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The Human Mind...   13 y  
What is the worth of the human mind? The human mind is one of the greatest wonders ever created! It is only how we use of it's potential will answer that question! The result of not using our God given intelligence is one of the worst wastes in all history!
   What ever that is avaiable to you which could improve your life; when not used is wasted!    "Any mind is a terrible thing to waste, yet millions do it every day!"  a True-ism       An excerpt from     The Strangest Secret     by Earl Nightingale     George Bernard Shaw said, "People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, ...   read more

Flu or Colds?   13 y  
What do we do when a cold or the flu strikes? Let's look at some ways to make your life better!
    Many of us go through life with out looking back to see where we may have gone wrong or missed the main trail of life...  So it is with the encounters with the disease and other discomforts in life!   " If you are going to be successful in this life then start to watch and analyze your efforts toward better health and well being... "   a True-ism  BTW: This has nothing to do with the Government; it is entirely your choice, friend!     Many people believe that colds and flu are caused by bacteria, but this is ...   read more

The blend of life!   13 y  
What most people miss in life is organization in order to fine the real purpose... If you just run around in this life like a chicken with it's head cut off then you have truly wasted you existence here!
Title: life must blend reality with spiritality... Post by: Kerminator on 16, Jan2007, 00:28*:GMT Life with all it’s daily distractions many times is just a blur;  you become so easily consumed with the everyday stuff; that we may never get around to doing GREAT THINGS in your life...    In order to organize and use your time more wisely here is a plan which helps: Make a list; but first you must figure out what to put on the list... 1)  Decide tasks or goals that can be completed in less than a year (short term)...    BTW: ...   read more

Awesome travel plan!   13 y  
It often appears that most people in this life, run around in small circles, following the various systems of this world! Why? When there is a Awesome Travel plan available; if you can just understand it!
  The times of our life! Posted: October 6th, 2009, by kerminator We all pass through this life each day experiencing what ever is placed on our pathway! Our experiences or based upon these various experiences, some good, some bad, and some excellent! Having spent more time observing life than most of you; here is some advice… Remember the advice is free; It is the  putting it into action that will cost you!  a True-ism Because, it is only when you do something that your life changes; either for the better or worse… If you d ...   read more

Je veux que vous parlize avec le President!   13 y  
We need all concerned citizens to seek to get the President of the USA to listen to the true needs of the people!
  We are at a juncture in the history of the USA, where the sitting President, needs to understand the needs of the people! He is responsible to the people; not the people to him!  " Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country! "  a True-ism  The general political conscience today, is that anything is "OK" to say; as long as you can just get your [which profits certain people] agenda through!   This tends to have no concern for practicality, common sense, intelligent thought, the majority of th ...   read more

Flu shots?   13 y  
Some truth on the Swine Flu job being put out by some... This is from Dr. Mercola, with Dr.Blaylock using the real facts... Read on to see if you should do this?
      "Knowledge is power; Real truth is Absolute Power!" a True-ism        Get the, vaccine or not is the question read this to be better prepared to make the right decision for yourself!     By Dr. Russell Blaylock "By 1853, Parliament began passing laws to make the untested vaccine compulsory throughout the British Empire. Other countries of Europe followed suit. Once the economic implications of compulsory vaccinations were realized, few dared to disagree. Then, as now, the media were contro ...   read more

Wants, Needs & Greed!   13 y  
It seems that most all humans seek desires of their hearts... This is a natural God placed desire; that we should want things...
   We all have wants in this life!   Of course, our needs must be meet if we are to live or exist on planet earth!  But the rub comes when wants over come our needs...  Some wants are part of the natural desire God placed in each of us...  This is where Greed raises it’s ugly head!  If we stop to analyze most of the tragic parts of history, you will find that Greed played a major part in the destruction and grief! Therefore we must learn; that all we want is not necessarily good or profitable for us either here o ...   read more

Nirvana?   13 y  
Should all desire be rooted from your life for you to be satisfied and happy?
Monday 24 th August , 2009 Nirvana? Filed under: Simply the Truth — kerminator @ 9:37 A popular view today is to follow certain “Eastern” religions; which are suppose to lead to  Nirvana, which is some ultimate place for the soul? One of the  central concepts in Eastern philosophy is the idea of liberating oneself in this earthly life from all desires… This concept is based upon the principle of Nirvana which translates or means ” to extinguish or blow out” as with a candle… So what is the reason for desire in ...   read more

What did Bush say?   13 y  
Well we all were told that everything the recent Pres. W. Bush said and did was wrong... Just watch the video, to learn the truth HUH!
   The truth always comes out, because a lie will not last!   It is unfortunate that so many people listen to  everything in the Mass Media as always being correct!   Just because you want something it is not always possible!   Like free housing, free education, or dirt cheap mortgages...    Check it out below!  Subject: Share this video before it, too, is removed  You are looking at a bit of history! This video clearly shows that George Bush warned Congress starting in 2001, that this economic crisis was Comin ...   read more

Read or else...   13 y  
We can learn to read, it all comes down to what you read! There are many things to read, many are just fluff, but every now and then there gleams a moment of truth! Seek that!
   I have always been a reader, this alone puts me in an advantageous place in life...  This is where you are also as a blog reader...  But you must choose what to read; then comprehend so as to learn how to use the material in your life for the betterment of mankind!   All of this sounds bold yet this should be the very reason you read... It all comes down to sharing information and helping others! Reading is a avenue to become enlightened in this earthly life!   Reading expands you horizons  plus can add valuable ...   read more

Presumption!   13 y  
Much of what we deal with day to day is based upon presumption rather than faith in the truth!
    Where do we get off with so much presumption in life?   We all seem to have a short memory about many things in our life...   Some people do not remember much about last week much less several years ago!  Sad!  What ever the reason it tends to lead us into much trouble...  It could be due to drugs or dope usage, excessive alcohol consumption, even just plain ignorance by never knowing to begin with!  Most of the lame thinking is due in part to people not taking the time to really learn the basics of the subject at hand... ...   read more

Shadow Government!   13 y  
This revelation came to me recently upon listening to some news about another new gigantic government regulation!
   Recently, while talking with a local staff member of one of our US Congressmen; the statement was made that a several thousand page bill was sent to be reviewed 48 Hrs before the vote...  Least of which was that the Congressman was upset because that there was not enough time even read the entire bill much less understand it’s implications!  This practice has been going on for some time... " There should always be some serious reservations and concerns when anyone wants you to quickly gloss over some Large important far reaching Big C ...   read more

Love & Mercy   13 y  
Much of our life is made up of SSDD events; yet it should be guided by Love and Mercy to acheive balance!
      With so much of our life complicated or controlled by everyday things, where is the Eternal Principle of Life?   The Eternal Principle of life is the interaction or method in which we live in association with others... Because even contrary to what many tend to believe;  your life is not really just about you!  HUH!  What we need to learn and then carry out in our life is best summarized in two key (2) words: Love, and Mercy!  1) Love:  Is an on going, interactive, really never ending action verb, complim ...   read more

Wars of the gererations!   13 y  
We stand if it were upon the shoulders of giants!
      How will we win the war of the generations?   One of the greatest tragedies of history has been the one generation has tended to and at certain times been defiant of previous or succeeding ones...  It is as if their generation is the only one which had the best ideas or ways to do things...   What causes this type of human behavior?   Several factors exist which we must either over come or become bound by the same thought patterns...   Then we are bound to repeat the  same cycle of limited interaction and ge ...   read more

Bounce back!   13 y  
There is a time to wait and a time to move out... Now is the time to consider your options!
    Why does it seem that we are not getting any where?    Maybe it is because many Big business leaders and most of our elected government officials; either do not know what the real truth is or do not care!  I personally thank is the latter!  They are so caught up in the desire make more and / or the need to leave their mark on the pages of history; they have forgotten where they came from and who(the people/consumer) really counts...  Here are some facts, many of which I do not epically like, but what ever: This is the p ...   read more

Gospel of the Kingdom!   13 y  
It exist, so by choice or happen stance are you ready?
   The Kingdom of God exist;  are you ready to accept the task before you?  Here are some questions posed for you to consider and then act upon! This is a study based on a course given as seen below:       BTW: This is only meant to help you see the importance of the Kingdom of God in your life! It should make you reconsider you life as to the the Eternity to come!      THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM"                &nbs ...   read more

What ever...   13 y  
When the price is right the money will be there... HUH!
    Where are we now?  Why are (we) the government, bailing out companies which could be bought out right for far less than the bail out amount?   It looks like a " If you scratch my back  then I will scratch your back" ploy to me!  The main problem is they {the Politicians} are using other (US Tax Payers) peoples money to feather their nest...       "It is always easy to give away someone elses money!"  a True-ism  March 2009   Read and see where the real market should be  ...   read more

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