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Day 5/61 - Winding Down for a Bit   12 y  
Winding it Down for Awhile
Well, have fasted for the last 5 days - think Iím winding it down now though before my siblings visit - got my period yesterday and it seems to always give me a big headache when Iím fasting, the onset of it - feeling that now and decided to make some kitchari (aruvedic brown rice dish) with spinach from my garden -- took a couple headache pills as well and drinking mineral water... itís subsiding - the fast has been good, a short one, but after all the long fasting Iíve done in this past 61 days it seems that I am quite deep in the process, deepening - Iíve had some new detox signs this p ...   read more

Day 1/57 - Starting Another Short Fast after Break   12 y  
Renewed Fast after 13 Day Break
Back Again, After my last post, I had gone back to fasting after a short break - was at 9 days into the fast - making a total of about 43 days fasting less about 6 days where I had eaten. After these 9 days I broke again and ate for another 13 days - Iím starting up again today - doesnít feel so much like the same big fast, though I guess it is a continuation. I know itís a continuation as my body will just shift back into this mode in 2 days of fasting and evacuate easily and go light again. Looking forward to the next few days and to feeling this - feeling good at the moment, l ...   read more

Day 9/43 - Moving, Shifting, Transformation   12 y  
Day 43 - Doing well
Day 43 in total, but day 9 of the renewed fast after 6 days break (intermezzo) So... Iíve come a long way at this point - Am down to 155lbs, looking amazing - ideal weight for me is prob 145lbs, which seems quite thin looking at me at the moment - Havenít weighed that since my 20ís and Iím going to be 38 next month so weíll see - Not really aiming for that, would be nice though - at any rate I know from experience that when I resume eating a good 5lbs at least will come back on right away - what Iíve found with the longer fasts though is that I do get 10 off or more and keep it off - lo ...   read more

Day 39/5 Short Intermission and Return   12 y  
Fast Intermission and Renewal, Kitchari rememberance
Back again, been too busy to make an entry - such is the life of the aspiring musician :) Well, as I started to run down so badly in energy and experience desire for food again for a number of days deep into the fast, at day 29 I again took a small snack - and went on having a small daily meal for the next 5 days. Mostly ate sushi rolls once a day - only wanted simple foods, rice, tuna a bit of avocado seemed the best thing generally, did eat a larger meal on the last day before returning to the fast completely. Now am on day 5 of the fast - and going well - trucking along again with ...   read more

Day 27 & How It's Going   12 y  
Day 27 and How it's going... Taking time to contemplate and be.
Just a quick entry perhaps - Itís day 27 now, nearly time for me to rush off to band practice. Had a great day yesterday - awesome Yoga session, went well with the fast, did eat a small handful of corn chips again with a spoonful of avacado and sour cream. It wasnít much at all - the last few days have been seen me with a few fasting wobbles here and there - eating this little bit the 2nd time around didnít leave me feeling great, nothing too bad, just a slight mmmm nope... and today have done well, but still a bit of that feeling... sometimes a slight - not sure how to describe it - fla ...   read more

Close of Day 25   12 y  
Close of Day 25 & How I went, Energy Back - Feeling Good!
Back with an update, itís now the close of Day 25, nearly 1am, the energy and the day got much better and Iím feeling over that low hump - back on track and cruising again - yay! Just wanted to diarize how I did go and what happened. After the first entry I made this morning - I remembered I had some bottles of Kombucha Tea Iíd made about 6 or 7 months ago before the winter, hiding away under the sink in the dark corked up in my flatmateís old wild turkey bottles lol. Popped the cork and drank the fizzy goodness, like a tonic to the gastric system and brought my energy back very quick ...   read more

25 Days & What's Happening   12 y  
Day 25, some change in the fast - tiredness, ate something small, keeping track of the low energy.
Itís the 25 day mark today - still early in the day, slept quite late - this last week my dream activity has increased dramatically, and Iíve been sleeping in in the mornings with dream after dream after dream. I seem to be running on less the last little while - only the last few days really Iíve been feeling this. I think it will pass, waves of being more tired/more energized is pretty normal when fasting. Yesterday I had a big day for a faster, out of the house and driving from one errand to the next for just a little too long in a lot of traffic with a bf who caused some harmles ...   read more

The End of Day 21   12 y  
Entry 21 days in, having a chat about the ADF.
Itís 21 days today, and I do feel settled in now. I am finding that now Iím getting more accustomed to the longer fasting periods, I get into it very quickly with minimal fuss - and now that Iíve been going for longer than two weeks it seems to smooth right out. Each fast is itís own journey, taking into account different states of health, weather, what-have-you that you might be dealing with at the time. Now, 3 weeks in, it feels great to report that all the dizziness I had a week ago with my period etc is gone, and the fast feels solid and stable and is going very well now - better ...   read more

Day 16 - Motoring Along Strong   12 y  
Day 16, deeper into the fast, writing on inner stability
Well itís 16 days in now, motoring along nicely - Iíve been a busy girl and have wanted to make an entry for a few days - Seems like all sorts of things conspire to make us busy some weeks - so I didnít make it here until now. The fast is going well - still feels like early days, from memory I usually break down around the 2 week mark and have some kind of meal or two before continuing on - Have not had such a strong urge this time - it is there, not a hunger perhaps... maybe it is a sort of hunger, not really one based in the stomach as that is totally switched off and happy - That t ...   read more

Day 8 - Cruising   12 y  
Update on my fast, day 8. Buzzing along.
Evening of Day 8 now, and Iím cruising - the fast is going great, itís got easy - easy now, the days are passing quickly yet not so quick as usual, as the clarity of the fast and the extra energy and time reclaimed not having to worry about meals, trips to the shop etc seems to give me those extra few hours in the day that turn it from that good old urban pressed for time feeling back into a relaxed flow. Getting lots done, and the last few days my strength and energy has been coming up, Iíve been able to do more yoga and my body has started to feel really good, strong and healthy as ...   read more

Day 4 - Short Entry   12 y  
continuation of log - day 4
Day 4 coming to a close, itís been a beautiful day with a lot of running around and my bf and I planting flowers and gardening at 3 different houses in between all of that. :) Hit a bit of a ílowí energy/emotional point this evening, not too heavy, just reflecting on how itís quite natural really, waves washing through you when you turn inwards and practice something like this, giving your body a chance to purify years of emotion, toxin, all the things that condense and store up in us. Also reflecting on how much food and flavor can buffer us - comforting emotions, etc - when the fast ...   read more

Day 2, Some Info & A Film   12 y  
Day 2 Liquid Fast - Link to Fasting Film by BBC
Itís day 2 of the fast, going well - Did a bit more Yoga today - easing into it again after a couple of months off, spent half my winter in Beautiful Bali where I got very fit and did a lot of Yoga, then came home to a cold, uninspiring climate and massive workload and got so swamped that all fell to the wayside. Itís spring again now and the workload is much more balanced and all this is finding me much happier and inspired to push forward. Wanted to provide the link to a film a friend e-mailed me recently about Fasting - and Intermittent Fasting and the awesome benefits of this. ...   read more

First Day, New Fast   12 y  
Diary of my new fasts. Long fasts, lifestyle changes, progress in my fasting lifestyle.
Today I begin a new fast, Iíve become a very experienced faster over the last 13 years, doing fasts which vary from about 8 days at a minimum to over 40. Iíve become more experienced and interested in the longer fasts, as Iíve become more and more accustomed to the state of fasting over the years - particularly the last 2 years in which I did a number of longer fasts and really enjoyed and went well on them - so spring is here, with its inspiring sunshine and warmer weather and I have embarked on yet another journey within :) I love fasting and am hooked on it - I donít think anyone ...   read more


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