Lauray's New 10-Day Fast
by lauray

Day 108 Raw Only: Achieved 39 Hour Fast   13 y  
Day 4 of Increasing Lengths of Fasts and of progressing to Green, Living Food Only.
Why did I fail this time? For the first time it was really clear. I generally in life fail to "provide for myself" spiritually. Last night (Thurs.) was when I lost my fast. I had started weds. ...   read more

Day TWO of seven-day fast   13 y  
losing the willingness
I am trying to stay with this. i am feeling really bleak. I am over-strained. i am miserable - in public libraries all day Going home to some movies that I have checked out of the libr...   read more

DAY 100: Starting 7 Day Fast, With Support!   13 y  
Starting a 7 Day fast tomorrow; a curezone friend starting at the same time. I need to work through my (1) misery and (2) fear... and heal! Going on vacation, too, if this will help me fast.
I would like to try to fast 7 days. As of today, Thursday, July 31st, I have achieved 100 days on raw food only. I have not been able to do this in about 3 years. I have always relapsed back ...   read more

Day 99 Raw Only and Trying to Plan Next Fast   13 y  
Feel too scared to determine to fast, also unwillilng. I must work through this. I am so tired of being so unwell.
i just can't get willinng or brave enough to determine to fast 7 days. I want to examine myself on this point. It is as though I felt "too weak." I am sick of being so tired and ill. I have got...   visit the page

Day 98 Raw Only, Day 10? Increasing Lengths of Fasts   13 y  
Just Made a 39-Hour fast, Narrowly missing going Much Longer. So frustrating. Working now for the positivity and willingness to fast again. 42 hours but an ideal goal of 3 days? 7 Days?
I am really really really lonely. I am kind of okay but it is not tolerable to be so narrowly escaping bingeing all the time. The answer is to clean up my diet more. Get the triggering foods...   read more

Day 94 Raw Only, Day One of Fast   13 y  
It is Saturday and after struggling to begin my fast the past few days I have now started. I am trying to have a breakthrough and fast 7 days. I know the psychologically hardest time will be ...   read more

Day 91 Raw Only/Day 3 Increasing Lengths Fasts   13 y  
Actually Making Progress "Pushing Away" food when eating is not OK with me. Deciding to start 42-Hour Fast tomorrow, Thursday.
I am doing better today with becoming willing to fast my next fast (42 hours)... though I am still really negative-attitude about it (I just want to get high... i.e., eat food; and it feels 'unendu...   read more

REAL DAY ONE Now of Increasing-Length Fasts & Progression to Green,Living Only Diet. 90 Days Raw Only!   13 y  
90 Days Raw Only Today. Now I am Increasing Lengths of FAsts Again. Most Recent Fast 37 Hours. Goal is to Fast 42 Hours Starting by the End of This Week. Struggling Terribly for Willigness Even jsut to fast 42 Hours. God, How can I do it??? I Guess Through Getting Off More Trigger Foods (Fruit)
Today is July 22, 2008, my 90th day of raw foods only. I wish I had the willingness to sit down here and now and hash out my status and current plan and talk myself up to being willing to take m...   read more

Day 86 Raw Only and Day One Increasing Lengths of Fasts!   13 y  
Starting a 3-Day Fast Today! Back in Weekend Fasts Again!
I am starting an actual 3-Day FAst today, a weekend fast such as I had developed a nice routine of doing but then tragically lost 3 weeks ago, sending myself into a terrible pit of nonmotivation-to...   read more

Day 85 Raw Only But Day 1 AGAIN Lengthening Fasts   13 y  
I have to "get sober" to really succeed in lengthening my fasts again. I can't get up my spirit to fast this weekend, as I normally might. It is terrible. But I have self-awareness... but I need COURAGE AND FORTITUDE. Help!
I succeeded in only a really short fast this past week. It was like 29 and 3/4 hours. Horrible. I am straining to get "happy" enough to fast again. I realize (with some mercy toward mysel...   read more

Day 82 Raw Only: Attempt at 7-Day FASt   13 y  
Getting serious; putting my fasting on a spiritual basis
After writing here and blogging yesterday I went home realizing that I have to be very "serious" and spiritually-minded about fasting... my hardest problem is that I am not overweight... so ... it ...   read more

Day 1 Again   13 y  
Have Raw Only STill, 81 Days, but Have to start again with lengthening fasts.
I took a 66-hour fast, as I remember; but then something happened. I tried to fast 69 or 72 hours, but I just gave up in the middle sometime. Then I tried to fast 69/72 hours again and only m...   read more

Day 58: Started My 66-Hour Fast!!   13 y  
Victory! Actually staying on my day count of lengthening my fasts. Now I am taking the next big step to healing.
Started this morning. Struggled to keep it, really do it, but succeeded, by talking through it really carefully,gently, and fully with my therapist... so it's on!! HURRAY!!! thanks, RawGirl,...   read more

Day 56 evening,   13 y  
Trying to Decide When to Start the 66 Hour or 3 Day Fast
I am not as scared now. Today was ... I am in pain as i write. Because I stuffed down a dinner of 93 grapes, 1pint blueberries and 2 6 oz pkgs raspberries. t really really hurts. Earlier I di...   read more

Day 56 and Preparing for 3-Day Fast   13 y  
Preparing for 3-Day Fast; Battling Fear-of-Thinness-Based Compulsive Eating
hi I am lonely and frustrated trying to connect on line. No responses to my messages, , seemingly. Going on line is so painful, almost always. Today -- well, yesterday was not too bad. It wa...   read more

Day 55 of Raw Foods Only & Increasing Lengths of Weekly Fasts   13 y  
63 hour fast achieved, perhaps 3-day fast next weekend.
To anyone reading this, I'd love to get a message. Does anyon want to start a fasting support group in the L.A. area???? I have a venue and support: all need is people!! We could meet as often as...   read more

Day 23, Progressing in 48H Fast   13 y  
thoughts and frustrations as my fast is under way, successful fast and day count.
Day 23 of Raw Only and Increasing lengths of fasts Told my therapist today about my fasting and compulsive overeating. It was horrible. I cannot really tell people about my pain. They just b...   read more

Day 22 of Raw Only and Increasing Lengths of Fasts; 48-H Fast   13 y  
loneliness, fear, in fast of 48 hours. Will do it, but need to be so much more gentle.
48 h fast now in progress. The loneliness. It is so painful. More later.   visit the page

Day 17 of raw only and increasing-length weekly fasts   13 y  
Keeping commitment to lengthening fasts, have made 45-hour fast, next fast, 48 hours. Need to reduce post-fast eating. Need to be more gentle and change my ways
hi, so, this week I have made a 45-hour fast, I broke it on what might have been only 600 cals. of living green food -- i.e. living sprouts -- sunflower greens and buckwheat lettuce. But for hte...   read more

DAY 12 of raw only and lengthening fasts   13 y  
getting gentle is the key to healing. Lengthening fasts, & raw food only, Day 12.
Well,I succeeded at the 42-hour fast. I have got to start getting a lot more rest and finding a way to deal with not getting enormous amounts of tasks done. I need to change this about my lif...   read more

Day 10, 42-hour fast in Progress   13 y  
struggling with depression; still, committed to 42 h fast and maintenance of day count. So sad and lonely.
well, what am I to do today? I just have to fast until 5:14 a.m. Sunday -- I am thinking of this as "late Saturday night," so I can tell myself I have only to fast until late tonight, today being ...   read more

DAY 9 of Raw Only, No Fruit, and Lengthening Fasts!   13 y  
getting gentle in order to maintain my day count of lengthening fasts... 42-hour fast now in progress.
I am using Alcoholics Anonymous as a support network. I define sobriety for myself and am counting consecutive days of it in AA. I have defined the following as sobriety: Raw food only No b...   read more

DAy 5 of Increasing Lengths of Fasts!   13 y  
lengthening fasts!
So, I have taken, I think I calculated, aabout 2 short fasts sincce my last post... but with an important difference Mostly what I really have to write right now is that I have got to get connec...   visit the page

Day one Part Two   13 y  
lost but seekign to get positive and bravely fast
Okay, I need to connect with people. I am sitting here thinking, am I just going to give up and not fast, again? My reasons for doing this would be emotional. I wish i could post this on a forum...   read more

New Day One, April 24, 2008   13 y  
Have a nice commitment to raw foods only, it is complicated but I hope OK, searching for ways to support the fast, starting today
OK, I am now back at an intention to fast 10 days. I count myself lucky to have come to this intention again. I want to affirm my attempts to fast... my desire to fast is so complicated. It real...   read more

Day One, Tuesday, April 8th, 2008   13 y  
trying to find willingness to fast 10 days, visualize this. I am very, very sad and alone.
have jsut written at length and the computer lost it   visit the page


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