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A new kid on the block - with a big slingshot by kerminator   33 h
Conscious Healing to Potentiate Your DNA by luckman   65 h
#1 cause of nagging low back pain by kerminator   80 h
The Heritage is fighting against attacks on our elections by kerminator   81 h
All activity is helpful by kerminator   4 d
Zanzibar - One of the Islands in my life! by kerminator   4 d
Freezing Cancer Cells by kerminator   4 d
Medicine Recall by kerminator   5 d
Why do we do what we did? A help guide! by kerminator   8 d
The power of Faith-Filled Words by kerminator   9 d
You need to know! by kerminator   10 d
Just how are you going to respond? by kerminator   11 d
Have you ever? If when then where? by kerminator   13 d
Words That Don’t Mean What They Used To by kerminator   13 d
What is the problem? by kerminator   14 d
Show Me the Virus! by luckman   15 d
Depending on the whims of the Covid Industrial Complex. by kerminator   16 d
Uncommon Wisdom seek the Ideas that bubble up! by kerminator   16 d
Eternal life - what is it exactly? by kerminator   16 d
Have you ever? by kerminator   17 d
The negative effect of Integration! by kerminator   18 d
Filters clean COVID-causing viruses from the air by kerminator   19 d
Escape Condemnation by kerminator   19 d
World Happiness Report - “stimulating practices” by kerminator   19 d
More truth from the Kerminator - An overview! by kerminator   19 d
UTI fix w. D_Mannose worked! by Kerminator   21 d
This land was made for you and me. by kerminator   21 d
About Black History and Culture in France by kerminator   23 d
Are you prone to UTIs? Many are! by kerminator   23 d
What do I think is really going on? (2 of X) by kerminator   24 d
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