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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: just marvin

Hi Vidalia,

I believe that was a reference to the other vitamins that work synergistically with Zinc. I get all my vitamins at by the way, and you can also get 'em at Anyways, you need Vitamin E (Natural Vitamin E is d-alpha tocopherol), Magnesium (Get Twinlab's ZMA -- it combines magnesium with Zinc, Opti Zinc is the form of Zinc you want), Vitamin C (I use Emergen C, or you can just squeeze a few lemons every morning in a glass of water--GREAT WAY TO START YOUR MORNING), Vitamin A (I use Nature's Way Beta Carotene), Selenium (Nature's Way), Lecithin GRANULES, and ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS (Get Total EFA from health from the sun, get it in LIQUID form. You can taste the freshness that way. If it has a hint of a fish-like taste, that means it is rancid. Get a refund or exchange it! Always keep refrigerated.). Let me copy and paste a post I wrote to someone else about supplement recommendations. If you take these supplements, that alone will dramatically reduce your acne. But remember this all is just ONE PIECE of a puzzle. That alone won't cure your acne, but it helps to balance your hormones--and that is why it is a first step in becoming Acne free.

Here is my post:


First we will start with #1)Optimizing your diet. This means that you have to cut out altogether the basic American diet. No Sugar (you can use Stevia powder as a substitute. It is sweeter than Sugar but does not spike your insulin. It is a natural herbal substitute and i believe it feeds the good bacteria as well). No salt (except for, and used moderately ofcourse). No rice. No starch. Nada. So what do you eat? Plenty of fresh, green raw veggies. Sprouts! Sprouts! Sprouts! Green drinks! Fats! (the right kinds).

Ok... here it may get a bit overwhelming at first. But take in what you can, and just try to get the principles, forget the rules.

The main fuel in this "diet," will be fats. That is what your body prefers as a fuel source anyways. Coconut oil is a good source of saturated fat (and this saturated fat is good for you). Eat it liberally. You can buy yours at Get the virgin coconut oil, not expeller pressed.

First let me say that you can get most supplements I recommend at (i like their special discounts and free shipping offer) or

Other fats you need is Essential fats. I like Total EFA from health from the Sun. This is an omega fat blend, omega 3, 6, 9. It is ESSENTIAL for optimum health. And yeast hate omega 3 fats.
Get in liquid form NOT capsule form. In liquid form you can taste whether or not it is fresh. If it is rancid well first off you don't drink it, exchange it or get a refund. Rancid oil has a hint of fish in its taste.

Get bee pollen and royal jelly. This is by far the best in "multivitamins." This is a natural product I believe to be far superior than any so-called multivitamin pill out there. I get mine from They sell chlorella there, i'm not too fond of chlorella but you may want to experiment with that if you want--I would rather have you drink Wheatgrass juice (more about that later).

Get Lecithin GRANULES. Here are other supplements I use which will greatly aid in BALANCING YOUR HORMONES. Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol is the NATURAL one, you don't want synthetic), I use Solgar's Vitamin E. Zinc (Opti Zinc), Twinlab ZMA (good because it has magnesium). Vitamin A (I use Nature's Way Beta Carotene). Selenium (Nature's Way Selenium). Coral Calcium (don't take together with Twinlab ZMA). Beta-sitosterol and saw-palmetto (they get rid of unwanted estrogen and aid the body in other functions).

Get MSM. This is "living sulphur." It is a macro nutrient. ALL LIVING things contain MSM. However, because of the lifestyle the average person lives we do not have an adequate amount. Cooking depletes MSM, farming methods deplete MSM, etc. Get MSM. MSM makes your cell walls more permeable thus allowing for toxins to get OUT of the body. Drink at least 4 teaspoon fulls of MSM POWDER (you don't want capsules. you want BULK msm). You can drink more if you want. With msm "more is better." Your body will first use it for cellular regeneration. MSM is a natural building block your body uses for hairgrowth, your nails, skin, etc. That's what it will use it for. And not only that! But MSM is sulphur, and the oh so precious Essential Fatty Acids I recommended needs sulphur to have your body adequately absorb the EFAs. You can get all these at (that is where i get my stuff) or

Now, the all so wonderful wheatgrass juice. Fresh is the best. Go to wheatgra SSKI One of the best things you can do for your health. Or if you have no other option (i.e. your in college) then order Sweet wheat (powdered wheatgrass juice) from Then order Barley Juice. Again fresh is best. But you can get powdered form at the web.

Now this thing is a MUST. Buy a juicer! Anyone who wants to do anything with their health must have a juicer! Juice veggies! I often use Celery as a base for my juice then add in whatever. Limit carrots (has a high Sugar concentration)--you can add a little bit--it is loaded with nutrients BUT it is loaded with SUGAR. You must understand one thing, yeast thrives on sugar! Even from fruits. You want to dramatically limit fruit and other natural sugar consumption from your diet. Absolutely no refined sugar (i.e cola, candy, etc.) if you want to get rid of them buggers. If you are going to get fresh wheatgrass then the juicer i recommend is an extraction type juicer--the omega models found at wheatgra SSKI If you don't plan on growing your own wheatgrass then you can just get a regular ole' juicer. You can probably find one at Walmart or somewhere. But whatever you do get a juicer! Juice a lot of greens, i.e. collard green, celery, kale, etc. And always throw in a big chunk of ginger. that's a blood purifier and aids digestion and i doubt that makes yer yeast freeloaders all too happy.

In wheatgra SSKI get the sprouter. Sprout! They sell the seeds there too. Sprouts are all so very nutritious.

Can get olive oil as a salad dressing. I like taheema gold. search on the web for it.

Get oregano oil too. It is really concentrated so you need to mix with olive oil, but it is a wonderful spice for a salad dressing. A good salad dressing is olive, oregano, and lemon mixed together. Eat lots of veggies.

Cultured food is another good thing you can do for yourself. Read the Body Ecology Diet. By it in or Read it and culture your veggies and/or milk (if you do milk, then I would do goat milk if you have access. Raw good wholesome cultured goat milk. Look up "Kefir" on the internet).

Anyways, optimize your diet is step 1. Don't jump into the cleanses too soon! Step into a cold pool, it'll be quite shocking if you just dive into one!

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