Finding my way to myself...
by b2reflect

Unconditional Love...   15 y  
From the Body Mind Spirit guide, written here in SE Michigan
Dear You, I love you unconditionally. I accept completely all of your shortcomings and all of your strengths. You have gifts that have benefitted others for many, many years and you deserve c...   read more

On the 12th, I ended my fast   15 y  
I will begin again...
until I am done with Humaworm. I know I was not hungry but I was feeling it far too often. When I did the MC back in 2006, on about the 4th day, the 'hunger' pangs stopped. I just missed eating the...   read more

I was thinking about this today   15 y  
My thoughts...
Last night, I had the tune to "Sunday, bloody Sunday" going through my head. I attemtped to stop it and then "Haven't Found What I am Looking for" decided to replace it. The friend whose birthday w...   read more

Am I on a fast? Or a low calorie diet?   15 y  
Sounds like a low calorie diet...
I guess the right answer to that, today, is a low calorie diet! I had not intended to eat. Yet I did. I had the fingerful of peanut butter again. I also went to grocery store for Son, bought some h...   read more

Today I made it through dinner without taking anyone's!   15 y  
Mideastern cuisine and I am not eating?!?!?! LOL
So, we went to IMAX theater to see U-2 (in 3-D), soooooo very cool! It was just an awesome show. It was done in Argentia. The amount of people there was HUGE. I am in hmmm, well Bono and The Edge, ...   read more

Oops, I ch..chose again!   15 y  
So, where do I go from here?
Day 8 was relatively easy when I was home. Although, I did do the finger or two of peanut butter. Also, I made some veggies so I could consume the broth, ate a few of those. Yet, these were not bad...   read more

Day 7 was not bad   15 y  
Only 23 more to go?!
I am still have 'hunger pangs' and yet still forging onward. Well, forging is not what I would call a positive word. To me, it implies I am doing this against what I desire. So, I will say, I am st...   read more

Day 6 and the majority of afternoon shift   15 y  
6 down and 3 meals to sit through to least :D
know that I am on a fast... . Today we had a 'plan 5' which is a 5 minute briefing meeting, essentially. At the end they were talking about a pot luck being held on the last Friday of the month. Th...   read more

Number 5 and kinda rough in the evening...   15 y  
Food, please!!!...okay, no I will (mostly) resist...
The day began very good. After I showered and got moving, had a juice, Son had made up. It had a cucumber, celery, some parsley and a banana. It was pretty decent. At any rate, it kind of made me j...   read more

Today was a fabulous day!   15 y  
Clarity in vision is a good thing...
I had a reflexology appointment today and that went well. She called me this evening to make me aware of how well it worked for her! Then, at work, I was just in great spirits. It even got bette...   read more

Okay, so I cheated yesterday...   15 y  
Do I choose or do I cheat?
well actually, no, I read something I liked that makes sense. It said to look at what you do as a choice, not as cheating. So, I chose to have some of the sugar that Son brought into the house. Aft...   read more

So, after reading the water fast forum...   15 y  
No water fasting for ... NOW
I guess I will just be on juice the rest of the time. I am drinking water with lemon in it, to make sure I drink it and apparently that is not water fasting...makes sense yet I thought , oh well. ...   read more

Day 2 was essentially uneventful and day 3..   15 y  
Well, into day 3...
Yesterday was day 2, I was 'hungry' (know I am not hungry yet it felt that way) throughout the day. I did not work, so stayed in bed for quite a bit of the day. I have not had a bowel movement yet,...   read more

I have made it a day...   15 y  
Wow I have succeeded on just water for a day!
I was good while home today. Actually, I did not have anything to drink while home. Then, when I got to work, I made sure I drank...well, it was like I had no choice. Had I not drank anything, I wo...   read more

February 1st is my day!   15 y  
And so this is the day, I have made for myself...
So, I was going to wait until February 6th, Ash Wednesday, to begin my fast, yet I just need to do it now! I have been consuming way too much junk and my body needs a break from food. I have dec...   read more

I rock!...   15 y  
Ask and You shall Receive, as long as you stay attuned (open)
I was talking with a friend yesterday and I mentioned that I needed away from other's drama, so that I could take care of me. Well, needless to say, she did not like how I 'portrayed' people's live...   read more

Well, today would be day 5, yet   15 y  
A little harder than expected, this time
the first 2 days, I was strictly on the fast. The past three days, I have been fasting during the day while at work and then when I get home...wowowow! I have been famished! Day three, after work I...   read more

Have finished a day...   15 y  
new beginnings
On January 1st, I began my new beginning! I started a fast. For as long as I have oranges, it will be an orange juice fast. After that I will contemplate on either doing the Master Cleanse or conti...   read more

I realized in my efforts to clean myself,   16 y  
I am coming Home to Me
I forgot to back off from others. What I mean about this is I allowed myself to get involved into something that is not useful in my cleansing myself. I allowed my energy to enter into another's...   read more

Time to get serious   16 y  
My intentions
I am beginning a fast of sorts today. It will be mostly liquid, yet the solid foods will be apples and grapes. I am going to use LBB and a parasite program, at the same time. I will be oil pulling ...   read more

Okay, I feel I am at a crossroad   16 y  
The journey continues
and keep beating myself up about it. Although I made a decision that I am going to take a few days away at the end of the month. Went to AAA to get a trip ticket and information for the Boston a...   read more

Was in a flow today...   16 y  
Life is flowing
This morning I went to the Detroit Zoo, which is actually in Royal Oak :D, to help with the Gilda Radner's Comedy Walk. A friend was there and asked if I wanted to walk, when I was done. She said s...   read more

This was a great day!   16 y  
Joy in this day
Yesterday, I was feeling out of sorts. Yet after having a colonic done, I felt much better! Now I do not know if it was 'stuff...critters, or the like' that was playing with my head except I do kno...   read more

I have come so far in this journey...   16 y  
Where I am going today?
and yet I still have a long way to go. I cannot seem to push myself, or for that matter, lovingly coax myself to move forward. I am involved in 2 classes right now that help me, when I am in th...   read more


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