Comfort in my Longest Fast
by exposure

37 Days - Starting on Juices   11 y  
Started adding juice to long fast
Well, well - got to day 37 now and have started on adding juices to the fast. I was aiming around adding them day 40ish, but day 35 and 36 were tough, I guess for a few reasons, hadnít really felt any difficulty up till then - but day 34 had a big long day, capped off by going to see Grand Master Flash and dancing intensly for about 5 hours :) - then I also got my period starting, so combine all this and I felt very wiped and a bit overwhelmed day 35 and 36 - so day 36 had a fresh juice, tomato, ginger and celery with a few pickles added in - now its day 37 and Iíve had 2 juices - feeling ...   read more

30 Days in...   11 y  
2nd long fast, 30 days in - tips and review
Hit day 30 today, so a good day for a review. We just had a long weekend here and I tired myself out staying up late with friends, going on trips to the forest - then today running a fundraising sausage sizzle. So Iím a bit bushed, temporarily Iím sure, and itís a good afternoon for a little time researching and reviewing - So far Iíve fairly flown along on this fast, itís seemed quite short and Iíve had no problems at all - Have lost about 17, 18 lbs now and been into the gym regularly with plenty of energy to go for it - Havenít really hit much of any kind of low emotionally or energet ...   read more

Going Further...   11 y  
Long Fast, Essenes, Going Further, Coming Off
Back again, Iím 18 days into my post christmas fast now, and it feels like Iím only just getting started :) I did a couple 21 day fasts before Christmas late 2011, and they were great, but what Iíve noticed is that for permanent weight loss I really need to do the longer 40 days or something. Christmas was an indulgent season, enjoyed throughly - so I put about all of the weight Iíd lost back on over two months and many social occasions - It was summer here in Australia and I canít say I regret a moment ;) I did notice my body changed nonetheless - I just looked better, my shape ch ...   read more

2 Weeks and Counting!   12 y  
deepening into the fast
Just a short note today, going well - the dizziness has stopped, it wasnít constant or a problem, just noticed it more than usual when fasting when getting up etc, those little headrushes, but seems to have disappeared now. Feeling good, the cravings have left me as well - Iím deeper in now and past the desire, able to focus, feeling no issues with the fast and just really wanting to continue for another 2 or 3 weeks for sure. Been at the gym everyday, going hard and I get home and kinda veg for awhile or have little nap times on the couch as Iíve used up pretty much everything, try to ...   read more

10 Days December   12 y  
December fast
Still trucking along... 10 full days, 13 if you count the three days I just had a protein shake to wean myself onto the fast. Going well, hit the gym today again, the weathers been pretty uninspiring, heat wave for two days last week than freezing again, just keeping my head down and sticking to it really - slowly, slowly it the benefits accrue. Itís been a tougher fast this time for some reason, more craving and dizziness now and then - but nothing overwhelming, might be because Iíve done a lot this past season, but Iím determined to keep it going now and have just pushed past all of th ...   read more

December & A New Fast   12 y  
December Fast
Have started another long fast, the last one was about 2 months ago now and ended I suppose mid to end of October, went about 21 days in the end and came off eating very healthy organic veggie food at my Dzogchen Retreat :) It was really good, would have gone longer, to 40 days though if I hadnít come off on retreat - Itís tough to leave home and go on trips and be in groups or in settings that take a lot more energy and keep up the fast, much better to fast when Iím in a controlled familiar environment - the food on the retreat was the perfect food to come off on, which probably didnít h ...   read more

Deepening into the 2nd Long Fast   12 y  
Deepening into the 2nd fast.
Itís the start of day 16 today, read over my entries from my last fast and itís interesting to compare, I slept a lot that fast and felt tired - Not feeling this at all really this time round, maybe 1 day but not in general - Could be partly because that one was still winter and itís spring energy now, partly because my body just gets more and more familiar with and at ease with this process. It really does amaze me, I think back to fasts in the past and where Iím at now with it - and it really has jumped to a new level - I can fast for long periods now so easily and I mean, itís easy fro ...   read more

Going for Seconds!   12 y  
new fast
I never keep up my blogs and diaries as well as I intend it seems. I did keep up the fast however, went about 40 days in the end, and with ease. Itís been a few months since then, and Iíve started a second fast - Iím 14 days in today, and have had no food, just liquids - had a little broth 2x in the first week, other than that itís been drinks with Golden Pollenaze - only this time I had a bottle of Ninxia Red and some liver cleansing herbs on hand so have been taking these, and started eating apricot kernals - working my way up from 2 per day to 7, on 4 per day now... Found out how grea ...   read more

5 Days In to the 2nd Month   12 y  
Fasting day 5
Just a little entry... 5 days in to the 2nd month, spent the first 2 days of this week doing the long walks and gym sessions, yesterday I couldnít do it again partly because I can only take so much repetition and also because there were other fish to fry (not that I cd eat them!) I spent the day applying for rental properties and got one and thatís quite a breakthrough in itself, a beginning - and today, also, missed out on the long walk in the morning, met a wonderful new guy and spent the night over at his place - an incredible painter... and so much more. So after I got home this mor ...   read more

Moving Energy   12 y  
Journal - 1st day of Exercise Program
It was a good plan, and a great day - I have noticed one thing, I sleep very long on this particular fast - so - got up and did some morning meditation, etc... a few phone calls for the business and went out for a very lovely long walk with a not so light but ok bag and to the gym directly after for a good workout as I left quite late and wanted to make it back for 5 to listen to a webcast of a great Tibetan Lama. Made it, enjoyed the teaching, a lovely long hot bath and am feeling very lifted, physically a little tired in a great way and ready to do it all again tomorrow :) Walking alon ...   read more

Exercise Plans for the week   12 y  
Exercise blog for first week of 2nd month of long fast.
Starting into the next week I want to make the most of the free time I have in abundance right now and do more physically to move the fast along. Iíve decided to start the day with a long morning walk, so much better than being in the house too much and getting lethargic. Iíll do my practice, listen to teachings and pack a little light bag with an umbrella and thermos full of hot drink - it will be a beautiful way to start the day and get me moving, get the blood flowing and the spirit glowing :) After that, Iíll come home and then can stick to my gym routine, and on the days I doní ...   read more

30 Days in!   12 y  
Introduction to my easiest fast and to my experience as a faster
Hello all, I wanted to start a blog for a number of reasons, to re-count, reflect and give me a place to also record and communicate to others my own fasting experience. Iíve been fasting for many years now, and have experimented with a lot of different methods over the last 12 years or so. One thing Iíve found is that we are in constant flux, and that what works well for me at one time, one age, one season or when my energies are in a particular state may not necessarily work well again at a different time and condition. What I can say Iíve learned through all these years is to kn ...   read more


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