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Re: The tests are in - not good

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Published: 16 years ago
Status:       R [Message recommended by a moderator!]
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Re: The tests are in - not good

"How exactly do you prove this notion of yours Spirit?"

I don't. I don't care for proofs. I don't have anything to sell to you. I don't sell books. I don't sell olive oil. I don't sell vegetable. I don't sell MgSO4. I don't sell grapefruit. I sell computer programs. Would you like to buy "TerraShare"? How about "Envy"? Half price :-)

I give my knowledge free of charge. You asked the wrong guy for proofs. Instead of proofs, I have knowledge generated through experience.

I let people find their own truth, their own proof, one that fits their own life, their own genes, their own path. I let them prove me wrong. And they still haven't for the last 19 years.

For the last 19 years I have been following people while they have been changing their lifestyle (more walking, less sitting, less stress, less conflicts with people, more relaxation, less work ...), improving diet (going back to the roots, tradition, nature, making foods from the scratch ...), adding into their diet natural sources of probiotics like yoghurt, sour kraut, gimchi, ... cleansing liver, using traditional herbal medicine ...

When people are dedicated, when they indeed make significant improvements in their diet, their lifestyle, when they keep flushing their liver until all symptoms and signs of illness are gone ... those people come back to me and say: "look, my doctor can't believe how good is my cholesterol ..." or "look my doctor can't believe my tumors are all gone" ... or "look at my face ... no more Acne ... " or "look my Psoriasis is gone without medications " ....

One the other side, when people are not very much dedicated, ("half-ass" approach to making changes), when they make some change for a short time but they don't keep it, when they do just a few Liver Flushes but not enough to finish the job, when they are willing to change their car or their wife but not their lifestyle ... again and again those people fail in their quest for better health.

Just like drug addiction, our lifestyle is not always easy to change. We are addicted to our habits, our diet ... It is not always easy to eliminate processed Sugar from ones diet. It is not always easy to eliminate preservatives and taste enhancing chemicals from ones diet. It is not easy to keep flushing your liver after you have done 12 flushes ... it is not easy to avoid stress ....

When you observe N times the same pattern:
- person X stops medications after many years of use (read abuse)
- his condition gets worse
- he improves diet, starts cleansing, improves lifestyle, but for months no improvements
- until suddenly, after many months of better diet ... great improvement, and it keeps good as long as he keeps his lifestyle healthy.

When that pattern repeats itself person after person ... year after year ... decade after decade ... you start making conclusions ... conclusions based on experience. Those conclusions people call knowledge gained from experience.

Is there a possibility that some of those conclusions are wrong?

Yes, some conclusions will be wrong for some people, cause we humans are not all identical, we are not clones ... there are always few, like 3% or 4% ... who are more different then the others ... those who's health will not be following the pattern of the other 97% or 96%. It is called bio-diversity. Genetic variations within the same species. It helps survival of the species.

But, I am happy if I can help to the 97%, and I let those 3% find their own way.
Where are those 97%? Where are those 3%? Read messages posed in this forum, it is them posting: //

A question for you:
Why are you here on CureZone? Are you preparing for the liver flush, or you just enjoy questioning?

So far, all you have done on Support Forums was questioning, not a single message of you reporting your own experience, not a single message of you sharing with us any info on your own health ... How old are you? What are your health problems?
What are your motivations for staying on CureZone?

If you take some time to read guidelines, you will see that we encourage people to question therapies inside appropriate Debate Forums . We try to separate debates from support.

Your next question should go inside this forum: //

Inside that forum, you will find more people willing to debate, and posting rules will be respected.
My advice for you: put some non-absorbed, non-digested, oil soluble dye in the olive oil when doing your first liver flush, to see if the "stones" came out dyed or clean. That is the only way you can prove Liver Flush to yourself. I can't prove it to you, nobody can, but you can prove me wrong, or you can prove me right. You can!

I can teach you how to catch a fish, but I can't do it for you. You will have to do it alone. I don't sell fish.

Few stories from the 97% and 3% groups: //

Spirit Stoykovich

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