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Life blood...   14 y  
The best health is due to the condition of your blood...
  This is one of the references in a message from the newsletter dated 10th January 2008 on http://www.simplytruth.com...   Stop by and learn the truth to better health and well being!!   The human body consists a of billions of cells and each is enclosed by a cell wall. This cell wall performs many important roles, and some of these are absorbing nutrients, vitamins, hydration, and minerals. The cell wall is also responsible for eliminating acidic waste material and toxins. When the amount of Negative Ions in the blood is increased, the ...   read more

Reply to Reply   14 y  
Life is about the power and actions of both word and deed!!
This is the truth as I see it!! Most of life comes at us like a freight train, or Tornado, or Hurricane.. So what do we do, many people do nothing, hoping to ignore the situation, think maybe it will just go away or disappear...  No such luck friend!! If that were the solution to all opportunities in life then we would all be millionaires each morning; while sleeping everynight... HUH!!   Do you believe that?? So now we come to the real truth; results are only the product of some action...  Simply put, no action, no results...  Yes, we must inc ...   read more

The True Star of Bethlehem   15 y  
This is either fact of fiction?? Read on if you seek the Absolute Truth!!
Star of Bethlehem « on: Today at 04:56:33  »       The world has debated whether the Star of Bethlehem was fact or fiction...  Many believed that it was just a legend created by the early Christian church to help mark the Advent or Birth of the Christ child! But if you are a seeker of the Truth and have a open mind read on!! The following is from a Newsletter @ www.mdas.net 2006....   ...   read more

Guard your mouth!!   15 y  
Words have power yet most of what we say is useless babble...
The universe was spoken into existance...  Yes Meir words, yet it is these same words that define our life and character...  Read and think long and hard dear friend!!   I am to blame also...  we all need to learn to guard our mouths... It will be good or evil, that the tongue spews forth!! a True-ism : Guard your mouth...  (Read 218 times) ...   read more

Freedom or control??   15 y  
Here is the general ideas of many politicians and unfortunately many people in the USA today... Control!!
I have always been one to seek the truth and allow each person the freedom of choice!!  Here are some replies that may interest you...  HUH!! This was based on the new idea that the Government will force health programs on especially children...  Like it or not!!   You can go to this web site @ mercola.com and read the newsletters...  Here is a chance to learn what some people have planned for you...  Especially the desires of certain politicians running for election in 2008...  It is your freedoms here folks!!  I did not make these up or pu ...   read more

How to get things done!!   15 y  
Actually we all need to improve our skills... See what we mean!!
This a book you may want to look at!!  I am not selling it just want to let you know if you want improvement in your life!! Learn the Secrets of How To Get Things Done Quickly & Easily   People often ask me how I’m able to write this newsletter twice a week, ...   read more

The Other Realm...   15 y  
What we see or know in this world does effect how and what we understand; which will help to determine our Eternal home...
This is from one of the over a dozen blogs I write on: Saturday, August 18, 2007 We all live within the realm of certain dangers in this lifetime!! Some are part of our basic everyday understanding, as fire, flood, falling, and failures... but many others are not!! Some of these are things brought on by other humans; either who deliberately want to hurt or cause grief!  Much like what we see in the news about terrorist/criminals... Then there are some that are the result of living on the edge; or pushing the envelope;  eithe ...   read more

Nelson, Lancashire, UK   15 y  
The woman who made this photo, celebrates a Birthday in September... This is a reflection of a former classmate and dear friend...
{This is photo of a stone wall near Nelson; Lancashire in the UK...}  Happy birthday; Dear Lady!!  It was taken by a former High School classmate... She is a strong noblewoman who has lived a very active life...  She has always been a self started and has used her wits to confront and overcome all the abnormalities thrown at her!!  She has never been one to shy way from hard work or decissions...  She has came out very well and much the better for it!!       After relocating to the UK some years ago; she obtained ...   read more

Poem about SPHS   15 y  
This is an expression on my high school years; and could apply to most everyone... See what you think??
  This is a poem I wrote about my High School years; posted on the forum @ http://.www.simplytruth.com...   Stop by and visit.... Poem of life past...  St Petersburg High School was just a tool, to use in life; so as to be no fool... We did not know how far we would go, but the lessons we learned made us grow... Through many tests, trials and tears, we went on to pass through many fears... Thru the years we spent and yearned, knowing much from what we had learned... We all went off as if to ...   read more

The " DID " principle in your life!!   15 y  
Here we discuss the " DID" principle of life... See how it effects your life; friend!!
Yes believe it or not... This effects every man, woman, and child alive!! I did not just make this up; this is the real truth on your Eternal life!! As we move through this life we all see and hear many things...  Most of which are pure bunk or junk...  It seems that most people waste much of their time on useless pursuits, which will never really help them on their pathway` of Eternal Life... HUH!! Well I am no stranger to that...  I have wasted and wanted for many things that could have worked out if;  I had only taken the time to analyze my  ...   read more

The meaning of life... Updated & revised!!   15 y  
We each search for comfort, companionship and love in this life!! It is just the desire of our heart and soul!! The more you know the better your Eternity will be spent!! HUH!!
Ready or not!! All of our lives here on earth will come to an end...       This may come as a surprise that is when you will step off into the Eternity to come...   Since this is like FOREVER; why screw up your life in the here and now?? Read, think and pray!! You should have a mission or purpose in life!! You do not need to know exactly what will happen; for your life to unfold... It will happen ready or not!!  No matter where you are and or what you may need... The key is learning how to tap into the invisible spiritual world; whic ...   read more

A mother's window on the world...   15 y  
A Mother's view... The children are the plan & purpose...
Some Mother’s facts you may not know...  Enjoy!! ( An email from one of Daughter’s In Law....) > THE BIRTH ORDER OF CHILDREN > > > > > > Your Clothes: > > > > 1st baby: You begin wearing maternity clothes as soon as your OB/GYN > > confirms your pregnancy. > > 2nd baby: You wear your regular clothes for as long as possible. > > 3rd baby: Your maternity clothes ARE your regular clothes. > > > > > > Preparing for the Birth: > > ...   read more

True Words   15 y  
Life is about recognizing the truth; then learning to live with the results... Learn to live the truth!!
With the election coming up in the United States and all the so called political correctness crap; here are a few words of wisdom... Back in May 1948 @ 18:00 hours Washington time; when the State of Israel was declared a nation once more...   Then @ 18:11 President Harry S. Truman signed a document recognizing Israel state’s " de facto authority " and scrawled the word      " Approved " ...   By recognizing Israel, Truman knew he would be forever damned by people who did not want the Jews to ha ...   read more

Right on!!   15 y  
This message brings home some things we as a nation should think more about!! HUH!!
This is part of an email which has floated around the net recently... where The Real Truth is... HUH!!   You have got to love the plain truth in this article... { See reply for the original story!! } This really .." HITS THE NAIL ON THE HEAD" > > The other day I was reading Newsweek magazine and came > across some poll data I found rather hard to believe. It must be true > given the source, right? > > The Newsweek poll alleges that 67 percent of Americans are > unhappy with the direction ...   read more

Poem on the view of your life!!   15 y  
We all have to make decisions each and every day about our future are you ready??
A poem on the life we live!! Things come and things will go... Through it all we need to grow... With out much knowledge we down here... To spend a life; learning, doubt and fear.... The problem is between body and soul... As we work and pray for our final goal... Tossed between heaven and hell... We all seek our future to tell... If we follow the path that will not allow... Us to fail; then there is to one to whom we must bow... Though you may see m ...   read more

Some thoughts on the truth...   15 y  
The truth is only useful if one; who knows it, can accept it in their lives...
" Only he who seeks the truth will recognize it!! " a Kermit-ism 2007   It seems that you must always try to offer information that is not desired or accepted by most people; if it is the truth!!  Of course it is still the prerogative of each person to accept or deny the truth in their life!!  This does not deny the proof of the existance of Truth, just if someone wants to accept it!!  Very interesting!! HUH!! I have this to say about the Holy Bible...  The facts are true wither you believe or accept it or not!!  ...   read more

Maybe you can find your new 2007 diet??   15 y  
This is some diet stuff they want you to use in 2007... Maybe you could find the answer you have been looking for... HUH!!
This is some diet stuff from the web I saw today, maybe it will help you decide?? http://www.dietawarenessinstitute.org/   also  try:  http:// thedietlist.com &  http://worldnetdaily.com/  articles on diets  as of 04 January 2007   Look at  the list @    SkinnyOnDiets.com.  too         There are a lot of diets... HUH!! I have written several blogs on diet please review them on past posts... Remember you are what you eat:  So try the 80/20 di ...   read more

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