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Why Work? Part 3   9 y  
** One more problem with the over all situation in the USA is the lack of Population control, by many of the immigrents ex. {Islimic birth rate is 300%} plus the local welfare - mainly dark cousins who seem be be human rabbits... How is that being responsible? Not that I can see! **
Here is a good report on where we should be? ************************ The Prospects for Voluntary Population Control: In 1974 the KISSINGER REPORT for the National Security Study Memorandum reported on ”Implication of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests”. Yes, the report concluded, worldwide population growth is a threat to the security of the United States, and yes, there were policy recommendations for the US to slow worldwide population growth. These were the US should lead by example for the sake of credibility, and focu ...   read more

"Work" Part 2   9 y  
*** The idea that you should just let someone else pay your way is totally wrong and against God's will... ***
The Good Lord placed personal choice for each of us to use... This is to learn how to help and share... Therefore even if and when you are out of work or is a destitute position you should seek to make changes to improve your lot in life! I have! Unless you are totally disabled which some people are, then you should be seeking work or some way to support yourself and dependents not wait on others.. You are better off working for Mac Donald’s for $7 an hour than staying on Gov’t welfare the rest of your life; because God will Bless your efforts when you are working in ...   read more

What me work? Part 1   9 y  
** Why does the government take from the Taxpaying citizens; to support those who could and should take care of themselves? Mostly because it is based upon a false sytem of rewarding the non producers with what the producers have made! **
This is from a site on FB.... “If America is the ‘Home of the Brave’ why are so many of the brave HOMELESS?” Right now in America, there are approximately 3.5 million disabled veterans drawing, on average, $1,000 in VA disability. Many of these veterans suffer from permanent disabilities that have greatly reduced their ability to earn an income, if not snuffed that ability out entirely, and many of them do not function as well with regular life skills and capabilities as they did before becoming injured in service to their country. Many of these veterans are missing limbs, have se ...   read more

Every once in a while - Project Blue Beam - Part 2   9 y  
*** If you have ever had any desire to pray and seek the Lord God now would be it! Satan is set to take control of the world! ***
Here is what has been going on folks... - Project Blue Beam (described here) http://educate-yourself.org/cn/projectbluebeam25jul05.shtml The Blue Beam Project will pretend to be the universal fulfillment of the prophecies of old, as major an event as that which occurred 2,000 years ago. In principle, it will make use of the skies as a movie screen (on the sodium layer at about 60 miles) as space-based laser-generating satellites project simultaneous images to the four corners of the planet in every language and dialect according to the region. It deals with the religious a ...   read more

Every once in a while... Part 1   9 y  
** As we go thru this earthly existence, most of out time and talents are spent on the everyday stuff; plus the annoying interuptions of the world {sales, hype, sports, politics, finance, and general foolishness} distractions!
So beyond the normal (if we dare call it that) stuff of life; every once in a while a revelation comes to us! Here we discuss the over all view of religious revelation! This is just a part as you {each of us} have to seek, and realize the revelation if and when it comes... Believe that it comes when you earnistly seek it! So pray for spiritual discernment and words of wisdom from God! *** Revelation: Some people hold that God can communicate with man in a way that gives direct, propositional content: This is termed verbal revelation. Orthodox Judaism and tradition ...   read more

Existential - Awakening - Part 2   9 y  
** Being an eclectic solitaire is like being in a room full of odds and ends most of which do not match anything! ... More like a cluster! **
Today is the first day of the rest of your life - existence! Sharing is a excellent way to start as long as you seek the absolute truth and hold a firm moral foundation! This is necessary in order to get your life on a good course and then get past elementary steps {which is where so many spend most of their time and energy} of life. What we all need {yet many do not even consider} is to develop true Spiritiual Maturity! This means that you {anyone} must have a strong Faith in the unseen existence... Here is where many fail to go or progress on their pathway of life! Faith, Hop ...   read more

Existential crisis - Part 1   9 y  
*** the belief that inner conflict within a person is due to that individual’s confrontation with the givens of existence. Which are: Definition of EXISTENTIAL: 1: of, relating to, or affirming existence 2a: grounded in existence or the experience of existence : empirical 2b: having being in time and space 3:[translation of Danish eksistentiel & German existential] :existentialist — ex·is·ten·tial·ly - adverb **
: the inevitability of death, freedom and its attendant responsibility, existential isolation (referring to Phenomenology), and finally meaninglessness. These four givens, also referred to as ultimate concerns, form the body of existential psychotherapy and compose the framework in which a person should develop a problem in order to develop a method of treatment. These givens are seen as predictable tensions and paradoxes of the four dimensions of human existence: - the physical, - social, - personal and - most importantly spiritual realms **** A key part of our lif ...   read more

BHO is no fool   9 y  
*** Here is an excellent view of a ruthless person! Maybe it is a truth which should be exposed and then the world would know about the great deception! ***
*** This is suppose to be from a former classmate! *** Barack Hussein Obama is no fool. He is not incompetent. On the contrary, he is brilliant. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He is purposely overwhelming the U.S. economy to create systemic failure, economic crisis and social chaos thereby destroying capitalism and our country from within. Barack Hussein Obama was my college classmate.(Columbia University, class of ’83) He is a devout Muslim; do not be fooled. Look at his czars... Anti-business anti-American. As Glenn Beck correctly predicted from day one, Barack Husse ...   read more

Benefits that help!   9 y  
- *** It takes some special interest... To get the special attention needed, to help you make your life better... ***
Benefits of Liquids It’s not how much you take but how much your body absorbs that is the most important issue with digestion. With a higher level of absorption, more nutrients reach their intended destination thereby allowing the intended ingredients to treat the issue. What is important is how we can best insure the uptake of desired minerals, vitamins and ingredients. One way around this problem is to take nutritional supplements using the most efficient delivery system available. More nutrients in a pill or capsule is not necessarily better. Your ability to absorb n ...   read more

Universe began?   9 y  
** An argument: How old is the universe? This has been a concern for some people over the years... Most of it has to do with the dispute or non acceptance of Genesis 1:1... " Truth is given, not contemplated, but to be. {the truth is it's actual state of existence} Life is an action - not a thought. " F.W. Robertson, - Sermons **
In her article, “Why physicists can’t avoid a creation event,” Grossman explains that “For a while it looked like it might be possible to dodge this problem, by relying on models such as an eternally inflating or cyclic universe, both of which seemed to continue infinitely in the past as well as the future.” These models were consistent with the big bang, she notes. Unfortunately, “as cosmologist Alexander Vilenkin of Tufts University in Boston explained last week, that hope has been gradually fading and may now be dead.” Here are the models in brief and why they don’t work: ...   read more

Be an Innovator   9 y  
*** On independent personal thinking: You are neighter right or wrong because some people do not agree with you... You are right because of your facts and reasoning are corect! **
What should you do? You’r better off than than you think! In the USA you are in a more advantageious lifestyle... yet, some Americans have developed a welfare mentallity.. Or ” the Government owes me a living. ” Wrong, no one owes anyone anything, except respect, honesty, and truth! You are alive to be productive and to be able to give and help! Quite being being self-centered ! You do not need to live of the society, change your mindset! Stop sitting there soaking up other people’s resources, and start being productive! Now some people may need government assistance f ...   read more

23 reasons for you to wake up!   9 y  
** Here is the truth; these are some things that you can do to made this a better place for having been here! **
Using the Liberal - Demo - socialist (Islamic) playbook, we concerned citizens need to wise up & use them as OUR playbook. Thus the 23 Conservative Goals for America: 1. We must be vocal about the current necessity to keep nuclear warheads stockpiles greater than all of the nations that current have nuclear capability combined. In 2008, we had 5,000 nuclear warheads. in 2012, we have just above 1,700. Obama hopes to deplete our stockpile to 300 by 2016 with the overall goal of total disarmament. We all want peace, but peace is especially fragile in a nuclear world. We cannot ap ...   read more

Have you ever been mad at God?   9 y  
*** Many people think of pride only as arrogance. But that's only one manifestation of pride. Timidity and shyness are extreme manifestations of pride. Pride, at it's core, is simply self-centeredness or selfishness. Timid and shy people are extremely self-centered people. I know this to be true because I was an introvert. I couldn't look at people in the face and talk to them. I was so consumed with me that I was always thinking, "What are they going to think of me? Am I going to make a mistake and look foolish?" That self-centeredness made me shy.
Here is one of the biggest problems in our lives! Read this and then think about yourself! Anger Management By Andrew Wommack Have you ever been mad at God? Certainly, everyone has had anger rise up against a person. And there are a lot of people who are angry with themselves. Anger is a problem all of us have to deal with. Many people come from backgrounds where strife was just normal. Our culture is so full of envy and strife that it’s become part of life. We don’t realize how deadly it is. But realize it or not, strife will kill you. Listen to what James had to say abo ...   read more

Blood of Christ!   9 y  
** Evidence of the existence of Jesus Christ... Here is proof positive! His blood! ...
A Scientist Analyzes Mr. Wyatt’s Chromosome Theory Dr. Eugene Dunkley, Geneticist August 1999, England In regards to the statements made by Ron Wyatt and his chromosomal analysis: I do not believe that any of Ron’s findings or conclusions will effect the Seventh Day Adventists or their faith. I don’t believe that he had a crusade against the denomination or any denomination for that matter. *** per Ron Wyatt findings - you must remember that Ron was NOT a scientist, he was an anesthetist. This is not to excuse any mistakes in his details, but to understand more accurately where ...   read more

Ressurection - Part 2 of X   9 y  
Have you ever thought about your Eternal Future existence? *** Then here is a complete simple, direct answer and direction for you to consider!
Here is what many have spent their entire life seeking to know;... now you have it .... FREE! This is the real essence of the Gospel of Christ; if you ever wanted to know! Without a lot of study, preaching, thought or actual action on your part! How simple! No matter what your background, or ethnic, race, creed, or up bring, or whatever; this is the Absolute heart of Almighty God’s plan for the Salvation of your soul.... *** ” Christianity begins where all religions end... Through the Power of the Resurrection of Christ! ” - - Anonymous ” We could not call it re ...   read more

What is religion? Part 1 of X   9 y  
*** " Religion " is a word though commonly used; has been twisted and misapplied... A religious person means someone who has accepted a creed or observes certain ceremonies or who goes to only certain places of worship! Yet all of this is not enough!
*** You must have Faith in a personal living Savior... Yet it is possible to have and follow a religion without the Gospel of Christ! This is a peril that faces most people; who believe that they count on going to Heaven, because they say, they follow the ” Golden Rule as my Religion.” But there is no salvation in that, because: ” without shedding of Blood is no remission ” of sins. Hebrews 9:22 { Book of Hebrews is called the fifth Gospel } Many people think what a waste of time it is to send missionaries to foreign countries, or to tell others; because they have their own ...   read more

How to use the power of God! Part 3 of 3 * Rev 1A   9 y  
*** He came, because of our pain! All that you had ever thought about your Eternal existence, revolves upon His actions, alone! Because Jesus - Yeshua is the Hope of our Salvation; thus our Blessed Assurance! ***
Each of us has a deep yearning - burning within our heart; which causes us seek out a relationship with Almighty God... Even though your senses tell you otherwise; go for the Gold Goal; the Kingdom of Heaven! **** He came down from Heaven above, to grace us all with His Love! He came yet in humble birth, to live as man upon the earth! He had formed the world all to fit, yet came down as man to walk within it! He once wiped the whole world with a flood, but then came to redeem us with His Blood! He came to show those who had gone astray, how to live the Commandments ...   read more

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