The Sun's Beautiful Earth
by SunsEarth

Day 16-tired of usual   17 y  
emotional trauma, natural deodorant, and more
Peace: Well, today is day 16 of the fast. Well, actually the day really isnít here yet for me...itís 2:16 in the morning. I have a lot of stuff on my mind. Iím still in constant refinement. During my lunch break at work I decided to go to Pier 1 to check out some stuff for the house. After about 20 minutes I had to go back to the car and sit down. I had a miscarriage last February (2005)and Iíve noticed that each time I fast I get uncomfortable pain in my side toward the fastís end. Now, I had a natural miscarriage and I know that everything is gone. Iím still carrying a lot of em ...   read more

Day 11   17 y  
Nothing to report- just a gross metallic taste
Peace: Day 11 and nothing to report. I have the familiar metallic taste in my mouth associated with my fasts. Otherwise, I feel okay. No cravings, no hunger pains, I do want some tea though and I left it at home. This is only my 2nd year of serious fasting. Iíve done 9 days, 5 days, and 3 days here and there for years but I made up in my mind last year that extended fasts as well as shorter fasts would become a normal part of my lifestyle. My goodness I remember that 1st 21 day fast. Every possible toxin/disease that was lurking in my body came out. I even lost sight for a few minu ...   read more

Day 9 ---Born into a newer existence   17 y  
experiencing the after-shock of regaining peace
Peace! Today is peaceful thus far. Iím experiencing some heart chakra and lower chakra issues. The Earth is experiencing the after-shock of regaining peace after a bit of turbulence. Iím enjoying the sanctuary of just...knowing.   visit the page

Day 8 -Fasting during my trip to Jamaica?   17 y  
That way I can spend my last 4 days of fasting soaking in the Sun and drinking water and coconut water
Peace: Not much to say. Things are pretty good. Feeling like Iím ready to take on the world. I made a Seitan Pot Pie last night for my young Sunís dinner. It sure did smell good. ..the ultimate comfort food. Of course He didnít like it. He ate all the carrots and green beans out and turned to me and said, ĒMommy, may I have some cereal???Ē LOL. It disturbed me a little so I packed the pie up and dropped it off over my parentsí home. I spent almost 2 hours making that dangit pie! Anyway, Iím going to Jamaica next week. I was thinking about fasting for 30 days but that would ...   read more

Day 6   17 y  
...deleted...   visit the page

Day 5- Equilibrium Off   17 y  
I'm finding it difficult to walk a straight line.
Peace: LOL ... Iím finding it difficult to walk a straight line. I was walking down the hallway at work and my co-worker/friend saw me and asked me if I had smoked something before coming to work this morning...LOL. Feeliní kinda good...a bit too good...A LOT better than last night. My breakfast juice: beets/carrots/dill/a dash of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar/purple cabbage/...and guess what? A WHOLE HABENERO PEPPER!!! ooooooweeeeee it was HOT but soooo good. PEACE   visit the page

Day 4 Evening - 1st Crisis (I think)   17 y  
Not feeling very mentally balanced this evening.
Peace: The Earthís rotation is a strange, yet beautiful phenomena. Not feeling very mentally balanced this evening. I went jogging -only did 1 1/2 miles--just wasnít feeling it. I had some Kava tea while at work today and itís been downhill since then. Unfortunately, it was the 1st tea I grabbed when I was rushing out the door to go to work. Iíll never do that again. Kava is used as a stress reliever but it made me unusually low. I took lunch in my office ---a book and a cup of Kava tea. I couldnít stay up! I had to close my door and sneak in a nap. Then I went to the trail for ...   read more

Day 4 -a potent vegi drink for breakfast---WOW   17 y  
-the dandalion made the drink taste horribly bitter -YUCK.
Peace: This morning I made some carrot/spinach/dandalion/lemon juice for breakfast ----the dandalion made the drink taste horribly bitter -YUCK. But I took it like a soldier ---reminded me of my undergrad days downing cheap vodka...LOL. My colon, liver, and kidneys thank me though. Feeling good...a few hunger pains...looking forward to going running again after work.   visit the page

Understanding nightly sugar cravings   17 y  
Okay duh! I've finally figured out my nightly sugar cravings.
Peace: Okay duh! Iíve finally figured out my nightly sugar cravings. I get horribly hungry for carbs after my workout. I switched my workout to after work instead of b4 work a couple of months ago. Eventhough I hadnít worked out (til today) since I started fasting, I HAVE been hitting the steam room pretty hard. So thatís why Iíve been wanting to drink my fruit juices in the evenings and vegi juices in the morning. Doesnít take a genius to figure that mathematical calculation out! So, I did a light workout this evening. BTW, Iíve never worked out during an extended fast. But si ...   read more

Day 3- reflecting on the importance of pampering Self   17 y  
Cravings and learning to pamper mySelf.
Peace: Last night I took time to appreciate me. I hit the steam room at the gym, came home and tucked my young God into bed, and pampered myself like the Queen I am. I started off by juicing some Ēexotic fruit.Ē Okay, they werenít THAT exotic -Kiwis, mangoes, strawberries, blackberries but they sure did taste good together. Mind you, before I bought my juicer my fasting days were filled with boring carrot juice and if I felt like a dose of sugar I would go for a juiced apple ----a mediocre melody indeed. Now, Iím actually enjoying downing juiced drinks. After I drank my juice, I wra ...   read more

To add-on to my day 2 blog   17 y  
Running the marathon
Peace: Iíve decided to train for the marathon (maybe the 1/2 marathon) after the fast is over!!!!! Iím so excited. I may not run the actual Chicago Marathon but Iím excited about the training process...itís kind of a family tradition and Iím ready to take the torch and pass it on.   visit the page

Day 2 and progression is happening already   17 y  
Like eating raw foods, fasting keeps me close to the vibrational forces of the Earth.
Like eating raw foods, fasting keeps me close to the vibrational forces of the Earth. Every sense is magnified to the nth degree. I can feel every touch, every sound, every smell, way deep into my core. I crave for the Sunís energy in everything I do ---I long to feel how that next vegi juice will be reflected through my skin, my hair, my energy. Last night I almost had a set-back. I made some vegan cinammon rolls from scratch for my young sun (my son) yesterday morning. While watching tel-lies-vision yesterday evening, I saw two women eating cookies and my goodness I wanted thos ...   read more

Day 1 of Fast   17 y  
I am happy fasting has become part of the refinement process toward being who the Earth is meant to be.
Peace: This is the 1st day of my 3rd extended fast (extended meaning longer than 9 days). As I use this time to reflect on my journey through and to health, I must say that I rejoice in the fact that I have made it this far. 12 years ago when I became a vegetarian, who would have thought that I would be embarking on something as beautiful as fasting. I remember in my youth when I ĒcouldnítĒ fast for more than 3 days before I became horribly ill. I grew up in the inner city, feasted on all types of garbage, and I was obese up until my junior year of high school. Even after then, I was ...   read more


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