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Re: Dr. Mist doesn't work
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Dr. Mist doesn't work

Everyone who replied to this thread has great advice. For people who have Acne topical creams and cures will not work. I know I am opening a can of worms by saying that and will probably get some disagreements but thats okay. Even when people find things that work it is mostly always temporary and is only trying to cover the problem not to cure it. I began breaking out in january of 2005. It started out slow, just around the mouth, lips and chin and then progressively got worse and started along the jaw line and I began to get big pimples on my cheeks. I tried everything I could find, first starting in the grocery store with noxema, clearasil, st. ives, etc.... that did absolutely nothing. Then I tried proactive. Worst mistake of my life since I found out only a few days later I am allergic to the benezoyl peroxide. I then moved to herbal cleansers and herbal pills to help and even tried eating salads for 2 months (with dressings which is a huge acne/dairy no-no, which I didn't know at the time). Nothing worked. It kept getting worse and I was getting aweful scaring and was really suffering emotionally.

I finally found Acne No More by Mike Walden and although I was super skeptical I decided to try it. I learned so much from the book but was hesitant to go through the 2 month detox laid out in the book. I didn't want to give up the foods that I liked and I didn't think I could get through a juice fast. I've never gone for a day without eating let alone 3 days. So I took some advice from the book and decided to try colon cleansing (which had never previously occurred to me) and I bought a 3 month colon cleansing system from Dr. Natura to cleans the colon as well as parasites. About 6 weeks into it I started to see a big improvement in my skin. The Acne was getting a little less and the severity of the acne I was getting was not so nasty and big and healed quicker. But, I was still breaking out and still getting the big pimples on my cheeks...not as often...but I was still getting them. After the colon cleansing I did a couple Liver Flushes and got probably 700 stones from the two I did. My acne got a little worse after each flush but subsided quickly and was a little better then it was before. I then decided to go through the 2 month detox laid out in the book. I bought all the necessary ingredients which included all natural soaps, masks, vitamins and some herbs. A lot of the stuff is actually things you would use from your own kitchen to make the masks such as egg white, lemon, honey, baking soda, baking powder....The detox went by quick and in the 6th week I really started to see an improvement. It took about 10 weeks to really see clearing, which is normal. After the detox I also found out about oil pulling and began taking bee pollen and those things have helped to keep my skin looking good. I have not been so great with keeping on the right acne diet lately, of mostly veggies and fruit so I am still suffering from some breakout occasionally, especially around my period. They are nothing like I used to get and I know that if I switch my diet back my skin will completely clear up. Not only has my skin improved as far as acne but my complexion is more balanced, I feel so much better and my hair has gotten it's body back. For years I had wondered what had happened to my thick, wavy, unmanageable just fell flat and lifeless. After months of eating well, oil pulling, bee pollen, detoxing, taking coconut oil, vitamins my hair has gotten back to normal. I love it.

I hope my story shows you how much detoxing is important. Detoxing will make your skin worse at first. I won't lie to you. When it does don't quit, keep going and once your organs recover from the toxic overload and your body is able to rebalance itself it will look so healthy and beautiful. It definitely takes more then just a Colon Cleanse or a Liver Flush to fix yourself. It is months of cleansing, eating right and rebalancing. It takes years to get your body in such a toxic condition so getting it out takes time and lots of effort. There are many ways you can learn to detox, I personally had so much success with the Acne No More book b/c I need clear direction and I very highly recommend it. Of course it's not necessary, there are many books and websites that will help you. There are lots of forums here that can help you. Just remember to cleanse the colon before anything else. Check out the Colon Cleanse forum as well as the Liver Flush Forum and the oil pulling forum. They have great help and info. Much luck and many blessings....

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