisions
19 Days today, itís about 3pm.. been a little difficult the last few days - still feel like having some soup, donít really want to break the fast though so Iíve just been abstaining and continuing on. I think fast boredom has set in the last few days - I am thinking I should interrupt this with some long walks, trips to the gym (something Iíve been wanting to start up and now feeling fit enough to do) - just getting active to avoid the boredom slump. There can be points in a fast where you feel like you hit a wall or begin to stagnate emotionally/energetically - I am feeling a bit of th ...   read more

Wow... 18 Days in!   9 y  
A Babbling 18 Day Blog Entry
18 days today, pretty good to get this far, deep into the fast - I think this is the first time Iíve got past the 2 week mark without having anything solid or a soup - I do have the craving in my mind, still thinking about curry laksa - it ends there though! Itís funny how the mind will seize on one thing when you fast - always happens to me - I then think to myself well, why do you want that... do you really? & present to that craving mind another image or two of other delicious foods and nothing... canít interest the craving mind in other things - there is just 0 urge there, which tell ...   read more

17 Days... Going Strong   9 y  
Trucking Along at Day 17!
End of day 17 now, as predicted, got home late yesterday from an amazing day and didnít make an entry... Got a bit long being out from 7am to about 8:30pm or so when I made it home, brought a couple bottles of mineral water and shrubs with me and there was tea etc there so was easy to fast in the end - just went away from the whole mess tent when peeps were eating and found a nice bench with birds, sunshine and did some mantras for an hour or so - beautiful spot out there... very serene. By the end of the day I was getting lightheaded, feeling high and dizzy - it was time to go, gettin ...   read more

Day 15   9 y  
Entry Day 15
Another great day - did lots of working out again, yoga & a bit of a solid gold dance routine for arms I found on youtube :) my arms and shoulders lock up a lot so I thought that looked like a good way to get the blood flowing there & felt great, was a lot of fun... very early 80ís everyone wearing leg warmers:) Had one big juice today, spinach/brocc tops from the garden with a tomato, 2 carrots and 2 pickles - still big on the pickle juice, since I drank the juice mostly out of the jar last fast, Iím down to juicing the leftover pickles... still seems to do the job, not as good as the ...   read more

14 Days...   9 y  
Drama Day 14 not knocking me off my cloud!
Day 14 fast went well, was a tough day though in some regards, just due to my bf spinning out and all this drama! Challenging on a fast - when going inwards and doing a spiritual cleansing program like this one does become very sensitive - to their environment, energies, smells - to peopleís emotions, feeling all day like he was just throwing all these emotions around and at me made the fast difficult, the day difficult etc... you have the feeling of wanting to end it, just give up etc... I didnít let that grab any hold of me, could observe it as a danger... and just wanted to be away fro ...   read more

Day 13   9 y  
Short Day 13 Entry
13 Days in now - missed the blog yesterday, good day though, did a big chunk more cleaning and pretty much finished it off - bf back now, just rollled back into town, so not going to write much. Practice going well, fast going great - not much new to report anyway - havenít done much Yoga, mainly due to not being home, being busy and the weather being very cold and rainy when it is supposed to be spring. Oh well, the plants are loving it & Iíll do some stretching and warming up soon. All for today - more tomorrow Swastiastu   visit the page

Day 11 - Cold & Windy!   9 y  
Day 11 and everything's going great
Brrr... chilly one today... wind blowing through the house - Day 11 now, going strong. Still working on the big spring clean, getting towards the end of it now - cleaning out bathroom shelves, bedroom counters full things - even cleaned the silk flowers which were very dusty, etc, etc... a million little things. Guys from the workshop came and picked up my car - fixed now, Iíll go out and pick it up tomorrow - got some work in the City after that for an hour or so, so kill two birds with one stone. Drinking lots of warm drinks today, peppermint tea & that awesome herbal tea Celestial Se ...   read more

10 Days In!   9 y  
Day 10 & my many adventures in fastingland
Day 10, just a short blog today, tired now - itís been a big one, and after a very late big drive home from Paddock Fest last night -- had a great time, so glad I went out in the end - was fine with the fasting, something that might have been difficult in years past, chalk it up to lots of experience and the fasting becoming much more natural and less taxing for the system. Today I slept late after the late night out - had to see an old flame this morning for a few hours, picking up some stuff of his I still had, that was a bit emotional but nice - had a good walk in the park together w ...   read more

9 & Counting   9 y  
Fast Day 9
Day 9 now, feeling good - Did my morning practice and really got back to my Yoga fully today.. that was great, feeling much better in the body, got some much deeper stretches happening, fasting always seems to progress this... Now I need to keep it up for a week then add on some Power Yoga to the Kundalini Yoga & neck/shoulder stretches I do -- do some walking (itís been rainy and cold tho :) and use the bullworker a bit to get some strength back in those muscles. Fave juice at the moment is spinach tops from the garden with a third of a beet, couple carrots and an apple... one in the m ...   read more

Day 8   9 y  
Day 8 of Nov Fast
Fast still going great - finished the back room today, it looks awesome, have started on my room - going through all the closets and making a giveaway/sell on e-bay pile of things I donít want anymore... Re-organized the closet after that and itís breathing and MUCH better... Iíve done more of the process than I thought - thereís still stuff to do however... plenty of time to get to it by Weds - when my partner gets back - inertia gone! Been so good to have this time. Not much to say today, just all is going well.. Swastiastu   visit the page

1st Week Went Well!   9 y  
Finish of the first week of my Fast
End of day 7 :) Well, itís been a week - that short time has seen so many good things, thereís a big transformation afoot here - me, the house, getting lighter, clearer, moving the inertia & its feeling good. Spoke to my bf today, he should be getting home in 6 days, glad to have the time to finish up what Iím deep in the middle of with the house - still lots to do, but I can see how itís shaping up and loving it. Got my car fixed, getting some of the artwork up - had to take it for a drive after they fixed it to charge up the battery, so I went out and got a lamp and a little strip ...   read more

6 Days & Going Strong!   9 y  
6 Days in and a Longer Post
Getting to the end of day 6, again seem to get to this around 9:30, when Iím starting to wind it down.. Had a great day, weather was perfect - warm and sunny - car getting fixed, should be back on the road by tomorrow afternoon - productive, got my tax forms off, kept on with the cleaning and scratching all these nitty gritty things off the list - havenít got to my practice or Yoga today - think Iíll do the former before bed & the latter just back to it tomorrow.. Did have a busy one with all the car stuff in the morning. Went for a walk as I had things to post - so got a little gentle ...   read more

Day 5   9 y  
Day 5 and counting
Going great on the fast - did a lot more Yoga today, getting better quickly now, give me a week and Iíll be stronger still.. Had a 2nd Coffee Enema after that, then spent the rest of the day working on that back room (nearly there!) A lot of nitty gritty cleaning that I donít normally do - the outside windows of the house, all the junk that had been cluttering the rec room shelves - itís looking soooo much better, still have another session or so till itís done, then some artwork to hang. Went out briefly round 9:30 to the shops, car broke down and totally out of power... had to get a ...   read more

Nov 4 - Going & Going...   9 y  
Day 4 - Feeling Great, Fun night out!
Ah, it really the early morn of Nov 5th - didnít make it to the Blog yesterday, had a wonderful morning - I did get back to some Yoga after a great Morning Practice - didnít do the strenous stuff, but might be ready for some of that today now, feeling a lot better - moving in leaps and bounds now. The pain in my shoulder is still there and my neck is still pretty stiff though its all easing up - think Iíll have another coffee treatment today - that has helped soooo much. Had a bath after my yoga and got a bit blue for an hour or so in the afternoon -- to be expected though, emotions come ...   read more

Nov 3 - Onwards & Upwards   9 y  
Day 3 - Fast Progressing Beautifully
Today has been good, I woke with a very sore shoulder, that kept me from hopping out of bed before 7 - stayed in hoping it would shift, having very active dreams as I recall is wont to happen during fasting. When I did get up, the shoulder subsided a bit - not to self * better to just get up and moving, it seems to help more than anything :) Spent the first part of the morning on the box researching & the 2nd part doing a long Morning Practice and a coffee enema - that was great, went very well and brought my pain levels down, energy levels and mood up noticeably. Spent much of the af ...   read more

Nov 2 - Day 2   9 y  
Short Blog Entry for Day 2
Just a short entry - todayís gone well, had a little errand in the city that took me out for a few hours, took along a bottle of mineral water with shrubs I made last year (great old fashioned vinegar and fruit based cordial you can add to water - drinks, etc - very refreshing and lots of health benefits from drinking vinegar) Sat outside this morning in some glorious sun, very missed over the grey Melbourne winter which always seems to drag on and on at the very end with the promise of ending much earlier than it ever does :) A day of lots of mantras, reading Wilhelm Reichís ĒThe Murder ...   read more

Nov 1/2013 Start of a New Fast   9 y  
Start of my 2013 Spring-Summer Fast
Been about 7 months since my last fast ended - a long one, sometime around December last year if I remember correctly. Itís been a busy big 2013 since then, and Iím back at the end of another Melbourne winter needing to shed some winter weight and with a couple of weeks of solitude - glorious :) to start myself on this fast/retreat - so some buddhist practice, yoga and me time and travel inwards again. I started on the full fast today, just liquids day #1 after a couple of days on only liquids and salad. I just came out of a week long retreat with my Guru in the Otways - the whole time ...   read more

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