Liquid Fast 2016
by exposure

April - Shorter Autumn Fasts   7 y  
Sticking with it - A couple short autumn fasts!
Itís the 26th of April now, my last blog entry from memory saw me finishing up a smaller 11 day fast before heading off to retreat in the Blue Mountains - up there I managed to eat very light the first few days, eventually eating a bit more with all the delicious food - it was very carby but healthy wholefoods and I tried to skip stuff and eat more salads and soups - there was a lot of bread though and not an abundance of veggies... anyway, Iíve been home now for a while, the weather has gotten decidedly colder and Iíve now got the fireplace going and a few more aches and pains -- Iíve ...   read more

Day 11 - Another Full Moon and Completion of the Fast   7 y  
End of my Short Concluding Fast
Well, Iím very pleased, it all went very well - I put in the effort and now am back to the weight I got to before the 3 weeks of diet distraction :) It has been a good summer with a lot of fasting this 2016 and now the weather is really starting to cool off - not sure if Iíll get anymore fasting in, maybe one more when I return from my retreat early April if the weathers not too cold, Iíve done a lot for my health and my youth and feel like Iíve progressed a lot in the process. I know the thing Iíve been coming to these last couple of years, getting a little older and not able to shed ...   read more

Day 5 - Pleased with myself   7 y  
Halfway thru the new short fast & going good
Itís the morning on the 5th day of my short new fast & Iím very pleased with the results, Iíve slimmed back down in 5 short days to almost where I was before the 3 weeks of eating - and Iím pleased with how Iíve exerted my willpower - I wanted to do this fast for the results it would have but it was tough and I had to be disciplined to do it, I was really enjoying eating again after 40 days not so long ago - but I hadnít reached my goals and coming off that fast wasnít planned and didnít happen the way I wanted it to - because of this Iím really glad Iím doing this and getting back on the ...   read more

11 Days - Day 1   7 y  
Back to a short fast while I have the time and the good weather!
Day 1 of the new 11 day fast today, itís 5:30 now & Iíve slipped into the fast very easily, after not eating very much yesterday to curb my appetite. Todayís found me doing a bit of cleaning, gardening, a lot of Buddhist practice and I plan to continue with some gentle yoga and exercise - brushed the dust off my trainer bike today and brought it inside so I could pedal a bit while I watched Arrow episodes, my latest chill fix Got a bit of work done - refunding people and getting the new guy all moved in to one of the houses in Melb - everythingís pretty smooth right now, pretty quie ...   read more

Beginning Another Small Fast   7 y  
Starting a Short Fast Again...
Mid March is nearly here and I thought it was time for an update and another short fast while I have the time and condition to do it! Its been a busy time for me, I fasted for about 37 days than took a little food for a few days bringing the whole experience up to about 40-41 days. After that I went back on the fast for a further 5 days having a little food some days and only liquids on others, around the 18th of Feb I started eating more solids and transiting back into eating normally. Thatís gone on for 23 days now, they passed very quickly, during that time Iíve been to the city ...   read more

Phase 2: Day 20   7 y  
Iron Rules & Flexibility
Ah... my blog... its been awhile... Day 20 today of phase 2 - so Iíve been on this fast for a total of 41 days now, not bad and Iím not stopping any time soon. My last entry had me eating a little for a few days around my period, and going back to the full fast - that was day 14, I felt a bit crap day 15 after drinking a juice that I think took on the very raidshy flavor of the glass jar I put it in, which had housed a green juice made with some old leftover bok choy that imparted said flavor - it was not good and I felt sick after (not off just ugh bad flavor) and ate a few spoo ...   read more

Phase 2 - Day 14   7 y  
Continuing On...
Ah, a bit to review - its been quite a few days since I last wrote to update this blog, the last post had me in the early evening of day 8 wondering if I was going to complete the enema series Iíd started that night or the next day. I did complete it that evening, and the big inner spring clean took a lot out of me - it was a deep cleanse and afterwards I was quite tired and floaty and noticed my short term memory was really not intact for a bit. I went to bed after with a movie and drank a lot of nutrient water - was still quite washed out the next day or so. I continued fasting ri ...   read more

Phase 2 - Day 8   7 y  
Inner Spring Clean
Another day winding down, fast still going well :) Put my juicer to work today, started the morning with the glass of charcoal water Iíve been having and a little shot of warm water and lemon juice. A little later on I made a very green juice for breakfast - pineapple, zucchini, parsley, kale, a sprinkle of himilayan salt and some silverbeet from the garden. Did a lot of practice and had a little jam with a friend - no yoga today, didnít get to it, I did however juice half a big bunch of cilantro I had waiting and put that into a coffee enema - had another series of enemas tod ...   read more

Phase 2 - Day 7   7 y  
One Week into Phase 2!
Juice, juice glorious juice.... Ah... Can you tell Iím loving the new juicer? Just finished a good 90 min yoga session, after another morning of Sadhanas, whipped up a beautiful post yoga juice - the last of my canteloupe, half the coconut meat from a young coconut I used yesterday and one organic banana peel. Put a pinch of cinnamon in along with it all into the juicer to mix in with the flavors and strained it all again into a nice thin juice when it came out. Just beautiful. Poured a half jug of water through the machine afterwards to give it a clean and am now drinking that ...   read more

Phase 2 - Day 5   7 y  
Got the new juicer!
Late afternoon on the 5th day of the 2nd leg of this fast, its a strange summer here, today it hailed and its been raining heavily day on day off all week - should normally be cooking this time of year but Iím in longsleeves, a sweater and my fluffy ugg boots - ah well, its peaceful listening to all the rain :) Got my new Hurom Elite HJ Juicer today - its a heavy little beast, fits up on the counter ok next to my knock off Vitamix which is a good thing as I donít have a whole lot of extra space in the kitchen. So I have made 2 juices today - the first was a mango/spinach juice with a l ...   read more

Liquid Fast - Phase 2: Day 3   7 y  
The start of the 2nd phase of my 2016 liquid fast
On day 3 of the 2nd leg of my liquid fast - I did an initial 21 days of liquid fasting, having a small meal each of the last 3 days, then I went back to liquids only for the 2nd leg of my fast, again planning to stick with it another set of 21 days. Itís been really good, great :) It was nice breaking the fast a little the last 3 days, I had small meals of simple food starting with broth and then a bit of meat and rice eaten very slowly over several sessions - the last night of the 21 days happened to fall on a Full Moon which is a special ritual feast day of offerings and practice for ...   read more

Fast Day 20   7 y  
20 Days in, the close of one cycle of fasting with the full moon and looking forward to another cycle of 21 days
Itís the 20th day now and I havenít written in awhile. Iíve been back to the city and returned again late last night - so itís been a busy few days of travel and work on. Days 15-18 went well, continued the liquid fast and my Chulen practice up to the afternoon of the 17th day when we drove back down to Melbourne. Was starting to feel a little floaty waking in the mornings and getting a bit more of that increased sense of smell, though my mind seemed quite clear and quick compared to a little earlier in the fast. Day 19 I had a mid fast break and slowly ate a small meal over th ...   read more

15 Days   7 y  
Just past the 2 week mark & going well
Late afternoon on my 15th day of the fast - going well, todayís been really peaceful and pleasant - brought my vibes up this morning waking with a bit of Buddhist practice and a quick series of enemas - just did a couple clearing water with gerenium essential oil added than a coffee enema - it was a great way to start today, followed that with a nice bath and since then did a few errands, went out to the post office, watered and weeded the garden a little with all the bath water - talked to my mom, did some business speaking to tenants and organizing rental accom stuff for people - had a t ...   read more

13 Days In   7 y  
Back home again after my trip to the City
Itís nearing the end of the day here, the sun peeking golden through the trees and Iím back home again as of late last night - 13 days in to my 2016 liquid fast. Itís quarter to 8 - doesnít get dark here till late this time of year, and Iíve been tired today - havenít done much, I did get back to my Chulen practice though - I had hoped to keep it up during my 4 days in the city but it was just too busy and today is the first day since last Tuesday morning that Iíve got back to it. Had one Chulen pill today around the middle of my day - perhaps after this blog I will do the 2nd practi ...   read more

Day 10 - Living in the City   7 y  
10 Days into my 2016 Liquid Fast
Itís been a few days since I wrote - Iíve been busy, big trip to the city to rent some rooms and clean clean clean spaces (youth today sigh... they do leave some mess I tell ya) Still solidly on my fast and doing fine - drinking a bit of kefir, water, tea and herbal tea today - yesterday was a crazy day of heat, followed by a massive drop in temp today - burning to chilly, it was my 41st birthday yesterday - after a big clean in very sticky heat on the house I was looking after and renting out - I went to an air con mall with a friend to play games and drink icy things and see Star Wars ...   read more

Day 7 - Cruising   7 y  
Cruising deeper into the fast at the end of the first week
Day 7 of my fast now, its about 4PM - had a good day yesterday and I did start the Chulen practice, plant out the garden and get quite a bit done - also did a Puja for the New Moon - it made a beautiful energy here. I really felt it after the Chulen practice - a big surge of energy and a very heightened feeling, somewhat dizzying - exhilirating yet still very clear. It was really quite amazing. Iíve carried on today - a little more gardening, laundry, stuff around the house, getting e-mails off, talking to clients, banking stuff - all those little desk work things I do and I continued ...   read more

Morning Day 6   7 y  
New Moon & the beginning of a new practice
Well, nearly a week fasting today - a week if I count my prep day when I fasted till evening and had one last meal. Yesterday was tough, I didnít even make a blog entry - I woke up with the neck and shoulder pain really present again and it stuck around all day. I felt really washed out all day - also got my period - so I spent a lot of yesterday just resting, not doing anything more than fasting, doing mantras and stretching my sciatic nerves on the floor while watching movies. Iíve woken feeling better today - not 100% - my neck is still in spasm but its not debilitating me like yeste ...   read more

Day 4 - Getting Energized   7 y  
Fourth day of my fast, getting active, shaking out cobwebs
Today was really great, beautiful day and I felt very clear and more inspired through fasting. I did a bunch of stuff round the house, looking after some gardening, planting seeds, doing a few chores and went out for a few hours in the afternoon taking my kayak out on one of the local rivers, swimming in the sunshine - had a great paddle and getting into the water always helps my neck a lot so its feeling markedly better after the swim. Hoping the paddle eased up some of those locked up shoulder muscles - Iíll be very glad the day I wake up 100% and able to get back to yoga - it kind o ...   read more

Full Fast Day #3   7 y  
Lovely day progressing into the fast.
Wow, its getting late! I didnít realize the time - 9:15 PM and Iíve had a great day on this new fast. Itís going really well, I did feel more of a need for the drinks Iíve been having today which was a healthy sign, woke up with a very coated tongue - early and seeing that I was deep into detoxing I asked my friend I live with to do some cupping on me at that time because I felt it would be really effective - morning being the time you are really deep into the detox. Because Iíve been having so much trouble with my neck and shoulder, and was really feeling it - cupping helps, and doing ...   read more

Day 3 - Full Fast Day 2   7 y  
Good start to the January 2016 fast. A little plagued by neck issues that have gone on through December - will see how fasting works on that!
Well, it never ceases to amaze me how easy this is once I decide to start. Itís always just a case of mind over matter and beginning - guess I didnít need even 2 or 3 days of weaning off food, had that last meal and havenít looked back - Day 2 of liquids only and Iím feeling good - the fast is becoming apparent - my tongue has turned the tell tale white which shows Iím detoxing and I feel that clear state fasting induces which is always a feast for the soul. I seemed to have done more injury to my already out neck yesterday doing the sauna and yoga - aah, what an absolute bugger its b ...   read more

Day 2 - Full Fast Day #1   7 y  
Day 2 - First day of full fasting
Today was good, started to feel a gentle sense of lightness that comes with fasting - gentle is a good word for today, it went easily - thought I might have a light soup dinner but I didnít feel the need to so have completed a full day of fasting. I did a lot of cleaning, sweeping, vacuuming and mopping the house - a load of laundry and some kitchen cleaning - the place is more sparkly and feeling very clear - I had a great 45 minute jam that went really well with my friend & after all that had a nice bath, a sauna & did a bit of book work and business before winding down with a sessio ...   read more

Preparation Day 1   7 y  
Short Intro to my 2016 Fast
Beginning another long fast this Jan 2016. Its the 4th of Jan today and I started the preparatory process, only consuming liquids until about 5pm when I had one meal. Tomorrow Iíll continue the process turning that one meal into a light soup. Day 3 or 4 Iíll stop having any soup and go onto a liquid only fast - taking kefir, juice and herbal tea, as well as soda water, white tea and hot choc - the occasional coffee though that will more likely be in the form of coffee enemas as the fast deepens. I plan to fast through much of Jan and Feb - possibly into March though Iíll have to stop ...   read more


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