Radiant and Rested
by jessina

Liver flush #2   18 y  
Second liver flush
August 23 I started drinking apple juice and Super Phos 30 today. Will do the flush on Friday evening. I have already passed a few stones. August 28 I decided to postpone my flush. I have Open House at school on Monday night and have a lot to do this weekend to get ready. I will flush over the Labor Day weekend when I have plenty of time to rest the following day if needed. September 2 I did my liver flush Friday night. I thought I was supposed to get it in between the full moon and before the new moon but I notice several of you were flushing Saturday night. Oh w ...   read more

coffee enema and oregano oil   18 y  
I think I am getting this oregano oil procedure down now.  I mix 2-3 drops in 1-2 T of olive oil before using it.  (I am the one who burnt her nostrils.) Last week I put a little of this mixture in an plain water enema. I was planning to do a liver flush on Friday so I wanted to start clearing everything out. First I did a couple of plain water enemas, then a coffee enema, and then thought what the heck, I would try a little of the oregano oil in an enema.   I don’t know if it was the coffee enema or the oregano oil but I did feel   a release from my liver/g ...   read more

nose parasites   18 y  
I have been finding parasites in my nose and wonder what kind they are.
I posted this message on the Ask The Doctor forum at http://www.ghc.com They make OxyPowder, ParaBuster, and SuperPhos 30. The doctor’s answer is below. The parabuster is doing a wonderful job of getting rid of my parasites. I do have a question. I have been finding parasites in my nose and wonder what kind they are. Most are thin and about one inch long, clear, with a red vein running all the way down the middle of them. Some have been a little bigger around, a little over one inch long, white, and I didn’t see a red vein. They also have a tapered tail. Thanks for your hel ...   read more

Bowel cleansing and holding on to the past   18 y  
Accepting the past and letting go
Since I have been cleansing I have started having all kinds of dreams. I feel like I am going backwards in time. Past events, friends, enemies, old boyfriends. It seems like the more I cleanse the easier it is to let go of fears, hurts, and resentments. This post explains it a lot better than I have: http://curezone.com/forums/m.asp?f=76&i=4 (The Jessie in the following article is not me.) Is there a connection between old emotions and colon cleansing? Answer: From the work of Richard Anderson, N.D., N.M.D. ”Yes. You will find that in many cases a colon cleanse will pur ...   read more

Making Progress   18 y  
I am cleansing away the older stuff.
I really like this OxyPowder! Last week all of my bowel movements were Black! The parasites I am now passing look like they have been dead for some time, kind of flat and shrunken. This week I am preparing for my second liver flush. I am going to use Super Phos 30 since I had good results with it 3 weeks ago. I read that you should do the liver flush between the full moon and before the new moon so I am right on track. All of this cleansing is so exciting.   visit the page

Clutter/OCD    18 y  
In November 2004 I was diagnosed with OCD.
In November 2004 I was diagnosed with OCD. I am a packrat and my house is a disaster. I don’t hoard things but there is so much clutter. So much that needs to be gone through. I just don’t have the energy and just thinking about it makes me depressed. August 4, 2005 It seems like the more I cleanse my bowel the more I want this clutter out of my house. I can’t seem to get through it fast enough. August 21, 2005 Now I am realizing that I probably don’t have OCD. I just didn’t have the energy to do what I needed to do.   visit the page

Benefits so far    18 y  
Sleeping through the night! Energy increasing
Breathing much better Sleeping through the night! Allegies much improved Look younger Energy increasing More confident More aware of what my body needs there’s many more will add on later...   visit the page

After the flush...colon cleanse    18 y  
I took Oxy-Powder during my 5 days before the liver flush. Now I am doing 1 week on just Oxy-Powder. August 4-What a week! I feel so much lighter. For the first 3 days I felt like I was 30 years old again! I am actually 47. I cannot believe how much stuff is coming out of me. All liquid and very dark brown. It stinks! Then it hit. All day Tuesday I felt weak, light-headed, and dizzy. That evening I passed lots of parasites. Wednesday-Oh my gosh!! I can’t believe the parasites I am still seeing. I still feel really out of it. Maybe I am detoxing too fast. On Monday and Tuesday I ...   read more

Liver Flush #1   18 y  
This is going to be scary. I started taking Super Phos 30 today
I did coffee enemas once a week for 3 weeks before I did this flush. I think that helped get things started. I am a recovering alcholic. After drinking for almost daily for 25 years, I am sure there is lots of bad stuff in my liver. I drank my first glass of Super Phos 30 about 3 hours ago. Since then I have been feeling very light headed, spacey. I just feel out of it. I talked to a doctor at GHC, makers of Super Phos30. He said to ”make sure that you are eating a normal diet.” The oxy-powder takes my appetite away and I have eaten very little today. That’s a first! It seem ...   read more

Bowel cleanse and Parasites    18 y  
I am getting braver.
I tried cleansesmart for 2 weeks and then paragone for 2 weeks. I am learning so much at curezone.com. Thanks goodness for all of the wonderful people there. I read messages for at least an hour every day. I haven’t posted much because most of the answers to my questions are already there. I have also tried the PB shakes. I didn’t like them much. I am determined to feel better by the time school begins in August. I have read many good things about Oxy-Powder at curezone and I am thinking about giving it a try. Maybe if everything gets turned to a liquid I won’t be poking around in ...   read more

Colon hydrotherapy    18 y  
I had to drive 3 1/2 hours
because there are no hydrotherapist around here in southern Indiana. What! Am I crazy to drive that far to have someone...well, you know. It went well and I hope to go back soon.   visit the page

Juice Fast    18 y  
I started juice fasting.
June 17 I started juice fasting. I did this for 2 weeks. I lasted longer than I though I would on this. I did go to a couple of family dinners and ate a little meat, fish, etc. My family loves those buffets! Which is good for me. I can load up on fruit and veggies and then sample a little of what really looks tempting.   visit the page

My summer of self care    18 y  
I am going to do whatever it takes to get healthy.
School’s out!! May 25-June 4 I have been eating mostly fruits, veggies, whole wheat products, granola. No mucus producing school lunches. Not to say our school lunches aren’t healthy....they just aren’t good for me.   visit the page

Allergies and Cleansing   18 y  
My goal is to be radiant and rested by the time school starts in August.
For the last 2 years I have been very tired and no amount of sleep seems to help. Actually the quality of my sleep is not good. I wake up many times during the night unable to breathe. I have to sit up for about 15 minutes until I can breathe well enough to go back to sleep. I seldom dream anymore. I am always exhausted. I spend many of my Saturdays in bed trying to catch up on sleep. I have been living on Sudafed non drowsy non drying and caffeine just to keep going long enough to get to work and back. I teach second grade. Then I come home and collapse. May 25 School is out! ...   read more


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I seldom dream anymore. I am always exhausted. more...

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